Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Home Help Search Login Register. I'm thinking I'd like to build this hairy beast, but wanted the guru's eyes on the schematic, how does it look etc? Therefore I'm wondering if I could build clones of these beautifully complex beasts.

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Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Home Help Search Login Register. I'm thinking I'd like to build this hairy beast, but wanted the guru's eyes on the schematic, how does it look etc? Therefore I'm wondering if I could build clones of these beautifully complex beasts. Any insight, comments, build suggestions, etc I'd greatly appreciate. I'd also love any second set of eyes that can look for things I've miswired or mislabeled etc.

The main normal circuit seems pretty cool, straightforward and I like the top boost switch. Let me know your thoughts. Edit: I'll be keeping the schematic updated as I go. Schematic Change 1: Added the missing k resistors to ground for the power tubes.

Also added the missing top-cut post PI. Schematic Change 2: put the cap on the output of the EF86 before the 1M resistor. Schematic Change 4: no longer updating, instead adding Sluckey's version and his board layout. Keeping my old one just for giggles. Several of the members have built this AC Steve, yeah I've looked over that page quite a few times, your detail on it is incredible.

Just a few locations here and there where things were different. I'm not sure why, but that's part of why I'm trying to rescue the old illegible schematic. I'll have to go over the schematic on your page though with this one because that one is SO much easier to read than the others I linked!

I also definitely like the layout you've got there. Id didn't realize there was a rectifier so small as that EZ81, pretty cool. I've been looking over your layout and the AC15 schematic you posted and it does look almost identical minus a few minor value changes for components, so I think I def can use your layout. What do you think would be wiser: 1.

Modify the layout in the power section to support all 4 tubes 2. I see only the need for the two 1. I've done a sloppy image mod to show how I'd pull lines to the different terminal strips that connect to the two additional tubes for the 4 I mentioned above. For my image, basically Pin 2 for the new tubes would come off each red line but the resistor would be between the terminal strips and the socket and thne I'd connect the wire to the TS.

What sounds 'right' or 'best'? JPG What you suggest will work. That's not how I would do it though. I'd just add 1" to the board and mount those 4 resistors neatly and logically on the board. Very easy to do. The only problem is that I don't know if there is a way to do this on Doug's default layouts, I may have to manually redo your layout from scratch. I can give you the vsd file and you can edit as you wish. Then you can either make the board yourself or give Doug the edited file so he can make it for you.

Let me know. The AC15 has 1. Other than that it's identical. I think that the 1. So if you like more drive doing it as 1.

I think I'd like the vsd if you can pm it to me, thanks Steve, you rock! This is what I had in mind for lengthening the board Doug, want to make that change?

EL34 Administrator Level 5 Posts: wooot! I did not have time to read all the text above A quick look at Steve's PDf looks like you just added two more resistors to the end of the board next to the big cathode resistor? Here is the link to the main board where you can post amp questions. Ok, I see them now I can make the board without too much trouble.

Excellent, I hope to get that project rolling pretty soon here, maybe first part of June. Here's an updated drawing that includes the drill guide and jumper guide This thing sounds right, even through my less than appropriate test bench speaker. This is not a simple amp, though. Not even close. With care, it is doable, but it sure ain't quick! My Shop My Website My guitars. Gabriel, thanks that would be great. Any data gathering would really help. I have built Doug's version with the 12ax7 and really dig the thing, but hope this one will sound interesting.

Quote from: pompeiisneaks on May 31, , am. AC30 Schematic. AC30 Layout. Gabriel, that's great thanks! The world is a nice place if there is health and there are friends. Due to vacation I'm going to hold off on the build for a bit, this month I'm going to recap my Blues Deluxe instead, but this is my next major project. K, look at this rare bird I found one other cathode resistor that's different as well, but that's it. Thanks Pompeiisneaks and Quote from: pompeiisneaks on June 01, , am. Ahh gotcha, very nice.

Basically a hybrid of the two. I'm wondering if doing the same may not be a good idea. Quote from: pompeiisneaks on June 01, , pm. Lol no probably not, its an expensive hobby with no payout The build begins, I'll show off the videos here, unless i should keep those in the video section. I did notice one mistake on the schematic on the video, the 0. Oh you're right, thanks! Node E cap is fine. And one more thing On the board layout Change all power supply node labeling. This is due to the slight difference between the AC and AC power supply.

Sorry, I didn't catch that back when I modified my layout for you. You may want to make those changes on your vsd file. Will do, thanks. Or could you explain to me what I'm missing? That seems identical on the AC15 except the rectifier is a different type.

You called that first cap node A. I called the second cap node A because the first cap was not used. Did you notice that I only have 4 filter cap nodes but you have 5? If you don't at least make pencil changes on my layout, you 'may' wire it wrong later on. I see it now, yup that's definitely different, the CT gets only that first phase of filtering.

Weird, is that going to have a major impact on the tone? I've heard the power tubes don't need quite as clean power anyway, but I'm used to seeing two nodes with the choke in the middle before it gets to the power tubes. I'll update the visio. Now for the biggie Your trem oscillator and phase splitter are all tangled up.

You don't even have a depth control. I don't see an easy way to fix all that.


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