Find Out. A rising tide of social, economic and technological progress has provided the world with immense new opportunities. This proverbial tide has raised many boats, but has left others behind. Individuals and groups who belong to certain ethnicities, religions, tribes, castes, races, disability statuses, locations, or sexual minorities have not been lifted. For the World Bank, water and gender equality is a vital issue. The Sustainable Developments Goals provide both an ambitious mandate and ambitious targets.

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Singapura adalah often referred to as the definite Asian forerunner when it comes to gender equality. The rapid diminishing of the gender gap is percaya to be rooted in the high numbers of women attending secondary education. Pada tahun only half of women were educated to a secondary level ; this rose to 71 percent in just three years.

As well as being ethically correct , closing the gender gap is also an economic necessity. Walau bagaimanapun, as much as Singapore would like to be dilihat as a leading Asian First World city , where gender inequality has been wiped out , the UN statistics only tell half the story.

Areas identified as particularly in need of improvement are political empowerment and , despite the recent trend , representation at a professional and managerial level. The latter was also highlighted by Trina Liang-Lin , president of the Singapore Committee for UN Women , alongside four other major inequalities still faced by women in Singapore.

The pay gap remains higher than 10 percent in most professions and household inequality often forces women out of work altogether. Required to choose between career and motherhood , they are largely absent from managerial and board levels in major corporations. As well as lacking in social status , these immigrant women are often unfairly treated. In a recent kajian , lebih 56 percent of female executives admitted that women are still underrepresented in boardrooms.

Nearly half of all female mid-level managers also admit to fearing that child-rearing responsibilities would affect their career.

It was only last year when Cheo Chai Chen , a politician from the National Solidarity Party NSP , attempted to discredit his opponent at the general election , the young Tin Pei Ling , making reference to her family obligations. I spoke to Min , a year-old who recently returned to Singapore after completing studies in Europe. As a homosexual woman , her name has been changed. Min fears repercussions in her new Singaporean workplace.

Shanmugam gives hope that Singapore will soon be ready to make a step forward when it comes to LGBT rights. Aspiring to be a major urban centre of the developed world Singapore needs to attract international talent and not push young , educated people abroad. To ensure this happens , it will have no other option but to join negara-negara lain where homosexuality is legal. In order to continue its fabulous growth , Singapore needs to turn its eyes to the needs of vulnerable groups and empower them within the workforce.

Women , children , racial minorities , LGBT people , the elderly and others have to be protected by accommodative policies and business practices. Tentang kita pasukan Dasar privasi syarat Sertai kami.


Apakah Singapura benar-benar memperjuangkan kesaksamaan gender?


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Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development



Harnessing a Rising Tide – A New Look at Water and Gender


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