Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Operating Manual , Manual. Table of Contents. The Optio W80 is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof,.

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Quick Links. Please read this manual before using the camera in order to get the most. Keep this manual safe, as it can be. Please take care, as there are cases where. Images taken with the. All rights reserved. Windows Vista is either a registered. Some functions are not. Copyright Seiko Epson Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Image Matching logo is a trademark of Seiko Epson Corporation. In order to better serve you, we request that you complete the product. Thank you for your cooperation. Refer to "Product Registration on the Internet" p. Table of Contents. Pentax digital operating manual digital camera optio w30 pages. Please take care, as there are cases where limitations are placed on taking pictures even for personal enjoyment during demonstrations, performances or of items on display.

Continuing to use the product can cause a fire or electric shock. Seek medical attention immediately if an SD Memory Card is accidentally swallowed. The meanings of the symbols used in this Operating Manual are explained below.

Be sure to read it and follow the instructions. Page 18 Use the Green Mode to take pictures easily using standard settings p. The Optio W80 features a sporty and sharp design with excellent portability which make it feel more like a cell phone.

The display shows information such as the shooting conditions. Page 31 When the image is too dark, the part to the left is cut off dark portions and when the image is too bright, the part to the right is cut off bright portions. The Optio W80 has a function where bright portions are indicated as blinking red and dark portions as blinking yellow. Understanding Contrast The graph peaks gradually for images in which contrast is balanced. Pass the narrow end of the strap through the strap lug. Pass the other end of the strap through the loop and pull tight.

The charging indicator turns on while charging. When charging is finished, the charging indicator turns off. Push the battery in until it is locked in place. If the battery is incorrectly oriented, malfunction may result.

If you hear a click, the cover is securely closed. Press the battery lock lever towards 4. DC coupler DC terminal Make sure that the camera is turned off and open the Data may be lost if either becomes disconnected while data is being recorded on the SD Memory Card or the built-in memory.

Both cards are referred to as SD Memory Cards hereafter. Captured images and sound files are saved on the SD Memory Card if a card is inserted in the camera. Setting the switch to LOCK prevents new data from being recorded on the card, the stored data from Write-protect being deleted, and the card from being switch This affects the number of images that can be saved on an SD Memory Card.

The camera turns on and both the power lamp and display turn on. Power switch Q button Press the power switch while holding down the Q button. Use the four-way controller to select the language and press the 4 button. The frame moves to [Hometown]. Press the four-way controller 5. Initial Setting The [Hometown] screen appears. Use the four-way controller 23 Date Adjustment to choose the date and time Date Format mm dd yy Time Next, change the time. Settings complete If you selected [12h] in step 4, the setting Cancel Shutter release button Press halfway to switch the camera to A mode p.

Pressing f again switches to nine-image display p. Mode] menu or [W Setting] menu. Functions for playing back and editing images and sound files are displayed from the Playback Mode Palette. Mode] menu Press the 3 button in A mode. The [A Rec. Mode] menu appears. Press the four-way controller 3. Mode The frame moves to [Image Tone]. The setting is saved and the camera returns to capture mode.

When the shutter release button is pressed fully, the picture is taken. When the [W Setting] menu is displayed from Q mode, you can switch to A mode by pressing the Q button. English Auto Power Off 3min. This section explains shooting using the initial default settings when shipped.

Right x Enlarges the subject. Left w Widens the area that is captured by the camera. Press the shutter release button 38 38 38 halfway. Press halfway This refers to pressing the shutter release button gently to the first position. This locks the focus setting and the exposure. The green focus frame lights on the display when the shutter release button is pressed halfway and the subject is in focus. Various functions can Program p. Recorded Frame Composite p. The icon does not appear when the Face Recognition function is not activated.

Face Priority On Smile Capture Shutter release button Four-way controller 4 button Press the four-way controller 3 in A mode. However, you can select other functions such as the flash mode and recorded pixels. Shutter release button Four-way controller 4 button Mode] menu. Press the shutter release button halfway. The focus frame on the display turns green when the camera focuses on the subject at the correct distance.

Press the shutter release button fully. If the Digital Zoom is set to off on the menu, the Optical Zoom and the Intelligent Zoom ranges are available for use.

The zoom ratio of the intelligent zoom changes depending on the number of recorded pixels. For night time images. Use of a tripod or other support Night Scene is suggested For images of people at night. The picture is taken. Press the 4 button. It also reproduces healthy and bright skin tone.

Face Recognition function p. Choose the appropriate icon depending on what color your pet is closer to black or white or in between. The focus frame follows the subject while the shutter release button is pressed halfway.

The text mode selection screen appears. Page 92 90 frames, including the default frames. Optional Frames The optional frames are stored in the built-in memory in the Optio W Stabilize the camera with a tripod or other support when taking a picture with the self-timer. Pictures are taken continuously as long as you keep the shutter release button pressed.

Set the camera to take pictures at intervals. The intervals can be set in increments of one second from ten seconds to four minutes, or in Interval The frame returns to [Number of Shots].


Pentax Optio W80 instruction manual and user guide

The Pentax Optio W80 is a very well-made, compact digital camera, with a pleasing-to-the-eye two-tone silver and gunmetal grey plastic body and excellent overall finish. Thick black plastic strips on each corner help reinforce the rugged appearance of the W80 and presumably play a part in the camera's shockproof-ness. It's easily small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, measuring just The Pentax Optio W80 features an internal non-extending 5x optical zoom lens that's equivalent to a focal length of mm in 35mm terms, offering both a useful wide-angle focal length for landscapes and a longer telephoto length ideal for head and shoulder portraits.


Pentax optio W80 Quick Manual



Pentax Optio W80 Manual




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