Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Service Manual. Owner's Manual. Thank you very much for purchasing the Fostex VM

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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Service Manual. Owner's Manual. Thank you very much for purchasing the Fostex VM Please read the following to get the most satisfaction from your purchase, and to. The VM88 digital mixer does all internal signal processing digitally. An insert function is featured in channels 1 - 4 for more. In addition to each input channel, an three band EQ is also provided for the. Fostex Advanced Signal Processing Tech-. This allows a wide range of equalizing.

All settings, including mix and effects settings, are stored. Although small and lightweight, the VM88 is a high performance unit. Fostex Advanced Signal Processing Technology.

Table of Contents. Fostex eight channel digital mixer with dsp effects owner's manual vm08 30 pages. Please read this manual carefully before operation to understand all functions of the VM Page 2 Servicing - The user should not attempt to service the appliance beyond that described in the operating instructions. All other servicing should be referred to qualified service personnel.

If the VM88 should become wet, unplug the power cable from the AC outlet, and contact your authorized service station. Input connector External sound sources are input here. Foot switch connecting jack A foot switch Fostex Model is plugged in here. The initial setting recalls the scene memory. Refer to [Channel parameter edit mode] on page 20 for details. Fader adjust key This key warns by blinking if a fader position drifts or sound volume is accidentally changed at switch ON of power or at recall of the scene memory.

Page 7: Rear Panel Section 4. Use either input only. A malfunction could occur if both are used at the same time. Page 14 [20] but the preset scene [00] cannot be changed. Refer to page 30 for details on the scene memory.

Page 17 [Fader adjust mode] explanation. Then setup by following [Level adjust mode] on page In other words, this indicates that the VM88 is operating switched to the internal clock Page Channel Parameter Edit Mode Twelve items, as shown in list below, can be set by the channel parameter edit mode. To exit from the channel parameter edit mode, press the EXIT key. The operating explanation used here is based on the effects type [Norm.

Adjust the number with the DATA encoder. The graphic display will also change at the same time. With the A. A variety of effect types are preset for each effect unit. By selecting a suitable effect type, you can process the sound as you wish.

You can also edit the parameters of the selected effect type to create your own effect sounds. For details refer to the preceding page. Reverb effect parameters parameter type: REVERB For effect types of the preceding "Effect type" table, the following four parameters can be ad- justed. Of these, scene number [00] is a preset scene named "Initial Mix," and cannot be modified by the user. Your own settings can be stored in scene numbers [01]--[20].

The setup content will be held even if the main power is switched off. Page The Options To install the clamper, use the four screws provided on the bottom of the VM88, as indicated by arrows in schematic below.

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Fostex VM88 Owner's Manual


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