Started by TulsaTom , 9 Sep Posted 9 Sep This is a complicated and potentially impossible-to-answer theoretical question. Let me start with the facts:. My wife is German, born and raised. I am American.

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Started by TulsaTom , 9 Sep Posted 9 Sep This is a complicated and potentially impossible-to-answer theoretical question. Let me start with the facts:.

My wife is German, born and raised. I am American. She has been studying to be a medical doctor and will be finished within the next year, working only minimally in a computer lab over the years.

I have been working here full time for over a year and a half, although I don't make too much. My plan is to move back to the US to get my master's degree, while she meanwhile finishes up her thesis and takes exams that would allow her to be a working doctor in the US.

So, essentially, we would be without income for around 2 years, potentially. So, for instance, if I made 3,E net a month, I would get 2,E net a month, without working. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Additionally, I believe there are other smaller benefits, like around E? So, assuming all that is correct, let's say my wife and I wished to get pregnant around November and our baby would be set to be born in August ' I would NOT quit my job and I would keep residency or change it to a friend's house or something elsewhere in Germany.

Okay, so obviously I can see why the German government wouldn't want you to do this. However, I wouldn't be making any money there in the US, I'd be a student, and I would be keeping my residency here in Germany.

My wife and my child would be German or at least half-German and German-born , and we would regularly come back due to that. Is this legal? Is it shady, but perhaps possible? This is all hypothetical. We just want to have a baby sometime soon, but wish to move back to the US eventually. Anyone - male or female, married or not, who wants to have a child and has no means of supporting it should get their heads examined.

I always find it ridiculous, that when I ask a question, regardless of how many helpful details I provide, that people feel it necessary to give their personal opinions instead of attempting to answer the question. You don't know our financial situation.

It is awfully presumptuous and rude of you to assume my financial situation and not speak to me directly. Would you speak to someone face-to-face that way? I think not. If you look at what I wrote before, then you will see that my wife will one day make a lot of money in her profession.

I am in decent financial shape and I am educated. Does that make you feel more comfortable? Maybe you would like to answer the question now, if you can. The question would be the same for someone that made more money and then decided to take time off for their baby, which I assume you wouldn't have a problem with.

Maybe you would. Regardless, the question is:. Is it possible for someone who takes off work while being paid to take care of their baby, to travel abroad and potentially go to school or just solely travel, let's say? Posted 10 Sep Why is that I find it incredibly annoying to hear ppl say "we are pregnant" and such like.

Oh well. If you have 50mil in the bank then you don't need the illegal money, right I believe the maximum anyone gets is EUR But if you're living out of the country you won't get it anyway.

It's for parents actually raising their children in Germany. So, essentially, we would be without income for around 2 years , potentially. Would someone please point me to the extra money and smaller benefits?

I certainly missed out on the gettig paid to pop program. In other words, you believe wrongly here as well. Well, if you really want a baby that badly - and babies are wonderful, don't get me wrong - then getting and keeping a job would probably be your best option.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but plans to mooch off the government and OUR tax money won't get you a lot of support here. Non-EU citizens are entitled to Kindergeld if they have a residency permit and their residence or center of living in Germany. I guess he's talking about Mutterschaftsgeld don't know if his wife would be entitled if she hadn't been working much before the birth of the baby and the monthly Kindergeld which I'm pretty sure they wouldn't get unless they were living in Germany.

It's been pretty much covered and really, didn't need more than the smallest amount of thought that having children out of Germany does not get you German child benefits. The obvious corollary being that if it ran with citizenship, those with children here in Germany that are not German citizens would not be receiving it.

Mutterschaftsgeld, that's right. You do only get that if you were working up to mutterschutz I thought, but I worked so It's certainly not an extra incentive though, just covers the time off kind of like sick leave after 6 weeks kicks in. I did forget about kindergeld though, probably because in this house that basically goes straight to the kinderbetreuung krippe, kindergarden and in these years the hort.

No, you get the money whether you were working before the birth or not. The extra funds might cover the cost of diapers for that first year. It was all so long ago. As far as I understood it was only for the time around the birth though, not for months and months? That's what kindergeld was for? In any event, we were only qualified for two years of "Elterngeld" because the optional third year at the time was paid by the Bavarian state and only to Germans which neither of us were.

You will keep a German bank account with no income other than the hypothetical child support payments coming in? Thus you will have no further income from within Germany, nor pay any taxes in Germany, but you expect the usually quite efficient German authorities to overlook these small issues and pay you. I guess you'll also no longer have any health insurance here either for when your ' German resident ' baby gets ill or needs check-ups? Somehow methinks this is not exactly legal nor is it very plausible, but then you say it's only hypothetical anyway.

German Elterngeld in US, after having baby here? We are hoping to have a baby soon. Thank you for your help! Any suggestions or ideas would be wonderful Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Incredibly illegal, leaving all other misapprehensions aside. If I am studying in another country while receiving Elterngeld, is this illegal? MunichMom, this is the way we say it where I come from. Judge me as you wish Why would you even consider having a child that you cannot afford? Thank you all for your help in answering the question! Thank you PandaMunich! Let me get this straight - you're each going to have a baby?

Let me start with the facts However, I wouldn't be making any money there in the US, I'd be a student, Not born there. Not registered there. Living there. No, kids aren't cheap.

You will move to The States in September You will leave your job, but not de-register? Or you will re-register at a friend's address? Then transfer this money each month to a USA account maybe? Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3. This topic is now closed to further replies. Go To Topic Listing Finance.

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German Elterngeld in US, after having baby here?




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