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Federal Employment Service 29 U. United States Employment Service established 49a. Definitions 49b. Duties of Secretary 49c. Acceptance by States; creation of State agencies 49c Omitted, Repealed, or Transferred 49d. Appropriations; certification for payment to States 49d Omitted 49e. Allotment of funds 49f. Percentage disposition of allotted funds 49g.

State plans 49h. Fiscal controls and accounting procedures 49i. Recordkeeping and accountability 49j. Notice of strikes and lockouts to applicants 49k.

Rules and regulations 49l. Miscellaneous operating authorities 49l Authorization of appropriations 49l Employment statistics 49m, 49n. Uruguay - Public and civil servants - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance. Uruguay - Public and civil servants - Law, Act. Adoption : URYR Adoption : URYL Deroga el decreto de 25 marzo Uruguay - Public and civil servants - Constitution. Adoption : URYC Uzbekistan - Public and civil servants - Law, Act.

Law No. Regulates the relationships in the field of organization and realization of parliamentary control. Introduces the subjects and object, the forms of parliament control. Regulates the procedure of state budget; consideration of reports of officials on various affairs of social-economic development of the country, the report of Accounting Chamber.

Also defines, inter alia, the procedure of parliamentary request, deputee request; also the parliamentary investigation; the duties of the subjects of parliamentary control; transparency and publicity of the consideration of results of parliamentary control.

Vanuatu - Public and civil servants - Law, Act. Police Amendment Act No. Public Service Amendment Act No. Amends various sections in the Act with respect to the meetings of the Commission as well as the role and functions of the Director General. Makes numerous amendments to the Police Act to restructure the police force. In particular it amends the definitions, objectives and adds a new Part 2A entitled "Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner".

Sets out the functions and powers of the different ranks in the police force. Vanuatu - Public and civil servants - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance. Order No. Section 2 creates a "Class M," providing an annual allowance for foreign government workers who are not financed by another government or agency. Amends section 4 of Police Act, allowing members of the police to serve outside Vanuatu in peace-keeping duties.

Adoption : VUTR Amends Order No. Repeals Order No. Prohibits persons serving or having served in the judiciary as magistrates, registrars or judges from registering as legal practitioners. Police Act [Cap ]. Provides for the establishment, organisation, discipline, powers and duties of the Vanuatu Police Force and for matters incidental thereto. Adoption : VENR Adoption : VENL Esta ley incorpora las modificaciones de la ley de reforma parcial del estatuto de 2 julio Deroga la ley de pensiones de 20 junio Los arts.

Ley por la que se reglamenta la carrera administrativa. Modifica los arts. Decree No. Viet Nam - Public and civil servants - Law, Act. Recruitment conditions and competence Section 2. Examination for public employee recruitment Section 3. Selection for public employee recruitment Section 4.

Public employee recruitment process and procedures Section 5. Working contracts Section 6. Assignment of tasks, secondment, appointment and relief from duty of public employees Section 2. Change of professional titles Section 3. Training and retraining Section 4. Evaluation of public employees Section 5. Provisions on termination of employment and retirement procedures Section 6. Law on Public Employees No.

CHAPTER I - General Provisions Public Employees are Vietnamese citizens recruited according to working positions, working in public non-business unites under working contracts and salaried from salary funds of public non-business units. Rights of Public Employees Section 2.

Recruitment Section 2. Working Contracts Section 3. Training and Retraining Section 5. Secondment, Appointment and Relief of Duty Section 6. Evaluation of Public Employees Section 7.

The Decree regulates the management and functioning of companies which are essential to the defence force. It provides a list of products, services and duties in the Annex which fall within the scope of the Decree. This list is also relevant to strikes as the companies which perform these tasks are prohibited from striking under Decree No. Provides for job discontinuation and retirement procedures applicable to civil servants stated in the Government's Decree No.

Civil servants who resign or retire due to reorganization shall comply with the Government's Decree No. Scope of regulation 2. Subjects of application 3. Principles on the management of civil service payrolls 4. Bases for identifying civil servant payrolls 5. Stipulates the regime, content, programs, organization and management of training and refresher training of civil servants. Repeals Decree No.

Law on Cadres and Civil Servants No. Civil servants and classification of civil servants Section 2. Recruitment of civil servants Section 3. Provisions on ranks of civil servants Section 4. Training and retraining of civil servants Section 5. Transfer, appointment, rotation, secondment, resignation and relief of duty of civil servants Section 6. Evaluation of civil servants Section 7. Viet Nam - Public and civil servants - Miscellaneous circular, directive, legal notice, instruction, etc.

Circular No. Adoption : VNMM Provides for the training and retraining of civil serants under programs financed by the ADB. Adoption : VNMR Chapter I - General Provisions Chapter II - Term for periodical interchange and list of work positions whose holders are subject to periodical interchange Chapter III - Responsibilities of implementation of periodical interchange of work positions Chapter IV - Implementation provisions.


Uruguay Capital Market: Law-in-the-books or Law-in-action?








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