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I think it was the moment that inspired my love for guitar, virtuosos and picking technique. The next years I rarely listened to his stuff because I was more into metal still am and because I felt kind of frustrated to listen to someone THAT good! Luckily nowadays I often enjoy his music, loved his latest record as well. I would really like to see him live before he retires.

Anyway, enough of my rambling writing. This is my favourite Al Di Meola song, followed by a nice mini guitar lesson that has some very apparent 2WPS moments. I think this is a great post. His earlier career was marshall on 11 with a les paul with super distortions … then he got tired of the ringing marshall and decide to rip our head of one more time, with Al and Paco, just in case we forgot … then, he got bored of that and got into synth guitar and then Piazzolla and world music and complex timeforms … video should start at 3.

Umbras … try to play that on your guitar!!! Wow, what a performance. Al is one of a kind. He came to Athens 2 years ago and I missed it. I also vaguely recall some economy-like picking patterns for some of his medium speed phrases with wider intervals.

All this is not to say that he is not great, but to avoid unrealistic expectations we might have about ourselves if we try to imitate his style!

He certainly has a lot more up his sleeve than alt. Hi Bill. I saw him in Helsingor in Denmark. It was great. I even got his autograph. Where should I start looking for material to practice? Resurrecting a snoozing thread here. There are a few good books of his tunes taken from his lead sheets that are available; I picked up some of them recently:. His picking drew me in, but I really liked the latin feel.

There is also a Japanese tab version of Friday Night that you can find on Ebay, it appears to be accurate, at least from what I have seen of the demo pictures. Member Dashboard Cracking the Code Home.


Al Di Meola - REH Master Series


BT - LH1710 PDF

Al Dimeola - Reh Video


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