The settlement is mentioned in historical documents dating back to In Vabolnik received permission to conduct markets. Between and an epidemic ravaged the town, and three-fourths of its population succumbed to it. In Vabolnik was granted the Magdeburg rights for self-rule. Until Vabolnik was included in the Polish-Lithuanian Kingdom.

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We set off the morning of Saturday with a long way ahead of us. Next to Pabirze, all of the participants unite. Not all of the participants are going themselves: the expensive classic automobiles are driven on tow trucks. We even greet the participants from Latvia, who have prepared since night, and are taking down their tents.

The Latvians were invited by the people of Birzai. The first longer stop was at Sirvintai Road repair workers place. Here, the cars from tow trucks are being almost carried down.

Lionginas says that he has two motorcycles ready for parades. His wife Nergina, daughters Egle and Eivile help. Neringa, who did her hair, and had a hat with a vail, but did not have time to buy a dress form Later, Mr. The younger drivers react to the police officer with a smile, to them it is egzotic. Vidugiris tries to control the parade, when stopped at an intersection.

Later, E. When the participants of classic automobile parade stopped at the town square in Sirvintos just for an hour, they recieved quite a bit of attention, but because they were used to the attention in other cities, the participants were almost dissapointed by not enough viewers.

According to the plan, it was time to move to Kernave. I had to run quickly to the store, because without a proper hat, you cannot get into such a beautiful vehicle. Alma, Austejus, and Sigitas dressed up like real retro lovers, even the dog Kite has a proper hair due.

Gvidonas sets the speed of the parade driving his Ford T. Going any faster than this is prohibited. Especially uphill. Another S. Later mr. Every ten seconds a new one was made. The automobiles and their pretty ladies.

Finally we reached Kernave. All of the automobiles reached the destination point, just the motorcycle riders have some problems, but they conquer it. The president of the club, Egidijus, is lining up the vehicles again.

So far everything is going to plan. And we are left with about 5 hours for the parade in Kernave. The turnout is beyond great! So many questions about the automobiles. The ladies with their hats, beautiful suits, and highheels, are holding their composure very well on this hot day. Not a surprise why the viewers are appreciating not only the automobiles, but also the owners who have put in their own sweat to make this beautiful event happen. Later the men would explain how they started to prepare for the parade in winter, and still had much to do weeks before the parade.

Even the advertisements were placed around the city to remind people of the event on every electric post, intersection, and bulletin board. Even the signs for the parade participants to know exactly what street to follow, so that they did not get lost. Automobiles are expensive, parts extremly rare, and gas milage is much less than those of new cars.

So without the sponsors, the club would have it very hard. First, the club is sponsored by its members. The soup — with fish, a bit late, but everybody is waiting for it. When called to the pots, instantly a line forms.

Antanas states that he found his vehicle, or something like it in the U. This model has 12 cylinders, 5 liter engine, the only thing that is unclear is how much gasoline it needs. A very grateful thank you we say to the president of the club Egidijus for the constant caring of us. Good luck to you! Toggle navigation.


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