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In this light, the CSC urges heads of agencies to implement precautionary measures prior to resumption of normal operations, such as disinfection and decontamination activities, conduct of health status check among employees, and modification of workplace layout to ensure observance of physical distancing requirements. These are work-from-home arrangement, skeleton workforce, four-day or compressed workweek, and staggered working hours.

An agency may also adopt work arrangements consisting of a combination of these, or other work arrangements appropriate and applicable to the agency considering the prevailing community quarantine in the area where it is located and the nature of work performed by its employees. CSC Resolution No. Originally set from 11 May to 10 June , the application period is suspended in view of the declaration of Enhanced Community Quarantine and General Community Quarantine in the country.

Departments, agencies, and offices are given until 31 August to submit the SALN Forms to the appropriate repository agencies. Originally scheduled from 31 March to 30 April, the application period has been suspended in view of the Enhanced Community Quarantine being implemented in Luzon, as well as the community quarantine in other localities in the country, due to the coronavirus disease or COVID pandemic.

This is in observance of the strict home quarantine policy being implemented. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The CS exams was supposed to be held in 66 testing locations nationwide with an estimated total of , individuals nationwide registered to take the test.

Of the figure, an estimated , will take the Professional Level of exam while an estimated 40, will attempt to hurdle the Subprofessional Level. Thus, it is necessary to suspend the exams as a preemptive health measure to mitigate the rise in the number of COVID cases and to support the national and local government units in undertaking appropriate response and measures in a timely manner to curtail and eliminate the COVID threat.

For more details and for clarification, examinees are advised to directly call their CSC Regional Offices complete directory is available on our website , the Contact Center ng Bayan or the CSC's Public Assistance Center at 02 or The CSC, which administers the annual Search for Outstanding Government Workers , said that years of recognizing honor awardees have proven that women can be effective partners in development. It cited Dr. Agnes Centino, City Government Assistant Department Head I at the Gingoog City Health Office, Misamis Oriental, who was instrumental in championing health programs for infectious diseases, such as malaria, through strategic partnerships, advocacy campaigns, and community engagement.

The CSC said that more women are now engaged in professional work, even if their domestic roles remain prominent. In the latest Inventory of Government Human Resources , statistics show that there are slightly more women than men in the civil service. Out of 1,, government workers, As a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of COVID Coronavirus disease , examinees who exhibit flu-like symptoms on the day of exams are advised not to take the tests.

For more information on this, please read our previous news release here. The CSC, Department of Labor and Employment, and Social Security System recently issued a joint clarificatory statement explaining that the date of effectivity of the law is 15 days after the publication of R. The law was published on 23 February The statement corrects the misconception that the effectivity date of the law is based on the publication date of the Implementing Rules and Regulations IRR.

The Civil Service Commission said agencies must establish prevention and control measures to protect their employees from the risk of infection. Preventive measures also include the management of symptomatics. Employees suspected of having COVID must be provided with a face mask to prevent the risk of spreading the infection; be immediately isolated in a separate well-ventilated room, away from other workers; and be referred to a healthcare provider or hospital for evaluation.

Aside from acquiring eligibility from passing the Career Service Examination, the CSC grants special eligibilities to qualified individuals including the barangay official eligibility, barangay health worker eligibility, and barangay nutrition scholar eligibility.

Nominations will be accepted until 31 March Examinees who exhibit flu-like symptoms on the day of exams are advised not to take the tests. This one-day learning and development event focuses on emotional intelligence or EI as a crucial element for leaders to motivate their people and influence their organizations.

EI also encompasses wide-ranging leadership functions that go beyond technical skills. The Medal of Valor is the highest military award given to military personnel for acts of conspicuous courage, gallantry, and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty.

Rather, it directs agencies to formulate their internal rules in the implementation of flexitime with the approval of the head of the department, office, or agency, and subject to certain conditions. The flexible work schedule must abide by the following conditions: that officials and employees shall not render less than a total of 40 hours a week for five 5 days a week, exclusive of time for lunch; that working hours shall not start earlier than 7 a.

Enjoy the read! The digital version will also be available on our website shortly. All government workers in the career and non-career service including appointive barangay may be nominated. Employees who are under job order or contract of service are excluded from the coverage of the program. These awards are the highest and most coveted recognition given to individuals or group of individuals who have excelled or shown utmost dedication and commitment in government service.

The Civil Service Commission suspends work on December 23 in its central and regional offices to give its officials and employees the full opportunity to celebrate the holidays with their families and loved ones. This work suspension, however, will not automatically cancel scheduled activities such as meetings with other government agencies. Regular operations and services will resume 26 December Those interested to take the second batch of CSE-PPT on 9 August may already begin preparing their application requirements, which may be submitted from 11 May to 10 June The Civil Service Commission reminds government workers nationwide on the prohibition on the consumption of alcoholic beverages in government offices even during office Christmas parties.

CSC Chairperson Alicia dela Rosa-Bala stressed that mere consumption of alcoholic beverages in the workplace during office hours as well as reporting for work while under the influence of alcohol shall be considered as an administrative offense, separate and distinct from the offense of Habitual Drunkenness. The Civil Service Commission CSC does not prohibit the holding of Christmas parties within government working hours as long as government agencies can assure continued delivery of efficient services.

CSC Chairperson Alicia dela Rosa-Bala reminded government offices nationwide to ensure that a skeletal force is in place to ensure that all clients who are within their premises are attended to amid the conduct of Christmas parties. The number of passers represents The resulting Local Treasurer Eligibility is a second level eligibility specific and appropriate for appointment to Local Treasurer and Assistant Local Treasurer positions. She said that VAW impacts on the physical, mental, economic, and social well-being, and when women in public service become the victims, it can hamper productivity and the quality of public services.

DICT conducts the ICT Specialist Proficiency Examination annually to evaluate the competence of an individual to perform programming or systems analysis and design functions. Those who pass the examination are given a Certificate of Proficiency. It can be recalled that, at that time, severe weather conditions and the Guimaras Strait tragedy led to the suspension of maritime trips from Guimaras to Iloilo and vice versa.

An Accountable Officer who, after formal demand by the Resident Commission on Audit COA Auditor, fully liquidates, settles, or pays the CA within the period stated in the demand letter, with a valid justification and no aggravating circumstances present, shall be absolved of any administrative liability.

Representatives are not allowed to claim on behalf of the passers. The Civil Service Commission suspends work on October 31 in its central and regional offices to give its employees and officials sufficient time to prepare for the observance of All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day on November 1 and 2 special non-working days. This work suspension, however, will not automatically cancel scheduled CSC activities such as training programs and meetings with other government agencies.

Regular operations and services will resume on November 4. The CSC, in partnership with JobStreet Philippines, will conduct the first ever Government Online Career Fair GOCF , an online event where government agencies and jobseekers meet in a virtual environment to exchange information about job openings for a limited duration, or for one week to be exact.

The event is part of the celebration of the th anniversary of the Philippine Civil Service. To apply, job seekers must create an account with the JobStreet. The list of testing centers and their corresponding addresses per region were released through Examination Advisory No. The CSC urges all examinees to access said advisories through its website csc. Said figure represents The CSC said the new eligibles can be appointed to first level clerical, trades, crafts, and custodial service , and second level professional, technical, and scientific positions in the government career service that do not involve practice of profession or are covered by special laws.

The Subprofessional eligibles can be appointed only to first level positions while the Professional eligible can be appointed to either first or second level positions. Aside from eligibility, an aspirant for a government career service position must further meet education, experience, training, and other competency requirements of the position, the CSC stressed.

CSC Central and Regional Offices will hold online and onsite job fairs in selected venues nationwide. Joselito R. Chavez of the National Kidney and Transplant Institute provided patients afflicted with leptospirosis with pulmonary complications a second lease on life by championing the use of the Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation ECMO. Meanwhile, Scientist 1 Ricardo F. Twelve 12 civil service examinations are slated for , with the Career Service Professional and Subprofessional Level examinations, which draws the biggest number of examinees, to be conducted twice.

Passing the CSE would result in the conferment of either Professional or Subprofessional eligibility that is needed, among others, for permanent appointment to corresponding career service positions in the government except those that involve the practice of profession or are covered by special laws.

Around 17, runners, mostly government workers, participated in the R. Serving as the official kickoff activity for the month-long Philippine Civil Service Anniversary PCSA celebration in September, the event aimed to raise funds for the Pamanang Lingkod Bayani PLBi , a program that provides one-time financial assistance and scholarship opportunities for the loved ones left behind by government workers who died in the line of duty.

Around 17, runners are expected to troop to Quirino Grandstand, Manila on 1 September at a. Serving as the official kickoff activity for the month-long Philippine Civil Service Anniversary PCSA celebration in September, the event aims to raise funds for the Pamanang Lingkod Bayani PLBi , a program that provides one-time financial assistance and scholarship opportunities for the loved ones left behind by government workers who died in the line of duty. Announcement No.

The suspension of the filing of applications is in view of the extended implementation up to May 15, of the enhanced community quarantine in the National Capital Region, Region III, Region IV-A, and other select provinces, and general community quarantine for the rest of the country. For information and guidance. Download PDF. The suspension, based on Presidential Proclamation No. The CSC shall issue another examination advisory on the resetting of the examination, which shall be posted on the CSC website.

Also, there are parts of the national highways of Cagayan and Isabela that are no longer passable by vehicles. Lastly, water will be released from Magat Dam by 6 a. The CSC shall issue another advisory on the resetting of the examination, which shall be posted on the CSC website www. In the Examination Slot Reservation, the COMEX system will notify registered users of online offerings including the type of examination, number of slots, date and time of personal appearance, date and time of examination, and examination venue.

A registered user or applicant can choose from any of the available schedules and reserve an examination slot. Thus, the system will automatically become inaccessible once the slots are taken. We apologize for your inconvenience. Rest assured that we are continuously exerting efforts to improve our system to serve you better. The CSC does not recognize and is not liable for any other postings on any other websites and social media links that are not affiliated with, or are engaged in the unauthorized use of the name of, the Civil Service Commission.

In the event that the slot counter has reached a negative count, all affected examinees will no longer be accepted. Wear proper attire on examination day i. With reference to Examination Announcement No. Please be informed that we are resetting the Online Reservation time from a. However, there are two 2 technical issues that an applicant may encounter: purging of account and intermittent internet connectivity.

Online Services.


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