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In Memoriam: Paolo Cappa. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Prof. Paolo Cappa passed away on 26 August , at the age of 59, after a long and courageous fight against cancer. During his intense, yet short, career, he made several significant scientific contributions within the discipline of Mechanical and Thermal Measurements, pioneering fundamental applications to Biomechanics.

Cappa led the development of a powerful array of novel mechanical solutions to wearable robotics for pediatric patients, addressing dramatic needs for children's health and contributing to the training of an entire generation of Mechanical Engineering students.

CERN Multimedia. He was hit by a car around midnight of June 7 while walking near home with his dog. Paolo was 56, full professor at the University of Trieste and for many years vice-director of the Department of physics. He started his career as a theorist, but soon moved to bubble chamber physics and, later, to the European Hybrid Spectrometer.

In all these experiments he was responsible for the construction of detectors advanced and small, on which he could work with his own hands. After a long period in DELPHI he got involved in BaBar and, at present, he was applying his skills at the Elettra synchrotron to the development of a beam line in a novel application to mammography.

Paolo had a very rich personality and an interdisciplinary culture. He was caring about his students and collaborators with unique attention and personal involvement. For all his qu Il viaggio gastronomico di Paolo Monelli.

Il ghiottone errante di Paolo Monelli, pubblicato nel , rappresenta uno dei primi esempi di narrativa di viaggio in tema di enogastronomia, un genere destinato a grande successo nel secondo dopoguerra.

In questo articolo, oltre a ripercorrere la vicenda biografica di Monelli, si sottolineano le relazioni tra Il ghiottone e la cultura gastronomica del regime fascista, e si evidenziano alcuni tratti caratteristici del suo stile di scrittura.

Ghosts of Mathematicians Past: Paolo Ruffini. Paolo Ruffini may be something of an unknown in high school mathematics; however his contributions to the world of mathematics are a rich source of inspiration. Ruffini's rule often known as "synthetic division" is an efficient method of dividing a polynomial by a linear factor, with or without a remainder.

The process can…. In this paper I analyze the ways in which he generated a style of clinical research and a referential position in local medical field that allowed him to carry out said institutional realization.

This achievement was the result of a personal enterprise and at the same time part of a larger context of transformations within the medical discipline world-wide and at the Universidad de Buenos Aires. Full Text Available Il ghiottone errante di Paolo Monelli, pubblicato nel , rappresenta uno dei primi esempi di narrativa di viaggio in tema di enogastronomia, un genere destinato a grande successo nel secondo dopoguerra.

Paolo Sylos Labini, Il contributo di Roncaglia fornisce allo stesso tempo un racconto biografico e racconta la traiettoria intellettuale del suo collega italiano. In this article, Alessandro Roncaglia renders a careful and detailed intellectual tribute to the memory of Paolo Sylos Labini.

This paper highlights, in equal measure, the contributions and achievements of the economist, as well as the qualities of the person and the impartial and engaged citizen Paolo Sylos Labini. Infine vengono brevemente ricordati la partecipazione attiva di Sylos Labini al dibattito politico e i suoi forti valori civili. Paolo Sortino, Elisabeth, Torino, Einaudi, , pp. Franco Arato. Paolo Sortino, Elisabeth, Torino, Einaudi, , Editorial: Paolo Sylos Labini As explained by Roncaglia , the very name of the PSL Quarterly Review is dedicated to the Italian economist, due among other things to the long run relation between PSL and the old series of this journal.

Robert Lucas claimed were impossible to see before the crisis itself. These include the accumulation of excessive household debt, excessive complacency on the side of the Fed, speculative bubbles in the US stock exchange and real estate markets, and the deflationary pressures caused by radical technological innovations. Photojournalism in Theaters of War. Interview to Pier Paolo Cito. Full Text Available In questa intervista Pier Paolo Cito racconta la sua passione per la fotografia e le sue esperienze sul campo, in particolare quella vissuta in Afghanistan.

Si sofferma, inoltre, su considerazioni personali relative al bianco e nero. A strange horn between Paolo Mantegazza and Charles Darwin. During the preparation of an exhibition in Pavia dedicated to the centennial anniversary of the death of the Italian Pathologist Paolo Mantegazza, a strange cheratinic horn was found at the Museum for the History of the University of Pavia labelled as 'spur of a cock transplanted into an ear of a cow.

All rights reserved. Il viaggio settecentesco di Paolo Sangiorgio in Valsassina. Full Text Available Between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the institutionalization of Earth sciences was made possible by the spread across Europe of rather commonly known experimental approaches, which were partly based on the exploration of mountains.

The scientific travel on mountains acquired its own tools and practices soon, and gave an important contribution to the emergence of historical geology. Against this backdrop, the geological as well as natural knowledge of the Alps and Prealps took place, involving several Italian and European scholars.

This paper, after brief considerations on the biography of Paolo Sangiorgio, an Italian savant, offers the complete edition of the unpublished manuscript of his travel in Valsassina Lombard Prealps, Northern Italy. The report of his surveys to the east of the lake of Como is certainly a significant primary source about the epistemic value that the scientific travel had acquired by the first half of the nineteenth century.

Ethical perspectives and ramifications of the Paolo Macchiarini case. The Paolo Macchiarini case has several ethical ramifications. Professor Macchiarini, formerly of the Karolinska Institutet KI , became famous for the tracheal surgeries he conducted between and His rapid rise to fame was followed by an almost equally rapid fall from grace as official reports, articles in newspapers and television programmes revealed several aspects related to misconduct in his curriculum vitae, professional practices and publishing-related activity.

Formal misconduct reports issued by four KI co-workers in late , then again in , coupled with social scandals, including the tricking of a famous US television newscaster into a false marriage, a previous arrest in Italy for apparent bribery, and acute narcissism, all tainted Macchiarini's legend. In the short space of just two years, Macchiarini was no longer remembered for the revolutionary changes he had claimed to have brought about in stem cell research and regenerative medicine.

Instead, at least seven dead patients later, Macchiarini faces potential aggravated manslaughter charges and an uphill battle to save his published research, now shrouded in scandal and scientific doubt, from being retracted and scratched out from the list of verified medical science. This paper examines some of the possible ethical ramifications of the Macchiarini case. Il modo in cui il Papa viveva i suoi ultimi giorni, segnati dalla sofferenza, la sua pasqua dalla morte alla vita in Dio, ha confermato definitivamente la sua grandezza.

Questa difficile sintesi testimonia il suo genio morale. La fonte della forza e della luce costituiva per lui soprattutto una fervida e costante preghiera, frequente partecipazione ai sacramenti e sistematica meditazione sulla Parola di Dio. Macelwane Awards: Donald J. De Paolo. While a graduate student at Caltech Don recognized that the study of an isotopic parent—daughter pair having the same volatility and the same host phases could eliminate many of the ambiguities that had plagued previous attempts to apply isotopic data to the study of mantle reservoirs and that the SmNd system was such a geochemically coherent pair.

Following Gunter Lugmair's pioneering work on meteorites, Don was one of the first to work out laboratory techniques for the study of Sm and Nd; these techniques and the high-precision mass spectrometers of the Wasserburg lab allowed Don and Jerry to demonstrate in several key papers that there were at least two major mantle reservoirs and to examine earth structural models that could account for the observations. Don continues to contribute new ideas to this area; for example, in a paper in press he discusses the use of LuHf results to place constraints on the rate of crustal recycling.

Paolo Sarpi and the first Copernican tidal theory. Despite his demanding religious responsibilities, Paolo Sarpi maintained an active involvement in science between and as his Pensieri reveal.

They show that from onwards he studied the Copernican theory and recorded arguments in its favour. The fact that for they include an outline of a Copernican tidal theory resembling Galileo's Dialogue theory is well known. But examined closely, Sarpi's theory is found to be different from that of the Dialogue in several important respects.

That Sarpi was a Copernican by is revealed by other of his pensieri, whereas at that time we know that Galileo was not. The examination of Sarpi's tidal theory and of the work of Galileo in this period indicates that the theory Sarpi recorded in was of his own creation. The appreciation that the theory was Sarpi's and that Galileo subsequently came to change his views on the Copernican theory and adopted the tidal theory has major implications for our understanding of the significance of Sarpi's contribution to the Scientific Revolution.

Moreover, it appears that several of the most significant theoretical features of the tidal theory published by Galileo in the Dialogue - and which proved of lasting value - were in reality Sarpi's. Full Text Available This paper proposes an analysis of some texts by Paolo Volponi and Tiziano Scarpa in which the body reveals the alienation of the protagonist.

By the analysis of the texts we reflect on the concept of the Persona as the complex concept of human being in which the physical body, the juridical essence and the sensible entity are unified. These works describe cases of alienation by mean of a sort of body language, activated by the illness or other specific circumstances, the paper then tries to reconstruct the last changes related to the body concept and to analyse the literary examples in relation to recent theories on fragmentation and dissociative disorders corps sans organes- Deleuze Guattari The description of this fragmented condition reveals the necessity to rebuild a human integrity, to construct a new concept of human physiology based on an organic vision of the human being.

The current dilatation and deflagration of the intimacy then seems to be a strategy to overpass the limits of conscious communication, to impose a new holistic concept of human sensibility. Book review. Semeiologia Clinica Veterinaria. La semeiotica insegna ad allenare i propri sensi: a guardare attraverso l'osservazione diretta e indiretta, a sentire ascoltando suoni o rumori, a percepire sensazioni tattili e, non da ultimo, a saper discernere con cognizione e competenza quando ricorrere alle indagini strumentali e di laboratorio; sempre e comunque nella consapevolezza che non possono in nessun modo sostituire l'esame fisico diretto del paziente.

Fue uno de los precursores de los trasplantes renales en Bucaramanga y en Colombia. Roso Alfredo Cala fue un humanista, un historiador, un artista. En el homenaje que ante su lecho de enfermo en el mes de agosto la Universidad y la Academia le hicimos al maestro, al amigo y al hombre extraordinario que fue Roso. The study was conducted to identify modifications in rural spaces in that place, where farmers are facing economic difficulties and have tried to enter tourism business to overcome them.

The article analyzes participatory processes as starters to make rural producers and local agents get interested in tourism business, being participation the key factor for tourism planning. An exploratory research was conducted to describe the Municipality and also a bibliographic research. As e result it was observed that the main public agents do not dialog with each other and that partnership with private agents is needed.

In spite of this lack of integration, involvement was achieved and it was possible to identify which are the necessary steps for tourism development. Owing to this collection's eventful history and its historical importance as the oldest herpetological collection in Mexico, a review of its conservation status was needed.

After many years, the collection has received proper recognition at the University of Guanajuato with a portion of the herpetological types considered "Precious Assets" of the university.

We found 34 type specimens pertaining to 18 taxa; six are additional specimens to those previously reported; six herpetological types are missing, including the body of the type of Adelophis copei. All specimens are in good to reasonable condition except for the type of Rhinocheilus antonii, which has dried out completely. All specimens are illustrated to show their condition. Nell'interpretare la sceneggiatura come struttura testuale produttrice di immagini letterarie, scegliamo come oggetto di studio il testo Il Decameron, scritto da Pier Paolo Pasolini basato sull'opera di Giovanni Boccaccio.

Nell'analisi, investighiamo gli effetti poetici prodotti dalla rilettura del testo medioevale indicando le trasformazioni che il realismo boccacciano assume nel linguaggio di Pasolini.

This article is situated in the field of the reception theories and works with the concept of "reading as creative act", developed by Hans Robert Jauss and Wolfgang Iser. Seeing in the screenplay a textual structure that produces literary images, we choose as our object the text Il Decameron, written by Pier Paolo Pasolini based on Boccaccio's work.

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