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Assembly possibilities for the Module System Digital Technology. These are illustrated below with designation, technical data and type number. The top and bottom sections are held together by two snap-action catches; these enable the housing to be opened quickly and easily.

There are two gold-plated laminated plugs in the base of the housing to plug the modules into the boards or assembly boards. The power supply is fed to the modules through these plugs also. The circuit symbol of the function group contained in the module is printed in white on the front. The front panel of the Boards is divided into 12 or 24 plug-in locations. The other two jacks with plug-in components and for digital technology in connection with the Digital Module s.

It is equipped with 2 mm and 4 mm jacks and therefore allows a flexible assembly with respect to the arrangement of the Digital Module s and the operating voltage supply. Signals are connected to the Digital Module s by 2 mm leads and the operating voltage is supplied through 2 mm plugs. It is fed centrally through 2 mm or 4 mm jacks which are electrically connected to the jacks of the individual locations.

A sturdy plastic cover protects the back of the Board. Technical Data A sturdy plastic cover protects the back of the Board. Its shape allows the Board to Its shape allows the Board to be placed at an ergonomically favourable angle e. This greatly reduces the experiment setup times. A built-in power supply unit provides the voltage supply for the input and output units and the plugged modules.

The plugged modules are powered directly through the plugs in the base; the modules have a built-in reverse polarity protection. Storage Board for digital modules Type The rear of the Boards is protected with a grey plastic cover. Its shape allows the Boards to be placed at an ergonomically favourable angle for example on a table.

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