House and Diz White, directed by Ash Robbins. Hickory, Denton. Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Please be prepared to at least attempt British and German accents. The production derives its humor from the audacious attempt to transpose effects normally reserved for films to the stage.

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Sign In. Bullshot Crummond Hide Spoilers. Very much along the lines of Ripping Yarns, so essential viewing if that's your kind of thing. The cast by itself should give you a fair idea of whether you'll like it. Don't be disturbed by the moronic female lead - the actor playing her co-wrote the script and, remember, it is satire! Ra ra ra!! Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Alan Shearman was brilliant as the dashing Bullshot Crummond with apologies to Bulldog Drummond the all-round sportsman and know-it-all!

The usual 'true Britisher' saving the earth from world dominating foreign types! Ron Pember and Mel Smith are in supporting roles, clearly before Mel Smith went to the US to live and work; as did Alan Shearman, which is a pity really, as I thought that he had a lot to give in Britain.

Perhaps the roles didn't come his way, so he decided to 'up and off' to the land of plenty! It is dashedly funny. Explaining a joke ruins it and so I can't give too many details about the plot.

All I can urge you to do is seek this film out. You will never look at a banana and a pair of plums in quite the same way again. This film was shown on U. I do not know why? Only grave robber's,vampire's and insomniac's like myself got a chance to see this fine British gem.

It has a wealth of top notch comedy and acting talent. This film deserves better treatment from the British media executive's and should be given more credit and than what it as ever had.

My husband introduced me to Captain Cwummond several years ago now and I'm so glad he did!! If you enjoy wit, slapstick, stand up and roll about on the floor laughing type humour, then you'll love this! Over the top plummy English accents and twee customs only serve to enhance the viewing delights!! It is a film for the whole family to enjoy with some gentle adult humour included that will sail over the kids heads! Get out there and find this film In the immortal words of Tony Rome 17 October This film is absolutely hilarious.

I have seen many Bulldog Drummond episodes, and the original Ronald Coleman film. Bullshot parody's them down to the last detail. Sherman is hilarious as Captain Hugh Bullshot Crummond. The antics of Crummond, and his friends will keep you in stitches. It appears that this film is being scheduled for a DVD release, hopefully special features will be included. This gem was produced by George Harrison's "Handmade Films" company. I would have thought that this films reputation would have sored to becoming a cult classic by this point.

If you like crazy, nonsense, silly comedy; see this film. Trynyti 4 February Right at the beginning it happens. Never has the manufacturer of a plane lent itself so superbly to a one-liner.

This film is simply awesome. We have three copies of it just in case something happens to one of them. Its subtle and downright silly all at the same time but desperately clever.

You'll never be able to look at a chicken in quite the same way again. From start to finish every comment is hilarious - from the "Oh Bullshot! Context is obviously everything here! You haven't seen me looking like this huh Binky? One of the silliest films I've seen. It captures everything that separates British humour from the rest of the world. Captain Crummond is portrayed as an accidental hero, who wins through despite all of his failings.

It is well directed. I particularly like the use of quirky English locations. This film came out in and got pounded by the critics, but was actually quite amusing. Facing his version of "Carl Peterson" or "Dr.

The jokes were basically making fun of all the plot problems and story failings in the Drummond novels. For example, Von Bruno manages to get a drug into Crummond while he is at lunch.

It causes his features to bloat out, and his voice to turn Churchillian, but in the worst possible sense: he sounds like an ultra-reactionary Tory attacking minority groups and foreigners which is what "Sapper" did believe in. The film did not take itself seriously. Highpoints was the drugging of a room full of scientists including Einstein with marijuana. Also was a moment when Von Bruno sets up a trap based on the crashing of a bathroom door, which the hero is seen about to crash when he takes a large breath of air outside the door.

A bit later we see him untouched as is a hostage who was inside the room. A complicated, and totally improbable explanation about the physics that kept the death trap from working apparently a vacuum was created when he took his breath of air. After the film's unseen narrator explains this, all the characters stop their activities and look helplessly at the audience trying to grasp what they've just been told. A clever film spoof, it is worth watching when it is available. ShadeGrenade 15 July There is nothing Pythonesque about this romp however.

Sapper and Gerald Fairlie's dashing hero 'Hugh Drummond' known to all and sundry as 'Bulldog' was just ripe for sending up. The resulting film, based on a stage play, compares favourably with those wild, wacky American spoofs 'Airplane!

Professor Rupert Fenton the late Michael Aldridge lives in the country with his unmarried daughter Rosemary Diz White , who cannot say her 'r''s properly.

Von Bruno wants the secret half of the formula Fenton devised - it is in the locket Rosemary wears round her neck. While they plan to get it, Crummond has to suspend his investigations because of a prior commitment - he is due to take part in the London to Brighton car rally Shearman, who bears a striking resemblance to Stanley Baxter, cuts a dash as Crummond, all stiff upper lip, slicked back hair, and plus fours.

Instead of depicting him as a buffoon, the writers went to the other extreme by making him impossibly brilliant at everything he does. He can work out complicated mathematical equations in the blink of an eye, and wins the boat race at the Henley Regatta all on his own! Despite his tendency to indulge in stirring patriotic speeches, he contrives to be a bigger fascist than his arch-enemy.

Global warfare is his answer to the world's ills. Every one of the men who served under him in The Great War is now either dead, crippled or destitute. Witness his stance on feminism; "This country would be in a right mess if they made a woman Prime Minister!. White is delightful as 'Rosemary', with Ron House looks suitably villainous as the bald, monocled 'Von Bruno'.

This is terrific fun, the post-W. Much of the humour is 'end of the pier', such as the unseemly bulge in Crummond's underwear, and the Fokker reference, but the film's no more smutty than your average 'Carry On'. Better than most of them in fact. The film surprisingly opened to a critical drubbing and none too impressive box office grosses. Since then, it has grown in popularity. Deserves a major critical reevaluation. Oh and John Du Prez's music's fabulous too. Toodle pip! Possibly one of the best movies ever made!

I remember when this movie was first released. I loved it and saw it many many times. I bought it on video some years later and watched it over and over again, sharing it with friends as often as possible. This movie got really bad reviews and I cannot understand why - it is quite possibly one of the best movies ever made.

If you like Mel Brooks movies you'll probably like this. I won't even try to describe the plot here. The best thing you can do if you are reading this is to try to get hold of a copy of this classic while you can, and watch it, many many times.

It is not funny. Dick Clement was not a good director. Early in his career, he took a fascinating stage play by Iris Murdoch and J.


Bullshot Crummond Script

Sign In. Bullshot Crummond Hide Spoilers. Very much along the lines of Ripping Yarns, so essential viewing if that's your kind of thing. The cast by itself should give you a fair idea of whether you'll like it.


Bullshot Crummond Auditions

Bullshot Crummond is a play which parodied s British heroes like Bulldog Drummond and Biggles. The play was written by Ronald E. The characters they played are:. Adapted for film as Bullshot in A production of the stage version appeared on television in under the Broadway on Showtime banner. Community Showcase More.



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This parody of low-budget 30s detective movies typifies British heroism at its dumbest. Teutonic villain Otto Von Brunno and his evil mistress Lenya crash their plane in the English countryside and kidnap Professor Fenton, who has discovered a formula for making synthetic diamonds. Bullshot Crummond is called to the rescue by the professor's daughter Rosemary. The two meet at the Carlton Tea Rooms, where Crummond is convinced that their waiter is Otto in disguise. The real Otto shows up, paralyzes Crummond with a fiendish ray and crams a stick of dynamite in Crummond's mouth that will explode when the next person enters the room. Rosemary enters, but the static electricity in her fur wrap averts the detonation.

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