Step 1. Spend some time and energy identifying what it is you really want to accomplish with your Vemma business. Why did you make a decision to join the Vemma team? What do you want out of your business? How much money do you want the opportunity to earn?

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Is this a Pyramid Scheme? With great content and terrific graphics, anyone can use this plan to begin daily results-oriented activities and kick-start their Vemma business. You'll be able to mentor and train your team to duplicate efforts and watch your team flourish. The Vemma Action Plan is comprised of eight simple steps proven to help you launch a successful Vemma business. L earn to dream big. Your dreams are the basis to your Vemma business.

Most of us as children were natural dreamers. One day we wanted to be a doctor; the next day we wanted to be an astronaut and so on.

Anything was possible and there were no limitations. Reality was never in our vocabulary. Sadly, most people lose their desire and ability to dream and settle for mediocrity.

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be this way. Thanks to the Vemma business. With the Vemma opportunity you don't have to settle for mediocrity. Allow yourself to dream again Step 2: Attitude is Everything. You may have heard the phrase that "attitude is everything" or "your attitude determines your altitude. In order to succeed, you must recognize that your personal attitude is a choice—your choice.

Choose to be positive and expect good things to happen. Successful people spend the majority of their time surrounded by those who have already achieved what they seek to accomplish.

Be an inspiration and set a good example, your team will look up to you! By cultivating a positive attitude, you will attract successful people.

As you continue to catch the attention of bright, talented people, you will put your Vemma business on the fast track. For more information on staying positive, go to Step 2 of the Vemma Action Plan.

Keep in mind the tremendous impact in helping people with their physical and financial health. Continue to add to this list as you conduct Home Events and meet new people. Did you know that the majority of people on your team will be comprised of people you haven't met yet?

It's true! Step 4: Are You a Product of the Product? When you're a product of the product, you know it. Because it is second nature to use the product, and share it with others. The process is not magic—it happens by experiencing Vemma products on a personal level. The strength in marketing your Vemma business is found in your story and the stories of others. Story telling is an integral part of building relationships.

This is how we get to know one another. So talk about the difference Vemma has made in your life. You don't have to be a product expert. You've engaged their curiosity as they wonder, "What can Vemma do for me? As you gain that sense of familiarity, confidence follows.

Your business moves forward, bringing you one step closer to reaching your dreams. Commitment to your health shows. Are you a product of the product? This step gives you the best method for a winning approach, by leading with the opportunity. Remember what captured your interest in Vemma? Just tell your why and speak from the heart. There is nothing for you to "sell". Simply speak your truth.

When your passion is genuine, people can tell. Building your business happens by building relationships and the best foundation to build upon is trust. Embracing positive marketing routines leads to an increase in cash flow, team momentum and depth—propelling you steps closer to the realization of your dream.

Recharge your business by redefining your goals. By revisiting Step 1 and harnessing your dream, you will be motivated to establish long-term goals, which are achieved through developing a set of short-term goals.

To start any business and set it in the right direction requires a plan. But even with the most effective plans, wherein every detail specifies an example and its anticipated result, you may reach a point where you are uncertain how to proceed.

It could be a new opportunity, a brilliant idea, or a question requiring an answer. What do you do now? No man is an island. Mentors are there to serve as a shoulder of support or an ear to pitch ideas. Stay connected to the leader who thought highly of your natural talents and suggested you be part of their Vemma business.

Listen in on prospecting conversations among your upline. The benefits you receive through consistent communication with your upline, you also pass to your downline. As you evolve into the next Vemma leader, your business grows with you. So find yourself a mentor today! Step 8: Taking your vemma business to the next level. Imagine for a moment that the steps of the Action Plan are like bases on a baseball field, loaded with your Vemma prospects. You need the next batter to hit a single and bring one prospect to home base.

A double, triple, or home run would be even better, bringing more prospects to your Vemma business! But before the swing, it's all about the pitch—how you ask for the business. Do you deliver your pitch with a curve, speed or a soft touch? With the right pitch, inviting your prospects or Customers to your Home Event or Private Business Reception will put you ahead of the game. In Step 8 of the Action Plan, you'll learn how to take what you know and set your first two Home Events within the next 30 days!

You'll take a second look at your contact list with a fresh set of eyes, and develop the skills necessary to deliver a smooth pitch and get the positive answer you deserve from prospects! Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started. Step 1: Dream Big Dreams. Step 5: Leading with the Opportunity. Step 7: Everyone needs a mentor. Step 8: Taking your vemma business to the next level Imagine for a moment that the steps of the Action Plan are like bases on a baseball field, loaded with your Vemma prospects.


Vemma Roadmap To Success Pdf

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