From the Rector: Covid GIK Institute is committed to take all necessary steps to ensure a safe environment for its students, employees and residents. Click Here for details. The TeleCoN Lab seeks to foster high-quality research focused on the design and analysis of communication systems and network architectures and protocols that are cost effective, scalable and meet the emerging needs for high-performance, high-capacity and reliable communications. The TeleCoN Research Group promotes fundamental and applied research employing cutting-edge networking, communication and signal processing techniques and technologies. General areas of interest of the TeleCoN Research Group include resource allocation, traffic management, teletraffic engineering, security, energy efficiency, cooperative communications and quality of service in Internet, wireless sensor networks, mobile ad hoc and vehicular networks, cognitive radio networks, multi-user relay networks and 5G heterogeneous cellular networks.

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Undergraduate Prospectus The Institute aspires for the leadership role in pursuit of excellence in engineering, sciences and technology. The Institute is to provide excellent teaching and research environment to produce graduates who distinguish themselves by their professional competence, research, entrepreneurship, humanistic outlook, ethical rectitude, pragmatic approach to problem solving, managerial skills and ability to respond to the challenge of socio economic development to serve as the vanguard of techno-industrial transformation of the society.

The GIK Institute is as dear to me as a child to his parents. It gives me pleasure to see that the sapling we planted in is now a flowering tree providing its cool shade to seekers of knowledge. Ghulam Ishaq Khan. From the Rector. The beginning of this year was marked by the 25th anniversary celebrations of the GIK Institute. A large number of alumni, from Pakistan and abroad, participated in the event. The participants recalled. The dedication of our world class faculty and collaboration with reputable international universities has helped GIK establish and maintain high academic standards.

It is, thus, no surprise that GIK has consistently been ranked the number one private sector engineering university in Pakistan by the Higher Education Commission HEC — a position it is committed to maintain in the years to come. With the introduction in recent years of new academic disciplines, including nanotechnology, chemical engineering, civil engineering and power engineering, and plans for photonics engineering next year, the Institute continues to offer learning opportunities in both mainstream and cutting-edge technologies.

This is supplemented by the management sciences program. We make sure that our laboratories are designed and upgraded continuously to meet the quality standards and equipment requirements of the programs. At GIK, we promote applied research and strong linkages with international partners through joint research, training and exchange programs. The Catalyst, GIK's Incubator — an on-campus facility for nurturing technology businesses — offers opportunities for young entrepreneurs to develop their innovative ideas into viable startups.

The lush green campus provides an environment conducive to learning, critical thinking and idea generation. All students and faculty are required to live on the attractive, secure and self-contained campus, enabling healthy interactions between teachers and students, and among the students themselves. A range of amenities and extra- curricular activities outside the classroom are available to the students.

We encourage our students to access the sports complex and explore the diversity of students' societies: from art to aeromodelling, and mathematics to media. While the Institute's primary focus is on academics, participation in non-academic activities is essential for good mental health, personality development and an all-round education. The admissions process at GIK is non-discriminatory and based entirely on merit.

We admit the brightest minds into the university and, although a not-for-profit institution, we offer financial assistance to a substantial number of those in need. In the academic session, Rs. We are also grateful to our many partners, including alumni, philanthropists, private companies and the Federal and Provincial governments for their financial assistance to students. I look forward to the opportunity of welcoming you to the GIK Institute and wish you all the best in your academic endeavors.

Jehangir Bashar. Student Affairs Office. The Gulam Ishaq Khan GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology has earned a reputation as an institution of the excellence in the country for imparting quality education in engineering sciences and technology.

Not many institutions have earned so much recognition and respect, both within the country and abroad, in such a short time as has the GIK Institute. This distinction would not have been possible without the commitment and dedication of its teachers, staff and students. Thus, all of their efforts deserve to be complimented. Engineering sciences and Technology hold the key to the development and security of the country. Advanced technology,. We, therefore, must make a concerted effort to.

It is gratifying to note that the private sector is increasingly participating in the effort to broaden the base of scientific and engineering education in the country. I would like to commend the GIK Institute for playing a leading role in this endeavour by introducing new and emerging technologies and producing highly trained manpower capable of meeting the challenges of the modern day, complemented by a robust research program.

Institutes like GIK must play the role of a catalyst in bringing about. We need men and women of. We expect from our institutions to produce such professionals. I urge the GIK Institute to continue its quest for excellence and hope that its alumni serve. Established more than a decade ago the GIK Institute has, by the grace of Almighty God, risen like a shining star on the academic horizon of Pakistan and won national and international recognition for its high standard of teaching, quality of research and competent faculty.

The alumnae of the Institute are holding high the flag of the Institute and are serving in responsible positions in different countries and continents of the world. The Institute has shaped into a center of excellence in engineering education and research.

As I now look back at the saga of its brilliant success, my thoughts go back to late Ghulam Ishaq Khan, the Founder of the Institute. The Institute is a living tribute to his sagacious and inspiring leadership in its formative phase.

I am sure that the future generations will always pay rich tribute to him for creating this seat of learning which bears his name.

To the new entrants, I send my greetings and good wishes with the assurance that they will find the GIK Institute environment congenial and highly conducive for academic achievement and personality development. Let us all work together to enable the Institute achieve greater heights in its pursuit of excellence. May Allah Almighty be our protector and Guide. Shams ul Mulk, HI, Ph. May Allah Almighty be our protector and guide!

Arif Alvi. President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. From the Pro-Rector Academic. I am pleased to welcome you to the GIK Institute. Each of our faculties and departments is research-led and undertakes a diverse field of study from investigation of human behavior to a range of complex engineering problems.

The Institute has embarked on an ambitious journey to adopt Outcome Based Education OBE as part of its commitment to continuous improvement through innovative teaching methods. At GIK, we set a high standard in attracting faculty of repute. However, we do not rest on our laurels and earnestly strive to excel in teaching and research through academic collaborations and attracting research grants.

Providing solution to real world problems is paramount. Hence, we forge industrial partnership that is of significance to the Institution, Region and Nation. At GIK, you will find an informal yet disciplined academic environment. We firmly believe that the stimulating environment we provide not only helps the students in the realization of their intellectual potential but also shapes their moral and ethical attitude.

It is, therefore, no wonder why our graduates are sought after by the topnotch multinational companies, research organisations or get accepted for higher education degree programmes in reputed universities across the globe. At GIK, we adhere to our core values of intellectual freedom and moral uprightness, upholding the merit in decision we make and a firm commitment to academic excellence.

I encourage you to visit GIK Mission and Vision page to get further insight into what we stand for and the direction we are heading. I invite the brightest of brains to join us in this wonderful journey of academic pursuit where we address the challenges and enjoy the success together. Although we have achieved many milestones, the best, we believe, is yet to come.

From the Pro-Rector Admin. It is a matter of great pleasure and privilege for me to welcome you to the prestigious seat of learning and center of excellence in a developing region. We are administering the vast GIK Institute campus with a vision to develop the skills and professional attitude towards broad scientific prospective in takings highly Innovative Scientific environment. It includes the Faculties, Hostels, civic amenities, residences and many other structures and services that poses a challenge within itself.

The Departments endeavor to work in close coordination with faculties and related departments, providing proactive administrative, financial, security and logistic support for all the activities of the Institute.

Managing the human and economic resources of the Institute within the overall ambit of financial discipline, procurement of supplies, improving and maintaining horticultural beauty of the campus, meeting the transport and security needs fall within their scope.

The Medical Centre of the Institute works round the clock to take care of the health and medical requirements of the students, the faculty and the employees, providing them free medicines, hospitalization and free of charge laboratory investigations. GIK is thus one place to which you, as a student, will stay connected to especially as office bearers of the 29 professional and non-professional societies of their own kind functioning in the Institute.

GIK College is another important organ of the Institute providing educational facilities to the wards of the GIK faculty and the employees within the Campus. I take pride in the role which Administration and Finance play in this Institute, striving for academic excellence, and meeting both the needs of the academic faculties and students towards spread of engineering knowledge for excellence in an environment conducive to teaching as well learning.

Sardar Aminullah Khan. Aims and Objectives. The aim of the Institute is to. Its graduates are expected to possess high professional competence combined with the humanistic and moral values envisaged in its Profile of the Graduates. The educational philosophy of the Institute lays emphasis on training of the mind rather than stuffing it with an inert body of facts; on expanding the scientific imagination of the students rather than making them tread well-worn and outmoded grooves of thought.

Guided by such convictions, the Institute. The Institute aims at producing such professionals with a strong base of engineering education and research. It strives to produce graduates. Board of Governors. The Board of Governors sits at the apex of the statutory pyramid of the Institute and its composition is the same as that of the General Council of the Society for the Promotion of Engineering Sciences and Technology.

It has overall control of the Institute, the powers to create new components of the Institute such as a school, faculty or any other teaching or research unit, and to change the constitution of its Executive Committee and Governing Council. Shams ul Mulk, HI Ph. Sc Hon. Founding Members Engr. Shah Nawaz Khan Engr. Salim Saifullah Khan Mr. Yusuf H. Shirazi or Mr. Ali H.


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