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See Featured Authors Answering Questions. Answered Questions I'm apprehensive about reading this book. This is typically a genre I wouldn't read not to mention I haven't seen the trilogy but I know it's a classic best-seller. Why should I read the book? What should I take away from the book? Why do you recommend it to me? Manohar Read it for the quotes.. Read it to know how composed a man needs to be when faced with unfavorable circumstances.. Read it to understand how defeat c …more Read it for the quotes..

Read it to understand how defeat can be faced among peers and personally.. Read it so that the movies make more sense when you watch them later..

Read it with a pen and paper handy to keep jotting down the wisdom that is imparted by the author through Vito Corleone's quotes.. What is sequel and prequel to mario puzo's Godfather novels? Currently now I am reading the 'Godfather'. Want to know which book I should pick after I am done reading this?

Please guide me. Lawand In , Puzo's literary sequel to The Godfather was published. Entitled The Sicilian, it chronicles the life of "Giuliano" Salvatore Giuliano but the Corleone family is featured heavily throughout, Michael Corleone in particular. A further sequel by Winegardner, The Godfather's Revenge, was released in The sequel novels continue the story from Puzo's novel. I'm quite the movie lover and mostly movies are not able to live up to the books.

How is the relation between the book and the movie? Melissa I am a movie lover and there are few movies that I find better than the book. I honestly love both equally in this case. They are different enough in …more I am a movie lover and there are few movies that I find better than the book. They are different enough in a way that doesn't make me long for the missing parts from either in either, if that makes sense. It's strange:Jules Segal told Fontane that Nino would die if he wasn't committed.

Did Johnny not care about Nino,or what? How come he allowed Nino to die? If Nino was giving up on life and didn't want to change there wasn't anything Johnny or anyone else could do. Why did Don Vito hate Fredo so much?

I didn't really understand that part. I know that Fredo was having loads of affairs and had gotten slapped in public. Was that it? Mon Basically. He wasn't conducting himself in a way respectful to his family and his status. Load 5 more questions. Unanswered Questions I still don't understand what's happening with the Mafia in Chicago The Capones , why are they the savages, the black sheep of the Family that no one wants to deal with? Book or the trilogy?

I see this book on several lists of best "Mysteries. I don't recall any mystery. Am I forgetting something? I see two errie usage of artist like: the emerald island artists or wax banes artist what is the meaning of artist??

Ask and answer questions about books! Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


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