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Forum discussion: The FileOpen plugin that you can use with Adobe. This explains the various ebook formats and DRM schemes. A guide for the perplexed. This describes how to install and use the DeDRM plugin for calibre. This has links to downloading a zip archive of all the tools, as well as a comments area for asking questions.

Support for removing DRM from rented or library ebooks is not provided. I am trying to install the calibre plugin, but calibre keeps on saying that the plugin is invalid. You might be trying to add the tools archive. The tools archive is not a calibre plugin.

It is a collection of various DRM removal tools which includes calibre plugin. I use Windows. The problem is that Windows will allow apps to browse inside zip archives without needing to unzip them first.

If there are zip archives inside the main zip archives, Windows will show them as unzipped as well. X folder but when using calibre they will actually navigate to the still zipped file by mistake and cannot tell they have done so because they do not have file extensions showing. So to the unwary Windows user, it appears that the zip archive was unzipped and that everything inside it was unzipped as well so there is no way to install the plugins.

If people do that, they are less likely to navigate to the wrong location from inside calibre. Decryption unsuccessful. Make sure you remove all of the old versions of the plugins after installing the new all-in-one DeDRM plugin. How do I remove the old plugins?. Open calibre. For each old plugin in turn,. Click on the plugin to select it. Click on the remove plugin button. Click on OK button in the confirmation dialog. When I try to view or convert my books, calibre says they have DRM.

The DRM only gets removed when the ebook is imported into calibre. If the book is already in calibre, you must delete the book from calibre and import the ebook again. It is not enough to just import the book again: calibre will discard the newly imported DRM-free version as a duplicate, leaving only the original DRMed version.

Your ebooks are stored on your computer or on your ebook reader. You need to find them to be able to remove the DRM. If they are on your reader, you should be able to locate them easily. Here are the default locations. Nook for PC:. There are a few types of books which cannot be downloaded with this software, but they cannot currently be decrypted with the tools. Nook Kids Read-to-me , and many image heavy items i. Older Nook devices and older versions of the Nook Android app also allow access to the ebook files when connected via USB to your computer.

Be sure to download fresh copies before attempting to remove the DRM, as previously downloaded copies may not have the current encryption even though the device or app can still open them. I have installed the calibre plugin, and the book is not already in calibre, but the DRM does not get removed. You must use the exact file that is used by your ebook reading software or hardware. See the previous question on where to find your ebook files.

Do not use an old copy you have that you can no longer read. If you cannot read the ebook on your current device or installed software, the tools will certainly not be able to remove the DRM.

Download a fresh copy that does work with your current device or installed software. I have installed the calibre plugins and the book is not already in calibre, but the DRM does not get removed. Barnes and Noble changed the way they generate the decryption key for their DRMed ebooks starting in late , with all accounts apparently being switched over to the new scheme by the end of March The DeDRM tools v6.

The email address and password will not be stored. Install Nook Study , , and download your ebooks through that. It is a Kindle book. If you are on Windows 8 or newer and using the Windows Store Kindle app, you must download and install the Kindle for PC application directly from the Amazon website.

The tools do not work with the Windows Store Kindle app. If this book is from an E-Ink Kindle, you must enter the serial number into the configuration dialog. The serial number can be found on the device information screen under settings. If this book is from Kindle for Mac or Kindle for PC, you must have the Kindle software installed on the same computer as your copy of calibre.

To try to fix this:. Uninstall Kindle for PC Mac. Delete the Kindle for PC Mac preferences. Reinstall Kindle for PC Mac. Download the ebook again. Do not use the files you have downloaded previously. There are several possible reasons why only some books get their DRM removed.

You added your books to calibre in large batches. For some unknown reason, sometimes calibre stops using the plugin after a while on a single import. Delete the books that still have DRM and import them into calibre in batches of twenty. Kindle only: The problem book is in the Topaz format and contains some coding that the tools do not understand. You will need to get a log of the deDRM attempt, and then send the book and the PID shown in the log for the book to Apprentice Harper, so that the tools can be updated.

Please over at the GitHub repository. Kindle only: The problem book is in the KFX format which has not been reverse-engineered yet. If you are still having problems with particular books, you will need to create a log of the DRM removal attempt for one of the problem books, and post that in a comment.

Amazon have introduced a format called KF8 which the tools identify by giving the extension. Recent versions of calibre know about. To view. Do the tools work on books from Kobo? Kobo uses Adobe Digital Editions encryption, but it also uses its own application and encryption system, so you might not have already installed Adobe Digital Editions.

Version 2. Version 3. Once you have installed ADE 2. Adobe ID is usually your email address. After you have installed ADE 2. This is a link file used by Adobe Digital Editions to download the actual epub or pdf file, and it is at this point that the DRM gets applied for your installation of Adobe Digital Editions. Make sure your installation of ADE 2. See Where are my ebooks?

Above to find the location of the downloaded ADE epub or pdf. If both are available, ebooks will be read from the attached E-Ink Kobo reader. To import from the desktop application, unplug the Kobo reader. See the Readme file inside the Obokcalibreplugin folder of the tools archive for further instructions.

Do the tools work on books from the Google Play store? Or other stores with Adobe DRM? Google Play books can be downloaded from at the Google Play books website.

Other ebook stores which use Adobe DRM should have a page on their website where you can download your book files. Look for My Library or My Books while signed into your account. How do I do that? First, remove the DRMed book from calibre. A text log of the import will automatically open. Paste the information into a comment on the.

Copy the contents of that it is a simple text file and paste it into your comment. The Kindle Fire is Android based unlike any of the earlier standalone Kindles and the current tools will not work with ebooks from Kindle Fire devices. Unfortunately, for most people, the tools no longer work with ebooks from the Kindle for iOS application.

Some long-term users of the iOS application may find it still works, because Amazon still has a note of their UDID from before the ban came into operation.


PDF DRM Removal - Remove DRM from PDF on Adobe Digital Editions

Forum discussion: The FileOpen plugin that you can use with Adobe. This explains the various ebook formats and DRM schemes. A guide for the perplexed. This describes how to install and use the DeDRM plugin for calibre. This has links to downloading a zip archive of all the tools, as well as a comments area for asking questions. Support for removing DRM from rented or library ebooks is not provided.


Top 10 Protected PDF Hacks

Step 1. Download and install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer. Then authorize your computer with your Adobe ID. Create an Adobe ID if you don't have one. The decryption key will be generated during the reading process. Step 2. Just drag them from left to right column, DRM will be removed.


How to Remove DRM from ePUB & PDF on Adobe Digital Editions ?

Just ask a question and another forum member or myself will answer the it. The project latest script version: ineptpdf 8. It took me over hours of hardcore reverse engineering and a lot of trial and error to get it right. Meanwhile my friends were hanging out on the beach, drinking cocktails and getting serious with the chicks. It has the same requirements Python version, PyCrypto, … as the original script so with Python-related problems you might check out his site, too. In that case you need the ineptkey script to get the key file adeptkey.

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