You have to keep your deals out of the hands of the narcs. Alaemon has his place in the scheme of things. Drugs are hidden. You hide them from your parents, from your friends, from the law.

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You have to keep your deals out of the hands of the narcs. Alaemon has his place in the scheme of things. Drugs are hidden. You hide them from your parents, from your friends, from the law. You sit back in a dark corner and hide them from everyone. You hide them from the judgment of others. You hide them from yourself. Few things promote Secrets like them. But I ain't afraid of him -- I'm straight-up in your face , jack! So he can take his secrets and shove 'em where Lucifer himself don't look.

The loudest braggart has the most to hide. Let him posture in public; I know what it takes to put him in his place. Magog: Hoarded secrets are useless. Alaemon knows how to hurt people, but he's too passive, often sitting quietly in the background instead of using what he knows for maximum effect. His secret tomb should have stayed buried.

His servants are useless for intrigue, and they simply try to kill anyone who blackmails them. Mammon: Alaemon knows how to create a demand where there was none before -- by keeping information scarce, and making it valuable. And he hungers for more, always more, and hoards what he has.

Where would Mammon be without Secrets? We can do business together. Christopher: Always tell the truth, know who to trust, and don't hide things from those you love. If we teach children these things, Alaemon will lose his sway. A child's mind is fertile ground for destructive little secrets. Plant something vile there, make the child promise not to tell, and watch the poisonous fruit grow. Khalid: The Quran says that no two people can conspire without God being present.

He knows all things, and will reveal all on Judgment Day. Alaemon collects petty little secrets that will ultimately be useless to him. Keep believers uncertain, obscure the facts behind the prophecies, confuse the truth with conflicting gospels.

That's the way to keep Khalid and his followers at odds with the rest of the Host. Litheroy: My antithesis, my poor Fallen servant. He thinks he's my greatest enemy, but he can do little to damage my Word, while every day, with every revelation, we erode his. I know he wants to destroy me.

So self-righteous, so meddlesome, Litheroy thinks he knows everything about me. But I know things he's never discovered, and someday, I will use those secrets to destroy him! Zadkiel: Sometimes there is safety in secrecy, and sometimes secrets are things people need to be protected against. Make sure you know which is which, and don't let Alaemon peddle his brand of deception.

Use their need to protect people against them. Collect harmful secrets, and use blackmail to accomplish what force of arms cannot. Furfur: Fleurity's great! What's a rave without drugs? What's a rock concert without drugs? Hell, most people need drugs to get really hardcore. One of my best customers.

Hardcore parties are practically a drug bazaar. Magog: Drugs make people do unspeakable things, but they also provide an escape. Withdrawal is fun to watch, though. Completely lacking in discretion or class. Some of Magog's demons use drugs to fuel their rage, but they'd kill off my market if they could.

Mammon: A petty relic of a bygone era, but he's too useful to ignore. Many dealers are my servants, if he only knew. Fleurity has the sense to keep the supply restricted and the profit margin high. Christopher: One of the most loathsome of all the Demon Princes! Fleurity specifically targets the young, hoping to turn them into lifelong addicts. Why doesn't Heaven treat him as the deadly threat he is? Christopher is wrong; I love children.

I just want to make them happy. Happy children make good customers. Khalid: All drugs are forbidden to the faithful. Fleurity is anathema. He openly defies God, and he should die. Who is this religious fanatic to claim to speak for God, and deny me access to his flock?

He should allow people the freedom to choose! Litheroy: The most destructive thing about drugs is that people keep them secret. I'm not saying drug use should be encouraged, but trying to suppress drugs clearly does more harm than good.

An open drug culture would suit me fine. Until that happens, though, Litheroy is an annoying pest, exposing users and revealing my dealers and supply networks. Zadkiel: People turn to drugs when they have nothing else. Shield them from despair and loneliness, and you shield them from Fleurity.

It's nice when we can get Zadkiel's angels to protect our customers, and even better, our dealers. But they're also prone to trying to "cure" addicts. I don't trust that sneaky mother-fucker, always skulkin' around and talkin' shit behind your back. Fleurity: One of my best customers. Fleurity's great!

Magog: A vicious upstart, with a suitable taste for violence. The pup is useful to me. Fuckin' A! This is what a Demon Prince should be! When his Servitors and mine party, there ain't nothin' left standing afterwards! Mammon: Hmph. Not very interesting. He doesn't really want anything, except to break everything in sight. You get people who want something bad enough, and are willing to do anything to get it, they can get pretty hardcore.

Christopher: Your basic schoolyard bully, made into a Demon Prince. He's a bad influence; keep him away from children. Khalid: Clearly, he has chosen the wrong side and revels in his choice. Let him caper about, until his final judgment. The erstwhile "Demon Prince of Rock and Roll" is a small threat. Towelhead Archangel ain't got no style, but the Hezballah, they're hardcore! Litheroy: He and his followers aren't hard to find, I'll say that for him.

He's just another violent Prince; one wonders why Lucifer felt a need for him. Hey Litheroy, I gotcher revelation right here! Don't go nosin' 'round in my business or I'm gonna spank you like your daddy! Zadkiel: Like any base coward, he beats his chest and makes threats, but targets the weak.

Deal with his servants as you would with any other demons. Don't let her fool you. She's like a momma bear; mess with her people, and she'll mess you up. Hoarded secrets are useless. Fleurity: Completely lacking in discretion or class. Drugs make people do unspeakable things, but they also provide an escape.


Deceased Superiors

Of all the Archangels, Eli produces the most contradictory images in the hearts of angels. He is both creator and destroyer - full of life and hope, his future wide-open, but out of control and out of his mind. His servants embody the Earth's primal creative forces. Casual and disorganized they may have become, but they remain makers of beauty and servants of Heaven. Eli was one of Heaven's oldest - and coolest - dudes.


A Quick Guide To In Nomine Superiors

Meet four Demon Princes who are helping evil keep up with the times. There is Andrealphus, the Prince of Lust, whose victims enjoy every minute of their corruption. Haagenti, the Prince of Gluttony, who consumes everything around him, including his rivals. Kobal, the Prince of Dark Humor, putting an ironic spin on the War between good and evil. And Nybbas, the Prince of the Media, filming the decay and debasement of mankind, and then selling it back to them, with commercials. Within Superiors 2 GMs and players alike will find new and fascinating information on each of these Princes. Find out how they got where they are today, and where they hid the bodies.

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