Regarding the COV virus and its effects: Things are frustrating, and confusing, and scary. People dream up conspiracy theories to help make sense of things. They're not helpful, though, and only serve to make the world more confusing and scarier. We're not going to have that here.

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In the darkest niaht ofMabar, they enter its walls. Five is their number, and their arrival completes the circle in the Hall of Stars. Will it descend once more into brutal conflict and end in spectacular annihilation, or will the world emerge at last into a new era of peace and prosperity? At this moment, a handful of heroes-the player characters of your campaign-might hold the fate of the world in their hands. This is a world whose destiny is hidden in the mysterious prophecies of dragons, tempered by powerful magic, and forged in bloody warfare.

Here are ten key pieces of information about the world to bear in mind. Tone and attitude. In this campaign, stories don't always end well, and there isn't always a right answer to every problem. The Last War turned old allies into bitter enemies and destroyed an entire nation, leaving terrible scars behind. Crime and corruption lurk in the largest cities. The characters' allies might become their enemies in the blink of an eye, and well-known agents of evil might provide assistance when it's least expected.

Hidden dragons shape the course of history. Sinister fiends influence the dreams of the unwary. An army of horrors lingers just beyond the edge of reality, struggling to break through.

Nothing is exactly what it seems. A world of maaie. The setting supposes a world that developed not through the advancement of science, but by the mastery of magic. Magic allows for. Bound elemental creatures power elemental airships, rail transport, and high-speed ocean vessels. A working class of minor mages uses ritual magic to provide energy and other necessities in towns and cities. Advances in magic item creation have led to everything from self-propelled farming implements to sentient, free-willed constructs.

A world of adventure. From the steaming jungles of Aerenal to the colossal ruins ofXen'drik, from the towering keeps of Sharn to the blasted hills and valleys of the Demon Wastes, Eberron is a world of action and adventure.

Adventures can and should draw heroes from one exotic location to another across nations, continents, and the entire world. The quest for the Mirror of the Seventh Moon might take the heroes from a hidden desert shrine to a ruined castle in the Shadow Marches and finally to a dungeon below the Library of Korranberg. Through the use of magical transportation, heroes can reach a wider range of environments during an adventure, and thus deal with a diverse assortment of monsters and challenges.

The Last War has ended-sort of The Last War, which plunged the continent of Khorvaire into civil war more than a century ago, ended with the signing of the Treaty of Throne hold and the establishment of twelve recognized nations occupying what was once the kingdom of Galifar. At least overtly, the peace has held for just over a year as the campaign begins. The conflicts, the anger, and the bitter pain of the long war remain, however, and the new nations seek every advantage as they prepare for the next war that they believe will inevitably eventually break out on the continent.

The Draconic Prophecy. The dragons, long-lived and patient in all things, seek meaning in the patterns found in the world and the heavens. These patterns play out in the Prophecy, a record of things to come that has been emerging since the creation of the world.

The Draconic Prophecy is as complex and unfathomable as the dragons themselves. It hints at events of doom and dread as often as it helps push the world toward exalted events. It seems to point toward transformation rather than destruction, but. TIle HI" ' Nations. The humandomlnated civili These were Aun dai r.

Four of t hese nations su rvive to the presellt day as indepen dent countries: Cyre was destroyed before the Slart of the campaign. The devastated territory it once occupied is now known as Ihe Mournland. The Fh'e Nations refers to the ancient kingdom of Cali far and evokes a legendary time of peace and prosperity. A lI'orld ofilifriBue. Ancient threats linger. Nations compete on many le"els-economic might. Espionage and sab otage services create big business in certain circles.

The drilgonmarked hOllses. Eberron teems with conflict and intrigue. Feel free to pick and choose. If you want a pact of gnoll mercenaries to stand In contrast to the savage, demonworshlplnggnolls that are more common In the world, or a kingdom of ancestorworshiping elves. In other words. Treat It as a treasure trove of inspiration and resources whose sole purpose Is to make your campaign better. Whether you adopt the world of Eberron In every detail or just choose the elements that most appeal to you.

Have fun with ill. The great dragon marked z o families arc the barons ofindustry and commerce Their innuence u trilnsccnds polit ical boundaries.

The heads of o each house. These dynastic Z houses of commerce derive t heir power from the dragon marks-unique. Dragomnarks arc said to be the Prophecy written on monal nesh- a supposition thm incenses the dragons.

Each of these world sections is tied 10" great dragon oflegend-Slberys. Each section of the world produces dragonshards. These shards. You and your players should also refer to the EIlf. Il ow different it is de pends largely on you. Any adventure you creale or purchase should work for characters in EbcrrOIl. It features a blend of swashbuckling. In the aflermmh of the terrible In this c nvi ronme nt.

Campaign Themes and Global Threats: These sections outline the major the mes of the Eberron setting and how YOLl lllight use them to build a nd shape your campaign. Bistory: An overvicw of the world's history and its impact on ca mpaigns In thc prcsent. Travcl: Gelli ng rrom place to place-by lightni ng rail, ele mcnta l airship, or Oden coac h. Girdled by a golden band of sparkling dllst and orna mented by Iweln.

The world is divided into thrce I arts. Flashes of color. During the day, the Hing is faim; at night, it is a brilliant belt of scintillating specks weaving t hrotlgh Ihe heavens. Twelve moons hang like jewels in the night sky, some huge, others small and distant. Each moon moves through its phases. Farther out lie the stars. Dragons and mortals alike gather these distant lights illlo constellations.

Narrow passages worm through earth and SlOne. In the depths, seas of molten rock crash against melting walls. The depths are home to strange beings- undead thralls sacrificed 10 unspeakable entities. Nightmares arc given form here. Still, for those who brave its depths. Certa in caverns in Khyber contain pilthways into th ' ultimate depth.. Eberron is a land of contrastsIncomparable be'lUty is matched by hideous evil. Churning seas divide t he continents.

Fh'e major continents rise from the seas of Eberron. Khorvaire has :lssllllled the mantle of the world's center and the heart ofciviliJ. It is a crucible in which all peoples and races mix and mingle. Iluman kingdoms stand shoulder to shoulder with t hose of e lves. This book assumes that Khorvaire is the primary setting for your campaign. Although player characters might "enturc to ot her continents and might even hail from distant lands.

The humans ofKhorva ire came frolll Sarlona. Sarlona has b 'collle a myst 'rious realm of strange magic. South ofKhorvair , is Xendrik. As old as Sar lona. IUsing from the jungles are the ruins of the oncemighty empire of the giants. At the top oflhe world stretches the desolate waste of the FrostfelJ- frozen fields of haunted ice and jagged. Far to the south is the Everice.


[Let's Read] Eberron Campaign Guide, 4e version

This book presents a historical and geographical overview of the setting; information on key locations, personalities, and organizations; an introductory adventure; and a bestiary of monsters and villains to challenge heroes of all levels. It was released in July About the Cover. The Lord of Blades is shown with his homunculi, Hilt and Pommel. Continuing the Campaign Settings. Settings were short-lived things in the age of 4e


Dnd 4th Eberron Campaign Guide



List of Eberron modules and sourcebooks




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