Quick Links. Table of Contents. Simple speed control compact inverters with easy-to-use functions 49 pages. Sysdrive 3g3jv series compact simplified inverters pages.

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Compact Simplified Inverters. Proper use and handling of the product will ensure proper product performance, will lengthen product life, and may prevent possible accidents.

Please read this manual thoroughly and handle and operate the product with care. IE1 to gain sufficient knowledge of the devices, safety in- formation, and precautions before actual use. For actual use of the products, make sure to use the covers and shieldings as specified.

Please keep this manual close at hand for future reference. If the product has been left unused for a long time, please inquire at our sales repre- sentative. This manual describes the functions of the product and relations with other products.

You should assume that anything not described in this manual is not possible. Although care has been given in documenting the product, please contact your OMRON representative if you have any suggestions on improving this manual. The product contains potentially dangerous parts under the cover. Do not attempt to open the cover under any circumstances. Doing so may result in injury or death and may damage the product. Never attempt to repair or disassemble the product.

We recommend that you add the following precautions to any instruction manuals you prepare for the system into which the product is being installed. Precautions on the dangers of high-voltage equipment.

Precautions on touching the terminals of the product even after power has been turned OFF. These terminals are live even with the power turned OFF. Specifications and functions may be changed without notice in order to improve product performance. Items to Check Before Unpacking.

Check the following items before removing the product from the package:. Has the correct product been delivered i. Has the product been damaged in shipping? Are any screws or bolts loose? Thank you for choosing the general-purpose Inverter 3G3JX. This manual should be delivered to the actual end user of the product.

After reading this manual, keep it handy for future reference. This manual describes the specifications and functions of the product as well as the relations between them. You should assume that anything not described in this manual is not possible with the product. Intended readers This manual is intended for:. Those with knowledge of the workings of electricity qualified electric engineers or the equivalent , and also in charge of:. Read and Understand this Manual. Please read and understand this manual before using the product.

Warranty and Limitations of Liability. OMRON's exclusive warranty is that the products are free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year or other period if specified from date of sale by OMRON. In no event shall the responsibility of OMRON for any act exceed the individual price of the product on which liability is asserted. Application Considerations. OMRON shall not be responsible for conformity with any standards, codes, or regulations that apply to the combination of products in the customer's application or use of the products.

At the customer's request, OMRON will provide applicab le third party certification documents identifying ratings and limitations of use that apply to the products. This information by itself is not sufficient for a complete determination of the suitability of the products in combination with the end product, machine, system, or other application or use. The following are some examples of applications for which particular attention must be given. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all possible uses of the products, nor is it intended to imply that the uses listed may be suitable for the products:.

Please know and observe all prohibitions of use applicable to the products. OMRON shall not be responsible for the user's programming of a programmable product, or any consequence thereof. Product specifications and accessories may be changed at any time based on improvements and other reasons. It is our practice to change model numbers when published ratings or features are changed, or when significant construction changes are made. However, some specifications of the products may be changed without any notice.

When in doubt, special model numbers may be assigned to fix or establish key specifications for your application on your request. Please consult with your OMRON representative at any time to confirm actual specifications of purchased products. Dimensions and weights are nominal and are not to be used for manufacturing purposes, even when tolerances are shown.

Performance data given in this manual is provided as a guide for the user in determining suitability and does not constitute a warranty. It may represent t he result of OMRON's test conditions, and the users must correlate it to actual application requirem ents. The information in this manual has been carefully checked and is believed to be accurate; however, no responsibility is assumed for clerical, typographical, or proofreading errors, or omissions.

Safety Precautions. Indications and Meanings of Safety Information. In this user's manual, the following precautions and signal words are used to provide information to ensure the safe use of the 3G3JX Inverter. The information provided here is vital to safety. Strictly observe the precautions provided. Meanings of Signal Words. Indicates an imminently hazardous situation which, if not avoided, is likely to result in serious injury or may result in death.

Additionally there may be severe property damage. Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, may result in minor or moderate injury or in property damage. Alert Symbols in this Document. Turn off the power supply and implement wiring correctly. Not doing so may result in a serious injury due to an electric shock. Wiring work must be carried out only by qualified personnel. Be sure to ground the unit. Not doing so may result in a serious injury due to an electric shock or fire.

Do not remove the front cover during the power supply and 5 minutes after the power shutoff. Doing so may result in a serious injury due to an electric shock. Do not operate the Digital Operator or switches with wet hands. Inspection of the Inverter must be conducted after the power supply has been turned off.

The main power supply is not necessarily shut off even if the emergency shutoff function is activated. Do not change wiring, mode change switches S7, S8 , optional devices or replace cooling fans while power is being supplied. Doing so might result in a small-scale fire, heat generation or damage to the unit. Install a stop motion device to ensure safety. Not doing so might result in a minor injury. A holding brake is not a stop motion device designed to ensure safety.

In case of a braking resistor, install a thermal relay that monitors the temperature of the resistor. The Inverter has high voltage parts inside which, if short-circuited, might cause damage to itself or other property. Place covers on the openings or take other precautions to make sure that no metal objects such as cutting bits or lead wire scraps go inside when installing and wiring.

Do not touch the Inverter fins, braking resistors and the motor, which become too hot during the power supply and for some time after the power shutoff. Doing so may result in a burn. Take safety precautions such as setting up a molded-case circuit breaker MCCB that matches the Inverter capacity on the power supply side.

Not doing so might result in damage to property due to the short circuit of the load. Do not dismantle, repair or modify this product. Doing so may result in an injury. Precautions for Safe Use. Installation and Storage. Do not store or use the product in the following places. Transporting, Instal lation, and Wiring.

Doing so may result in damaged parts or malfunction. Doing so may result in damage to the product. Wiring work must be done after installing the unit body. Not doing so may result in damage to the product. Locations subject to static electricity or other forms of noise. Locations subject to strong magnetic fields. Locations close to power lines.

Operation and Adjustment.


[Manuals] - 3G3JX Manual

To ensure safe operation, please be sure to read the safety precautions provided in this document along with all of the user manuals for the inverter. Our offer includes , electronic components from producers.. Since , we have been expanding our operations dynamically and increasing our global potential. Also for: Sysdrive 3g3jx-ae, Sysdrive 3g3jx-ae, Sysdrive 3g3jx-ae, Sysdrive 3g3jx-ae, Sysdrive 3g3jx-ae, Sysdrive 3g3jx-a, Sysdrive Please note some product models not sold in Australia may be included in the following manual s for our global customers. For actual use of the products, make sure to use the covers and shieldings as specified.


Manual Inversor Omron 3g3jx



OMRON 3G3JX/3G3MX2/3G3RX PDF Brochure Machine Control


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