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Quick Links. Download this manual. Hanlin eReader A9. Table of Contents. Touch Screen Installing SD Card Page 3 1 Background Music Mail Box Page 4 5 Mode Switch System Settings Page 5: Safety Notice Safety Notice For safe and efficient use of the device, please abide by the following. Do not expose device to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, it may damage the electronic components of the device or battery.

Avoid dust and humid environments. Contact with water or any other liquid will result in the malfunction of the internal circuit. Page 6 Use only recommended accessories and batteries.

Do not connect incompatible products. This product is CE approved. Page 9: Keys 1. Keys Power: Long press to power off, short press to lock screen. Homepage: to return to homepage from any interface.

Menu: to display menu Return: to quit from current interface Search: to open the search window under bookshelf or text Page Touch Screen 2. Touch Screen 1 Tapping By tapping on the touch screen, you may select an item on interface as Homepage, System setting, bookshelf, etc. Quit current interface Next or previous page Page Operation Operation 1. Page Keyboard Lock 5. Page Home Page 6. Press numeral keys to access the corresponding option. Page Background Music 3 Background Music When music is playing, choose Background music from popup menu under homepage to enter into music interface.

Page My Bookshelf 7. My bookshelf Return Choose the file Return Bookshelf Text This device supports multi-level folders. Select folder Return Main bookshelf Subfolder Menu Return And then, press Return to back to text interface.

Choose time interval of you want, and press Enter to start auto turn page. Press the page turn buttons to go to the previous or next page. Press and hold the page turn buttons for 2 seconds to go forward or back 10 pages at a time. Press the page turn button Previous or next page Here you can jump to any page.

Note: Image files do not support this function. This device supports multi-level catalog. If the current catalog is the last level, it will access the text of this catalog. The current page without the hyperlink The current page with Search Return Letters key Page My Music 8. The music interface displays the file list of the current folder and the information of the current file, including title, baud rate, playing time, total time, etc.

You might do some settings. Page My Picture 9. Page Play Slide 3 Play Slide Auto play all image pictures in current folders according to preset time interval.

Page Memo Memo Choose Memo under homepage interface to access to this function. Memo 1 Edit Under memo interface, press letter keys to input content. Input content Page 54 2 View Under memo list interface, choose memo item to view or edit. Page Mail Box You need to connect internet before use it. You need to set the mail account when using this function at the first time. Mail Choose a mail System will provide quick settings for some of mail boxes, select the mail box, enter your account, email address and password to complete settings.

Or press Delete all accounts to delete them all. Account Choose setting Press Send to send out the email once finished. Page Rss You need to connect the internet before use this function. Page News Browse 3 News Browse New Browser interface provides functions of rotate, zoom, mode switch and template import.

Press Arrow keys under Page Browse mode to move page. Press Arrow keys under Hyper Link mode to move cursor and press Enter to open this link.

Page Explorer Connect to internet before using this function. Explore Menu Backward: If it is available, display the previous page.

Forward: If it is available, display the next page. Stop: Stop to refresh the current page. Refresh: Refresh current page. Page Rotate 3 Rotate Rotate the page in clockwise 90 degrees. Menu History record Page System Settings Language settings Return Change fonts Return Press Enter key to save modification and quit. This function is only suitable for text interface. The system will calibrate the touch screen automatically.

Do not touch the screen during the screen calibrating. If the access point needs password, there will have a password input box, you need to input the correct password to connect. Press Enter key to save edit before quit.

Page Automatically Scan Wifi Setting: Set the time of auto disconnect network time and the way of internet connecting. Adobe device activate Return Clear info: to clear the information typed for the username and password. Browser Settings Return Page Input Methods Instruction Page Usb Connection Note: before disconnecting the USB cable, the operations of book reading can not work.

This filled in by customer, and sends it to Jinke If after repair, the products still appear the same fault, which can be exchanged not including accessories and present. If you have any questions, please Page 88 Any charges before the product arrives Jinke or its licensing service center should be the expenses of customer.

Page 89 Jinke, including lacking of wear component and normal abrasion. Page 90 Benefits provided by this warranty append on the all rights and compensation of the compulsory laws in any country or regions. Jinke is not responsible for the responsibilities and obligations that surpass the responsibilities and obligations announced in this warranty, and do not authorize its licensing service center or entity to bear.


Jinke Hanlin eReader A9 User Manual

Password Notices Tip Got Facebook? Hi, can you please tell me what the firmware is used to Jinka Hanlin A9? I was reading here and I found nothing much thank you very much. Check our wiki on the Hanlin A9. The firmware on all the Hanlin devices have similar capability.


Hanlin eReader


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