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Jump to Page. Search inside document. Alien life forms, monsters, gods and demigods, as well as magic, insanity, and combat are all elements in this book. We suggest parental discretion.

We salute you. No part of this book may be reproduced in part or whole, in any form or by any means, without permission from the publisher, except for brief quotes for use in reviews. Printed in the USA. Ammunition oe SDC. Explosives SD.

As long as the bounty is secured by bond, the organization may accept it. So far, the only excep- tion has been Coalition State bounties placed on the heads of Tolkeen refugees. The fact that so many of Mere Ops? Mere Ops always reserves the right to reject or accept a bounty without having to explain itself to the sponsor, as well as which bounties it decides to endorse and publicize.

Conse- quently, it has chosen nor to broker Tolkeen bounties that volve clients and friends from the past who are wanted by the Coalition States at least at this time.

It is simply politically beneficial to exhibit sympathy and support for the survivors, people and memory of, Tolkeen, as well as to the multitude of people who still fight or seck revenge in the kingdom's name. And that includes a huge percentage of warriors in the mercenary community to which Mere Ops caters.

Of course, the CS has made such bounties known to the pub- lic and throughout adventurer and mercenary circles. Meres with no history or loyalty to Tolkeen are certainly free to take their chances in dealing with the Coalition States directly.

D-Bee meres would be wise to remember who they are dealing with, however, and be extremely careful with any involvement in Co- alton affairs. They would not be the first to get double-crossed, set-up or gunned down by agents of the Coalition States.

Meres who associate with or work for the Coalition States should also be aware that they may be looked upon with suspi- cion and disdain by their fellow mercenaries and adventurers, many of whom have survived their own clashes with the CS which is the majority or lost friends or loved ones in the war which is about half of them.

There is an unspoken sense of fraternity among, mercenaries that makes them all kindred spirits. That also cre- ates a gencral consensus that the CS is trouble and that one is, best to avoid Coalition entanglement if they want to live to a ripe old age. Both list CS bounties and how to collect on them.

When Mere Ops does offer jobs on behalf of the Coalition States, the company uses tact and finesse, and charges a larger broker fee to act as she middleman.

The CS never knows who actually did the job, and the mercs involved safely keep their anonymity to avoid treachery at the hands of the CS or retibution by friends of the person or people on whom the bounty was col- lected.

Long time associates of Mere Ops will notice that the broker has added a new bounty sponsor they believe to be reliable, the newly independent nation of Free Quebec. Private or Exclusive Bounties: These are bounties quietly offered through a middleman or broker such as Mere Ops, rather than a public frenzy. These are the best, because the bounty is typically offered to only one or two different man-hunters at time, not dozens or thousands.

Such bounty offers usually have a performance clause and a timetable. Still, the competition is much less than widely publicized bounties.

The poster indicates the price, basic terms alive, dead, ete. Public offerings usually reflect a cer- tain level of desperateness on the part of the organization or per- son offering the bounty, or a high level of animosity hate for the target, because itis offered to anyone and everyone. That means a great deal of competition and the very real likelihood of being attacked, tricked, sabotaged, or killed by a rival individual or team. It is common for a team to capture the target of public bounty only to find their prisoner kidnaped when they weren't looking, or taken after a firefight with un- known assailants.

Other Jobs. Merc Ops seems to have connections every: where outside of the Coalition States. Commonly Available Bounties Many public and private bounties are available without actu- ally being bonded with a broker like Mere Ops, but these are of ten smaller bounties for regional criminals wanted by particular kingdom, city, town, organization or individual per- son. The bounty is also small, ranging from 1, to 40, credits.

Not necessarily a bad deal, but definitely in- convenient and sometimes problematic. Each bounty accepted by Mere Ops is only listed after the bounty has been paid out in full and the money put into an escrow account until it ean be collected or the bounty is withdrawn.

Note: Most large bounties range from , eredits to few million While these get the most publicity. Medium bounties range from , to , credits. Small bounties are the most common and numerous and range from 1, to 90, credits, with 1,, being the largest range.

Mere Ops never offers 2 bounty for less than 1, ered- its, and specializes in medium and large, premium, bounties. Proof of Service. Oftentimes just the head will do, particu- larly if it involves a common enemy or monster. Killing a public figure or infamous criminal can usually be verified from news reports, the authorities and spies, however, sometimes other bounty hunters or mercenary groups will make a false claim to the reward unless the outfit that is truly responsible can offer proof.

Only after one of the claimants presents undisputable evidence of their cam, confirmed and warranted by Merc Ops, will the funds minus, tne broker fee be released in the form of Universal Credit. Payment may be transferred to the account of the bounty hunter or directly to local bank. Common Bounties, Crimes and Punishment The following are some of the crimes, the typical range of the bounty, and the typical punishment for the crime s committed.

Also remember, what is crime in one com- munity may be completely legal in another. Genocide - , to 20 million credits dead or alive - ex- cecution. Note: Genocide usually involves the systematic exter- mination of a particular people based on race, occupation, religion or beliefs and involves the murder or attempted murder of hundreds, thousands or millions of people. Note: A serial killers someone. Note: Includes assassina- tions and hits for hire, Murder, Second Degree - 10, to , credits dead or alive - 15 years to life.

Note: Includes attempted assassinations and crim- inal hit attempts. Terrorism Using Summoned or Controlled Monsters! Note: The sentence depends on the severity of the crime and the number of victims. Cyber-Snatching typically involves mutilation and murder. Sadly, this isa erime that is of- ten overlooked on the mean streets of high-tech cities, despite the lovel of violence. Cyber-Snatchers are often dealt with outside the law ie. Another crime that is frequently ignored by the law.

Cyber-Smugeling Black Market Contraband — 1, to 25, credits alive — One to 6 years imprisonment for buying, selling, trading, smuggling and installing illegal, Black Market cybernetics.

Another erime that is frequently ignored by the law. Manslaughter - 20, to 30, credits alive - years, of imprisonment; reduced or suspended sentence is possible due to extenuating circumstances. Negligent Homicide Accidental Death - 5, to 50, credits alive - yeats; reduced or suspended sentence is pos- sible duc to extenuating circumstances. Assault: Felonious With Intent to Kill - 5, to 50, credits dead or alive - years imprisonment.

May involve the use of magic or psionic. Note: Includes protection rackets, numbers running, money laundering, and most criminal operations that have a network of agents and operatives or involve a criminal organization that ex- torts and handles moncy. A reduced or suspended sentence is, possible for first-time and youthful offenders, or due to mitigat- ing circumstances.

Robbery, Armed - 5, to 25, credits dead or alive - 5 to 20 years imprisonment. Sex Crimes - 25, to , credits dead or alive - 1 to 25 years depending on the type of crime. Note: The practice of capturing sentient life forms humans, D-Bees and others for resale against their will as slaves.

Contraband: Magie - 50, to , credits dead or alive 5 to 15 years death in the CS. Contraband: Weapons of Mass Destruction - 50, to 1 million credits dead or alive - execution or life imprisonment death in the CS.

Forgery, Pre-Rifts Artifaets - 1, to 50, credits - , years a beating and destruction of property to death in the CS. Notable Bounties Wanted Dead Only — applicable only to select wilderness communities 50 credits per head of a Xitici.

Mercenaries are init for the money. Adventurers may be mercenaries or borderline mercenaries in it for the money, but more often than not, they are heroes who fight for a cause, even if itis personal revenge or personal gain. Emotional involvement can get in the way of good business and get messy. If the employer sud- denly can't pay, the meres have to be ready and willing to walk away regardless of the consequence to their employer or the in rnocent people their actions might impact.

That's the ugly side of war. People suffer and die, Conse- quently, most mercenaries try to stay aloof and focused on busi- ness.


Rifts - Merc Ops

In mercenary circles, the city-state of Merc-Town is a legendary place , a Mecca of opportunity that beckons to soldiers of fortune all across North America. The city openly caters to mercenaries, gunslingers, and bounty hunters, offering numerous outlets to purchase, repair, or trade weapons, armor, techno-wizardry, explosives, cybernetics, vehicles and robots. Being a place where all manner of people are welcomed, has no love for the Coalition either. Magic Zone Cities. Ascendant campaigns can view previous versions of their pages, see what has changed and who did it , and even restore old versions. It's like having a rewind button for your campaign. We've already been saving your edits, so if you upgrade now you will have instant access to your previous versions.


Black market

PAL Rifts Merctown Role Playing Game by Palladium BooksHave you always wanted to have a fully fleshed out town to visit where adventurers and mercenaries are welcomed and their every need is catered to? Then welcome to Merctown, a city built by mercenaries, for mercenaries. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Palladium,

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