Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology. Enter your information below and subscribe to our newsletter. They will be able to help you through the process which includes a credit check. The KCS series joist can also be used when non-uniform loading conditions exist. The specifying professional must calculate the maximum moment and shear caused by the various loading conditions and select the KCS series joist that provides the required moment and shear capacity. This information is more specifically addressed in the Vulcraft Steel Joist and Joist Girders catalog.

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Steel Product design can be performed on standard steel joists. The steel products are automatically optimized based on minimum weight and based on the criteria specified in the Design Rules spreadsheet. There are options for Steel Joist Databases which have different capacity values. The various Steel Product databases may be accessed from the Beams spreadsheet by clicking in the Shape field and then clicking. This also includes the short span K2.

The maximum allowable load black number is used directly by the program and cannot be adjusted. When considering non-uniform or concentrated loads, the joists must be designed for these special loading conditions. This may be done by specifying a KCS joist. If a KCS joist is not assigned by the user then a standard joist will be chosen from the design list, but will have an SP extension to indicate that the joist must be designed to resist the special applied loads.

KCS joists are joists that are designed to have a constant shear and moment capacity along the entire length of the joist. They also check that the largest applied point loads is less than the shear capacity and that the algebraic sum of the distributed loads at a locations are less than the plf maximum for K series joists.

KCS joists are also checked against the deflection requirements. When a joist has special loading that requires extra consideration, the most economical solution may be to use a standard joist that is capable of resisting the non-standard or special loading. When this type of design is given, the program will add an SP extension to that joist designation to indicate that it is resisting a non-standard load.

Because this loading falls outside the normal design criteria for the joist tables, these SP joists may warrant further detailing by the engineer or joist manufacturer to insure adequate performance. RISAFloor will choose a joist such that the capacity shear envelope of the joist under a standard uniform load is still greater than the actual shear at all locations along the length of the joist.

Because the joist will have a shear strength greater than zero at the midspan of the beam, the shear envelope for a joist with a maximum uniform load capacity of W, would be given by the figure shown below:. In addition to checking the shear envelope, the program will make sure that the maximum allowable moment is not exceeded at one point along the length of the joist. The intended use is that the user will designate the depth of the Joist Girder before the model is solved. This will often be a heavier member than is necessary for design.

For this reason it is strongly suggested that the user provide a Girder depth whenever they specify a joist Girder. The Joist Girder will be flagged with an SP if non-standard loading is detected. This includes situations where the magnitude or spacing of the concentrated loads vary by more than the Joist Girder Load Tolerance set on the Codes Tab of the Model Settings Dialog. Whenever the loading falls outside the normal design criteria for the joist tables, these SP joists may warrant further detailing by the engineer or joist manufacturer to insure adequate performance.

RISAFloor provides a loading diagram in the detail report that can be directly supplied to the manufacturer for the design of the Joist Girder. When only the depth of the girder has been specified by the user then the moment of inertia is approximated as:. When the user gives the number and magnitude of the point loads and the magnitude then the moment of inertia is approximated as:.

The results for the Steel and Wood Products tab are explained below. The steel product results give the uniform loads applied to the joists. The results for the wood products give the maximum bending moments and shears as well as the allowable moments and shears for the joist.

The pull down list at the top of the spreadsheet allows you to toggle between floors. The Size column displays the designation of the steel or wood product. Consider reframing, relaxing the design or deflection requirements see Design Optimization , or adding more shapes to the available Redesign List see Appendix A — Redesign Lists. This includes the sum of the beam self weight, the deck self weight, and the applied dead load.

If it is checked, then the displayed loads will have been multiplied by the factors in the load combinations. The sign convention assigns positive reactions to downward forces. Negative reactions, if they occur, would indicate uplift. The program does not currently allow for a cantilevered extension of the top chord of a joist.

If this is done, the program will NOT design the joist. No attempt is made to design joists for uplift forces or to call out bridging requirements that may be required during construction. No attempt is made to calculate or design for the axial force imparted onto the members of the structure that will serve as the main chords of roof or floor diaphragms. The program does not design joists for less than 10 feet because the allowable capacity joist tables do not give explicit capacities for shorter span joists.


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