He was a co-founder of the Zionist Organization together with Theodor Herzl , and president or vice president of several Zionist congresses. Although not his most popular or successful work whilst alive, Degeneration is the book most often remembered and cited today. He then traveled for six years, visiting the principal countries of Europe. He changed his name before going to Berlin in In , he began the practice of medicine in Budapest.

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Max Nordau

Degeneration Entartung , , is a book by Max Nordau which was published in two volumes. Nordau believed degeneration should be diagnosed as a mental illness because those who were deviant were sick and required therapy. Nordau begins his work with a "medical" and social interpretation of what has created this Degeneration in society. Nordau divides his study into five books. He sees this as first being recognised, though not originating, in France, describing this phenomenon as "a contempt for the traditional views of custom and morality". He sees it as a sort of decadence, a world-weariness, and the wilful rejection of the moral boundaries governing the world.


Entartung by Max Nordau, First Edition



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