The better known of these are his Book of Minerals , the Semita Recta the direct way , the Alkimia minor and the short work, the Compositum de compositis , translated here by Luc Villeneuve from a French version of the text. This book, written in the thirteenth or early fourteenth century and thus one of the earliest works of European alchemy, is remarkably clear and straightforward. It outlines the alchemical process, placing it within a theoretical framework, then demonstrating how to carry out the work in practice, avoiding allegory and obfuscation. Whether this was written by Albertus Magnus or some other now unknown writer, the book presents such an exciting and clear account of the nature of alchemy, that one can see people, centuries later, poring over its pages trying to tease out and work the process shown here in all its practical details.

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Hybrid Nanocomposites and Their Applications. Pl Marii Curie Sklodowskiej 5 20 Lublin. Higher or Secondary Education Establishments. Sitio web. Contacto administrativo. Jadwiga Skubiszewska-Zieba Dr. Frecuentemente los dispositivos nuevos se basan en propiedades innovadoras de los materiales que se utilizan para fabricarlos. Autores: Karabanova, Lyudmyla V. Identificador permanente: doi Autores: Skubiszewska-Zieba, J. Autores: Ivashchenko, N.

Autores: Sydorchuk, V. Editor: Springer Nature. Editor: Springer Nature Autores: Klonos, P. Autores: Kulik, T. Autores: Gun'ko, Vladimir M. Autores: Mikhalovsky, Sergey V. Autores: Gun'ko, V. Autores: Bolbukh, Yu,Tertykh, V. Autores: Maciejewska, M. Identificador permanente: pmid,doi Autores: Geissler , Erik,Toth , A. Autores: Podkoscielna, Beata,Kolodynska, Dorota. Editor: Wiley Autores: Bershtein, Vladimir A.

Autores: Turov, Vladimir V. Autores: Wisniewska, M. Autores: Mikhalovska, Lyuba I. Autores: Ivanov, Alexander E. Autores: Sulym, I. Autores: Dudarko, O. Autores: Sternik, D. Autores: Podkoscielna, Beata. Autores: Whitby, Raymond L. Autores: Voitko, Kateryna V. Autores: Bershtein, V. Identificador permanente: pmc:PMC,pmid,doi Veuillez activer JavaScript. Por favor, active JavaScript. Bitte aktivieren Sie JavaScript. Si prega di abilitare JavaScript.

English en. Deutsch de. No suggestions found. Results Packs. Noticias y eventos. Proyectos y resultados. Acerca de. English EN. Ficha informativa. Resultado resumido. Estado Proyecto cerrado.

Tipo de actividad Higher or Secondary Education Establishments. Contacto administrativo Jadwiga Skubiszewska-Zieba Dr. It includes several fields of science, such as physics, chemistry, life sciences, engineering and environment-related disciplines. The advanced higher performance 'materials' developed in this project are the main emphasis of activity materials.

Results of this work would be of relevance to themes: 'Health', 'Environment' and 'Security'. The joint investigations were carried out via transfer of knowledge and networking activities between four teams from Member States, i. This project reinforces and strengthens existing bilateral scientific links and transforms them into a larger network which includes all partners.

It provides momentum for long-term collaboration between the partners. Its achievements will lay foundation for other actions in the 'People' programme, aimed at further development and consolidation of the European Research Area ERA and large-scale competitive research projects that will be submitted in response to forthcoming calls in other themes.

The main expected scientific results were: - the preparation and characterisation of novel hybrid nanocomposites with improved thermal, mechanical, electrical and other characteristics; - the establishment structure-property relationships in hybrid nanocomposite systems; - the assessment of potential applications of tailor-made hybrid nanocomposites in biological and environmental systems.

The project has fully achieved its objectives and technical goals for the total period. All planned materials were synthesised and studied. These advanced materials may have a potential for developing new technologies, which make the European Union EU more competitive at the global scale. During the 4-year project realisation dozens new hybrid composite and functionalised nanomaterials based on oxides, carbons, polymers and natural minerals were synthesised and characterised.

Their interactions with biological objects and environmental systems were studied and the role of interfacial phenomena in these systems was elucidated. To evaluate the performance of novel nanocomposites in biological media, environmental systems and specific industrial applications the relationship of their structure-properties in different specific applications were investigated. The project gave opportunities of training for early stage researchers and the dissemination of the results of joint activities.

Thanks to increased individual mobility of persons involved in the project and transfer of knowledge between research groups via exchange visits a great number of researchers have increased their career prospective by preparing Doctor of Philosophy PhD dissertations 20 , habilitation 2 , Master 2 and Bachelor 2 theses.

During realisation of project most researchers were trained continuously during their visits at partner's laboratories. Evidence of this is arising of new research groups composed of researchers of different teams and large number of publications in scientific journals, i. Colloid Interface Sci.

Additionally, several exchanges were made as external visits. It has been featured on the incrEAST www page for one month, starting from Sunday 1 April , and after that it will be available in listing at this website. Resultado final No se dispone de resultado final. Microstructure changes of polyurethane by inclusion of chemically modified carbon nanotubes at low filler contents Autores: Karabanova, Lyudmyla V. The impact of microwave energy on the results of silica gel hydrothermal modification Autores: Skubiszewska-Zieba, J.

Controlled reduction of palladium nanoparticles on surface of chemically modified silicas Autores: Ivashchenko, N. Editor: Springer Nature Identificador permanente: doi Complex investigations of structural and thermal properties of silica-titania adsorbents Autores: Skubiszewska-Zieba, J.

Structural features of resorcinol-formaldehyde resin chars and interfacial behavior of water co-adsorbed with low-molecular weight organics Autores: Gun'ko, Vladimir M. A comparative study of air-dry and water swollen flax and cotton fibres Autores: Mikhalovsky, Sergey V. Hydrated phosphorus oxyacids alone and adsorbed on nanosilica Autores: Gun'ko, V. Editor: Wiley Identificador permanente: doi Gradient semi-interpenetrating polymer networks based on polyurethane and poly 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate for biomedical applications Autores: Karabanova, Lyudmyla V.

Effect of polyacrylic acid PAA adsorption on stability of mixed alumina-silica oxide suspension Autores: Wisniewska, M. Potentialities of silane-modified silicas to regulate palladium nanoparticles sizes Autores: Ivashchenko, N.

Cottonised flax fibres vs. Activated carbons and carbon-containing poly vinyl alcohol cryogels: characterization, protein adsorption and possibility of myoglobin clearance Autores: Ivanov, Alexander E. Textural and electronic characteristics of mechanochemically activated composites with nanosilica and activated carbon Autores: Gun'ko, V. Interaction of methoxy- and methylenedioxyam-phetamines with carbon and polymeric adsorbents in polar liquids Autores: Tomaszewski, Waldemar,Gun'ko, Vladimir M.

Interfacial behavior of polar, weakly polar, and nonpolar compounds bound to activated carbons Autores: Gun'ko, V. Template synthesis of mesoporous silicas containing phosphonic groups Autores: Dudarko, O.

Competitive adsorption of macromolecules and real-time dynamics of Vroman-like effects Autores: Gun'ko, Vladimir M. The role of interfacial chemistry and interactions in the dynamics of thermosetting polyurethane-multiwalled carbon nanotube composites at low filler contents Autores: Karabanova, Lyudmyla V.

Morphological and chemical features of nano and macroscale carbons affecting hydrogen peroxide decomposition in aqueous media Autores: Voitko, Kateryna V. Adsorption of polar and nonpolar compounds onto complex nanooxides with silica, alumina, and titania Autores: Gun'ko, V.


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Hybrid Nanocomposites and Their Applications. Pl Marii Curie Sklodowskiej 5 20 Lublin. Higher or Secondary Education Establishments. Sitio web. Contacto administrativo.


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