Con estas manos he creado obras inimaginables Dioses y demonios sin alma, hechos de metal, madera y cristal. Un poder para desafiar los cielos que puedes sostener entre tus dedos Prometheum Exxet es un libro dedicado al mundo de los artefactos sobrenaturales, un libro hecho para desplegar un nuevo abanico de posibilidades tanto a los personajes jugadores como a sus contrincantes. User translation: With these hands I have created works unimaginable… Gods and demons without soul, made of metal, wood and glass. A power to challenge the heavens that can hold between your fingers….

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R Ey To Sergio, for being there to support me if I fell. To Michael, for your conf idence in me. To Jorge, for the passion that makes me want to move on. And to you, for buying this book. From the beginning of history, many cultures, those of humans and of other races, have found many different applications for such objects. Naturally, depending on the time and place, the use and importance of these items have varied considerably.

Sometimes these objects were barely recognized and in other eras they were so famous that whole races, such as Devah, based their civilizations on them. At present, supernatural artifacts are extremely rare in Gaa or at least compared to how common they were centuries ago.

After the War of God, most were destroyed or lost their power. This gap has widened because of the work of Tol Rauko, an organization that has spent the last six hundred years of history searching out all the artifacts known to exist a task at which it has proven to be extremely competent.

Today, the Templars have found nearly half of the many mystical objects that exist across Gaa, and have hoarded them away on their secluded island. Most of the currently existing artifacts about nine out of every ten are more than seven centuries old, belonging to the Empire of Yehudah or other non-human civilizations that were not influenced by Rahs machine.

Most commonly, they come from the Sylvain, Devah, and Dukzarist, who had a large number of settlements and cities in Gaa. On very rare occasions, new objects are created. Usually, this is the work of isolated individuals producing them out of necessity and for personal use. Only two organizations, the Order of Magus and the Black Sun, continue to create mass produced artifacts. Similarly, the spontaneous creation of artifacts is much more unusual in this era.

The low level of magic in the world makes spontaneous creation of magic artifacts very rare, although when it does happen, such items can contain considerable power. Currently, finding a supernatural artifact in Gaa is a remarkable event, partly because of the scarcity and partly because of the activities of Tol Rauko. While they can sometimes be found mixed in with common objects without anyone knowing their true value, a more reliable way to unearth them is to explore the ruins of ancient civilizations.

This is relatively simple to do in certain locations in The Wake that no one has searched before. Those with appropriate means can also get them through the Black Sun, an organization that trades in secret mystical artifacts via the black market. The agents of the Black Sun operate throughout Gaa, locating and collecting the most varied of objects.

While not as impressive as Tol Rauko, the fact is that after centuries of trading in magic items, their stock is considerable. For the right price, a buyer can secure items of various levels of potency.

Welcome to Prometheum Exxet. The book you have in your hands is focused on the world of supernatural artifacts, and allows for a new range of possibilities for both player characters and their opponents.

In it you will find hundreds of supernatural artifacts and wild adventure ideas, as well as a system for making your own magic items.

From weapons of legend to the strangest artifacts to a new combat system to use them, Prometheum Exxet opens up possibilities never before seen in Anima: Beyond Fantasy. A door to a world of untapped powers now opens before you. To be completely honest, I never thought I would write this book. However, I soon realized that magic artifacts, an essential element in any RPG, were not getting the attention for which they were crying out.

Of course, they deserved more than a mere mention or a chapter in a different book. Finally, I told myself I could wait no longer and began to work on them. The truth is that while writing Prometheum Exxet, I realized how much I was enjoying it.

It allowed me to explore previously unseen facets of Gaa and its history through the objects that have been present throughout the centuries. Now, as always, it is up to you to judge the outcome of that work. Although there are many reasons for creating magic items, such as curiosity or desire for glory, there are two true origins that have given birth to mystical artifacts. First, these objects can emerge from the strong desire of those with no magical attributes or powers to use special abilities that match the impossible abilities of those who do wield them.

However, perhaps the greatest motive of all behind this act is an avid desire to enhance ones own creative powers and find a way to channel these into even greater abilities. Artifacts of Pure Magic: The natural way of creating magical artifacts is when pure magic resonates in an object and creates unique powers. The magician infuses an object with a large amount of raw Zeon, augmenting the objects capacities.

Generally, it is the most powerful sorcerers who make use of this method to create simple and durable low-level artifacts. The magic in the object fades with the passage of time or continued use, thus its unique qualities eventually vanish. Given that these are easy to create, there are a considerable number of objects of this kind in the world.

Designed Artifacts: Of all the methods, this is the one that creates the most powerful magic items. These artifacts are created by a long and dedicated process to give them supernatural powers and are arguably real magic items.

Naturally, there is no single technique used to make them. A master of runes could create a rune sword to make it a mystical weapon, while an alchemist could synthesize materials to develop a cup that grants eternal life. Spontaneous Creation: Although it is extremely rare, some magic items can manifest by themselves without anyone creating them.

These artifacts arise out of unique circumstances, often in extreme conditions that cause them to absorb enough energy to manifest supernatural powers.

For example, a sword that has been used to kill thousands of innocent people over the decades could be imprinted with so much blood and pain and death that it becomes self aware, or a quartz crystal that was present when two gods fought a duel might be imbued with great magical power. The power level of a device can vary as much as the conditions that created it. Artifacts in this class and the powers they manifest are always completely unpredictable, as they are not created by anyone using a set method and can thus have very chaotic effects.

Only the Game Master has the ability to create these objects, giving them attributes and powers he deems relevant. Of course, this does not mean that artifacts have no value. In terms of balance, a weaker person in possession of mystical objects will always be less powerful than a more skilled opponent. Balance is key. During character creation, characters may gain supernatural objects by taking the Artifact Advantage. If the Game Master permits, players may acquire some of the artifacts in this book or create their own using Table 1.

Of course, a characters starting Creation Points CP determine the potential of the item. The more powerful the artifact, the more expensive it is to create. High Supernatural Level: If the campaign includes a very high level of supernatural activity, the characters are treated as being Level 3 for the purpose of determining the Power Level of items that they can buy at character creation.

A character who spends 2 points on the Artifact Advantage could start with an object of Power Level 2. However, it is important to remember that real power is less about having magic items than it is about individual skill. Conceptually, Anima: Beyond Fantasy has always been about the personal power of a character, not that characters possessions, so someone with real skills will always be superior to someone who simply has a lot of magic items.

In this case, this is less a magic item than it is a supernatural power. Such items can only be acquired through the Artifact Advantage, or bestowed on the character by the Game Master during play. It is often possible to create a magic weapon of an elemental nature through some supernatural power, such as magic or psychic power.

For example, one could create a flaming sword, or a warlock could cast an ice spell on a club so that it freezes anything it hits. Such weapons are considered elemental, and add Damage Bonuses and other special qualities.

The benefits are based on the Intensity of the Energy. The higher the Intensity, the more it adds to the weapons Base Damage, as described on Table 2. There are 3 levels of knowledge available about any given item. Each level of knowledge has a difficulty that the character must surpass with an Occult Secondary Ability Check. The character has approximately identified the object and has a sense of what, at least in theory, it could be.

He does not know all of the items specific powers and only has a vague hint of those he can identify. For example, a character may have found a spear that fits the description of the Gae Bolg legend, a weapon said to never miss its target. However, its exact origins are unknown to him, as are any powers beyond those described in the legend.

This level of knowledge does not grant any bonuses to accessing the Notion of Use powers of the artifact. Unfortunately, not all weapons are capable of holding a powerful elemental charge. Some simply do not possess sufficient strength to contain magical fire, cold, or electricity.

As such, there is a limit to the benefits provided by an elemental charge based on the weapon itself, as shown in Table 2. At this level, the character has fully identified the artifact. He has good idea of its history and powers, and how they should work. Only certain details and particularly bizarre powers or effects are still hidden from him. This level of knowledge allows the character to use the Ritual powers of the device, and reduces the complexity of the artifacts Notion of Use powers by one level.

An object that can heal Life Points can be used a number of times per day equal to one quarter of the characters Power Characteristic rounded up. For example, a character with Power 8 could use the same healing object 2 times per day. Objects that increase regeneration continuously are not affected by this rule. The occultist knows in depth every detail related to the artifact, as well as its history and operation.

It could be said that he is a real expert on it, knowing every line of its description and every secret of its powers. This level of knowledge allows the character to use the Arcane Ritual and Ritual powers of this device and reduces the Complexity of the artifacts Notion of Use powers by 2 levels.

This requires one to make a Magic Appraisal Check. Depending on the result, this allows one to determine whether an object is magical and, if so, reveal its capabilities. It is important to note that analysis never gives the supernatural history of the artifacts or knowledge of how to use them.

Whether provided by spells, armor, or natural characteristics, a character can never have more than three layers of armor. If a character wears more than three layers, only the best three layers contribute to his defenses. FA B L E The vast majority of supernatural objects have long been the focus of numerous studies and have appeared in many legends, books, and mystical treatises.


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