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Forum Rules. Remember Me? Results 1 to 10 of Join Date Feb Location N. As described from Musician's Friend Pro quality in an ultra-compact mixer! Here's what it should really say Pro quality in an ultra-compact mixer When I run a search on Yahoo! So what's wrong this thing? Well, for starters, ALL of it's outputs are unbalanced! This means that the ground drain from all of your electronic equipment on the same circuit, or your house, or apartment building, or even sometimes your entire housing community will now be running into your audio signal!

This is BAD for sound cards that offer a single input such as the typical stock sound card that comes with computers because they input and output stereo signal through a single TRS cable. The sound card expects the left signal on the tip and the right signal on the ring, however, because Eurorack is unbalanced, your poor sound card will be receiving -3db of the original signal on the tip and the ground on the ring!

Isn't the Eurorack great! Now all of this negativity doesn't apply to a sound card that has unbalanced mono ins such as the M-Audio Audiophile In fact, it appears as if the Audiophile has been specifically built to complement this pile of garbage.

The Audiophile's inputs are RCA unbalanced mono allowing the signal coming out of the Eurorack to go directly where it's supposed to go, and sending the ground hum to the ground of the card. If you wish to really use the Eurorack MXA , I would heavily recommend using it with the Audiophile to maximize quality.

They sum the signal from the mic into a single signal and then split the signal into a right and left signal. If the output was balanced, I wouldn't have any problem with this, however, since the Eurorack is completely unbalanced, this makes it very bad. For the reasons stated earlier about ground hum, dividing the signal to go on two busses that eventually run out of two unbalanced jacks is a very sloppy way to do anything.

And if you need a third reason, then it's the EQ section. The signal will always run through it even if you are not using it. This is known to harm the signal and many mixers above the pro-sumer level must have the EQ engaged manually to use it. The only reason this device is as popular as it is in the online community is the fact that it is the cheapest thing that will get your condenser mic working without having to wire your own phantom power supply or research what exactly phantom power means.

So, I shall present to you first a device that does exactly what this does and does it correctly for around the same price range with all of the simplicity and directness of a mic preamp: I recommend to you the PreSonus TUBEPre Amp. It is XLR in and out with a single gain knob, a built in 80hz roll-off, variable drive tube distortion , a pad, and a phase switch. This preamp is highly not recommended for other instruments or keyboards unless you like to experiment, however, for mics, it will surpass in quality, ease of setup, and overall result then the Eurocrap..

I'm sorry you didn't read this article sooner and 2. Fear not, for I shall teach you how to cheat the Eurorack system to get the quality you need! This tutorial only applies to people using sound cards that have a single balanced input that accepts left signal on the tip and right signal on the ring. This process will not work with the Delta 44 or the Digi Set the Gain of the channel you are using to Set all of the EQs of the channel you are using to If you are not using outboard gear, set the Aux of the channel you are using to -Infinity.

Set the Pan of the channel you are using all the way to the left. Set the Level of the channel you are using to 0. Unity 8. If you are not using outboard gear, set the Aux Return to -Infinity. Set the Main Max to 0. Does one know where one can obtain a bean-pie or yolk-free eggs. He repeats steps 5 and 6. Man, My UB pro Euro mixer is great.

Wouldn't call it crap at all. It's sixty bucks. What do you expect? These are throwaway mixers that we get when we don't know what a mixer is and have to figure it all out on something. I've bought two B mixers. The other is the A he trashes. The first I used in resurrecting a dead parish hall system without a budget.

The second I use in my monitor line as a pretty decent patch bay. For my corner of the study studio, it was the right thing for the job. I use one of the cheapie Yamaha mixers for a talkback system I used one to DJ at a kiddy birthday party once. Uh, QQ I gotta tell ya, pal It wasn't the mixer that made all those kids run screaming from the room, you know Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. All times are GMT The time now is All Rights Reserved.

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Behringer Eurorack MX602A 6-Input Mixer

Forum Rules. Remember Me? Results 1 to 10 of Join Date Feb Location N. As described from Musician's Friend Pro quality in an ultra-compact mixer! Here's what it should really say


Behringer Eurorack MX602A 6 Channel 2 Bus Mixer Mixing Console

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Behringer MX602A 6 Channel Mixing Console


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