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Quick Links. WFD Table of Contents. Bosch nexxt series washer model wfmcuc operating, care and installation instructions 80 pages. Bosch nexxt series washer operating, care and installation instructions wfmcuc 80 pages. Bosch nexxt series washer perating, care and installation instructions wfmcuc 80 pages. Notes on the removal and disposal of packaging Page 3: Notes On Safety And General Warnings Notes on safety and general warnings This appliance complies with the industry safety Take care when pumping out hot water.

A flashing light does not indicate a fault. Page 5: Removing The Transport Securing Devices Removing the transport securing devices Remove all the transport securing devices from the back of the machine before starting the appliance for the first time.

Risk of injury through slipping. Page 6: Aligning The Appliance Installing the unit The appliance must be placed on a firm flat surface to ensure that it is stable during spinning.

Soft floor coverings, such as carpets or foam-backed flooring are not suitable surfaces for installation. If you have a wooden joist floor, the appliance must be placed on a water-resistant wooden board, 30 mm thick. Page 7: Connecting To The Water Supply Connecting to the water supply A pipe or standard domestic fresh-water hose is required for the water supply included , with a minimum pressure of 1 bar water must flow at a rate of approximately 8 litres per minute with the tap fully open.

Page 8: Connecting To The Power Supply If the water is discharged via a sink, ensure that the outlet hose cannot be dislodged. Check also that the water drains away quickly enough. Ensure that the sink plug is not preventing drainage. Risk of flooding. Connecting to the power supply The appliance must only be connected to an A. Protective plate Lid. Detergent and softener drawer. Control panel printed keys, symbols or full text, depending on model of appliance.

Door opener. Outlet pump water outlet filter behind the base board. Turn the selector when the button is pressed. The clockwise to the right. Page Detergents And Softeners Detergents and softeners You can use all powder and liquid detergents suitable for front-loading washing machines. Do not use hand washing detergents because they produce too much foam. Do not use solvent-based detergents in automatic washing machines.

Risk of explosion. Do not use washing performance enhancers, stain removers or sprays near the machine as they could damage the machine. Page First Washing Cycle First washing cycle Carry out the first wash without any laundry in the machine to remove residual water left from testing the machine at the factory.

Put the laundry in the Items which have been pre-treated with detergents washing machine containing solvents, for example stain removers, cleaning fluids, etc. For careful washing of delicate items.

Cleaning the outside Do not use solvents. These products can damage of the appliance the washing machine's components, produce noxious fumes and may cause an explosion. Page 19 Rust stains should be cleaned using chlorine-free detergents Cleaning the drum look at the list of substances contained in the product on the packaging.

Never use wire wool. Water inlet hose It is recommended that the condition of the hose be checked every 5 years to prevent the risk of damage caused by leaks or flooding. Page 20 The appliance's water inlet filters must be cleaned with the tap is Wiping the appliance's water inlet filters open and no water flowing into the appliance. The filters are located in the hose connection joining the water supply pipe to the domestic water supply, and in the solenoid valve connection at the back of the machine.

Page Malfunctions With Simple Solutions Malfunctions with simple solutions Repairs to electrical appliances must only be carried out by qualified specialists. Repairs carried out incorrectly can be dangerous. This will avoid unnecessary cost as technical expenses are not covered by the warranty. If a malfunction occurs despite following the instructions given above, disconnect the appliance, pull the plug out of the socket and close the tap, then contact the After-sales Service.

Page Technical Data Technical data - Width Page 24 As our contribution towards the protection of the environment, we use only recycled paper. BOSCH cares for the environment. This manual is also suitable for: Wfd Print page 1 Print document 24 pages. Cancel Delete.

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