Rumen specific: selected among thousands of strains for its capacity to enhance rumen function; its effectiveness has been validated in extensive trials at leading research institutes. This works by increasing beneficial microflora resulting in more effective fiber breakdown, leaving more available energy for milk production in dairy cows. It also increases the activity of naturally occurring rumen bacteria which utilise lactic acid, helping to stabilise rumen pH and reducing the risk of acidosis. Levucell SC aids the establishment of rumen microflora, reducing the occurrence of diarrhoea, and other costly rumen disorders.

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The strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I was selected from thousands of yeast strains for its capacity to optimise rumen function in ruminants and hindgut function in horses.

Its efficacy has been validated through studies at leading research centers and is documented in more than international independent scientific publications. The Online Agricultural Exhibition. Type: for animals Animal type: cattle, for horses, sheep, goat Main ingredient: with yeast Form: dry Function: for digestion. Go to the Lallemand Animal Nutrition website for more information. Other Lallemand Animal Nutrition products Products.

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Lallemand feed probiotics allowed to be used in organic farming in Australia

The fate of a live yeast strain, which was used as a feed additive for ruminants Levucell SC I , was studied during digestive transit in two gnotoxenic lambs reared in a sterile isolator. The number of live yeast cells were counted in the rumen and in faeces after a single administration or a daily feeding of mg of Levucell SC. If the supplement was not renewed, the live yeast cells persisted in the rumen for approximately 30 h at a level close to the initial value. They were then gradually cleared. They began to be excreted with the faeces approximately 8 h after their consumption and were no longer detected after h. Yeast additives did not colonize the rumen.


Lallemand´s live yeast Levucell SC is authorized for use in Australia

This new authorization for Levucell SC use is an acknowledgement by the APVMA that the ingredient is safe for animal health, human health and the environment. Trials performed with Levucell SC have proven that the probiotic yeast produces a significant improvement in fibre digestibility, stimulates the development of rumen microflora and aids the stabilization of rumen pH. These effects are translated into improved animal performance and improved feed utilization. Levucell SC will be imported and distributed in Australia by Probiotec Limited, a leading supplier and producer of animal feed supplements, headquartered in Laverton North, Victoria and listed on the ASX. Lallemand and Probiotec have appointed Agrig8 Pty Ltd, based in Maroochydore, Queensland as sub-distributor responsible for servicing the Australian beef feedlot sector. Levucell SC is already well established as one of the market leading live yeasts in the US and in Europe and we are delighted to now be able to offer the benefits of Levucell to Australian producers.

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Specific live yeast: LEVUCELL SC

Some 15 independent trials performed in major European production regions have proven Levucell SC's efficacy in small dairy ruminants, the company said Mar 5 in its press release on the authorisation. Coming from more than 15 years of research in partnership with INRA the French agronomic research Institute and other international research institutes, over 40 scientific publications describing the effects and modes of action of Levucell SC in the rumen support the trials. Levucell SC improves feed efficacy by 7 percent on average in dairy goats, increasing milk yield while preserving its quality. Noteworthy are several positive effects on animal health including reduced acidosis risks, decreased somatic cells in milk, as well as improved goat intestinal flora balance, in particular by reduction of intestinal E. In the context of modern dairy goat production, where intensification has led to increased health risks, Levucell SC can help farmers meet the objective of valorising high energy diets in complete safety. Production trials also confirm that Levucell SC increases feed efficacy, milk yield and quality reduced somatic cells in milk in dairy sheep, at a time when farmers are increasingly concerned about feed valorisation.

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