Franz Rautek — was a martial arts teacher in Vienna , Austria. He is best known as the inventor of the rescue maneuver named after him. This maneuver allows unconscious people to be moved from areas of danger with limited effort on part of the rescuer, even if he is much smaller than the victim. Bring the victim into a sitting position, making sure that both legs are free. Approach him from behind, putting both your arms under his armpits.

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El tren de cristal. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. We present experimental evidence of enhanced second harmonic generation in planar lithiumniobate waveguides by using a photonic crystal on the waveguide.

The enhanced signal was observed by using a Nd: YAG pump laser in both continuous mode c. This last produced sub-nanojoules J average power pulses with picoseconds s time duration. Phase matching conditions and the conversion efficiency process were improved because of the geometrical dispersion introduced in waveguide modes inside of the photonic band gap structure PBG at fundamental and second harmonic frequencies.

Likewise, industrial location factors, regional distribution of the production, and changes occurred in its various branches between and are reported. Data reveal the leading role of this factory from Cartagena in the glass industry and, particularly, its specialization in crystal, glassware of best quality, and white cut glass during the Restoration period.

This new species can be distinguished from other congeners by the following combination of characters: parietal peritoneum clear, pericardium white, visceral and hepatic peritoneum white, color in life pale green with diminute yellow spots and, in preservative, cream with small dark melanophores visible only under magnification, bones white in life, extense webbing, snout round in dorsal view and inclinate in lateral view, dorsal skin granulate and a advertisement call with a fundamental frequency greater than Hz.

CMS lead tungstate crystals produced in Russia. The Torrey Canyon incident in provided a major stimulus to the development of four international regimes two voluntary agreements and two international conventions through which compensation for pollution damage and clean-up costs is available following the escape or discharge of persistent oil from tankers. The two voluntary agreements were set up as a result of the determination of the tanker and oil industries to take constructive action, both to encourage prompt and effective clean-up and to assure adequate and timely compensation, prior to the widespread ratification and acceptance of the two international conventions.

It should be emphasised from the outset that whilst both TOVALOP and CRISTAL are described as voluntary agreements, it is only the decision on whether or not to participate that is voluntary, since having become a party there is a contractual obligation to meet all the terms and conditions of the applicable agreement.

Oscilador para biosensores basado en microbalanza de cristal de cuarzo QCM. Full Text Available The prehistory of talking movies where the coordination of moving images and sound is concerned, comprises a very extensive period of time of thousands of years stretching from the musical illustration of projected shadows as documented in Ancient China, up to practically the very dawn of cinematography, a technological advance unthinkable today more than ever without the contribution that music and sound have made to the so-called seventh art.

This study sets out to offer an overall view of the history of continued human interest in capturing movement in sound and vision at the same moment in time, paying particular attention to certain technical achievements of some relevance the magic lantern, the harmonic crystal, phantasmagories and the theatre of shadows within the evolution that was to facilitate the birth of the "talkies".

A simple introduction to a fascinating and modern world, that, from a purely musicological view is practically nonexistent today the meagre and marginal bibliography available is the best evidence of that and which requires new and more detailed studies to be done. La strana storia della luce e del colore.

Sino al la luce era oggetto di studio degli scienziati ed il colore dei filosofi. Il libro analizza le teorie che furono sviluppate dai greci, per evolversi successivamente nelle teorie degli scienziati arabi e approdare al medio evo.

Efecto cristal. Reflexiones sobre arquitectura. Se aplicaron 8. En suelo de la capa cm, las plantas presentaron mayor crecimiento y menor en , cm y la mezcla. Sustainable development as a fix for neo-liberalism heap of broken glass. Asimismo, se hace referencia las diferentes herramientas utilizadas por la estrategia urna de cristal del gobierno colombiano.

Full Text Available In the course of a series of lectures on the subject of curtain walls, held at the Higher Technical College of Architecture, in Madrid, the author described his own experience whilst constructing a building designed by him and by Mr.

De la Joya summarised the advantages that foreign experts attribute to curtain walls. These advantages are: less weight of the materials of the enclosing walls; maximum use of the available building surface; cheaper foundations; better building time control; superior quality and accuracy; and greater maintenance facility.

The lecturer then explained why, and in what aspects, he was in disagreement with the above supposed advantages. He dealt with these as follows: 1. In terms of present day construction, with concrete blocks and lightweight flooring structures, it is not easy to save much weight, owing to the number of special fittings that are necessary to support and keep the curtain wall in place.

Although in theory a. It is difficult to reduce the cost of the foundations by fitting curtain walls, and any calculated saving in cost in this aspect is more theoretical than real. Building time estimates usually fail to work out in practice, and in addition to this, workmanship quality is not yet very satisfactory. Curtain walls require periodic overhauls, so that they do not age too rapidly, and in this sense they are no better than traditional walls.

The lecturer also made a number of additional points, one of them being that he did not advise the use of curtain walls in Spain because of the cheapness of brickwalls, the climate, the high cost of air conditioning, etc. He also emphasized how important it is to make a very.

In particular, it sets out the principles of the computational approaches available to the user, through four calculation 'routes': - the 'multigroup Monte Carlo' route, - the 'multigroup deterministic' route, - the 'point-wise Monte Carlo' route, - the 'criticality standard calculation' route. Le Goff, J. These data are retained for later use in areas such as detector slow control, calibration and maintenance.

These data viewpoints are investigated in this paper. El color del delito en Buenos Aires. Full Text Available Security and social control were real problems to Borbon's functionaries since the middle of XVIII century and the beginning of the 20th when accelerated growth and transformations included duplication of the inhabitants of Buenos Aires city.

Remarkably accused of disorder and delinquency as well as in other American cities, this phenomenon is not really registered. We seek in judicial papers their protagonism, integration signs and master's ways of inducing them to delinquency or of covering them. This paper discusses the CRISTAL object lifecycle management system and its use in provenance data management and the traceability of system events. From these examples, applications are drawn for the High Energy Physics domain and some initial ideas for its use in data preservation HEP are outlined in detail in this paper.

Currently investigations are underway to gauge the feasibility of using the N4U Analysis Service or a derivative of it to address the requirements of data and analysis logging and provenance capture within the HEP long term data analysis environment.

The aim of this GUI is to offer users a high level of user-friendliness and flexibility in the data description and the results analysis of codes of the package. The different functionalities of the tools are explained through some applications. The apparition of glass as a new material in sculpture dates from the middle of the XXth century. Spain has incorporated the sculptoric possibilities of glass later than other countries, but it has had an important following by an important group of sculptors.

This article traces the history of his artistic evolution. In the beginning his sculptures were very constructive and rational. Later, he developed a special technique working on glass in the process of formation through heat. Influencia del tiempo de calentamiento y del Ph. I cristalli sonici come barriere antirumore - Sonic crystals as tunable noise barriers.

Infine i valori di Sound Insulation misurati per un cristallo sonico sono confrontati con valori misurati su barriere tradizionali, evidenziando come il cristallo sonico permetta di raggiungere un isolamento confrontabile con il valore soglia di Insertion Loss raggiungibile a causa della diffrazione del bordo superiore della barriera.

The paper presents the results of some experimental investigations carried out at the University of Bologna by discussing Insertion Loss measurements, measurements performed inside the lattice and sound intensity measurements. Finally, the Sound Insulation Index measured for a sonic crystal is compared to the values measured for common noise barriers, pointing out that sonic crystals reach insulation values comparable to the maximum Insertion Loss achievable due to the top edge diffraction.

Dado que los servicios de transporte exclusivo para mujeres fueron implementado Se encontraron diferencias significativas en acidez y humedad para los tres coagulantes.

Percepciones del color y de la forma de los empaques: una experiencia de aprendizaje. Full Text Available midores al color y a la forma de los productos se crea a partir de su experiencia con los empaques y con el uso del producto. Mathematical models to predict nematic transition temperatures TN were derived. This is the first time that Principal Component Analysis was used to predict liquid crystal properties, leading to the derivation of local specific models for different molecule sets.

Results indicate that local models have higher prediction capabilities than global models, which is consistent to our initial assumption. This methodology will be used in the study of liquid crystals used in pharmaceutical applications. Pinar del Rio, Cuba. La intensidad de la hipoacusia fue mayor entre los individuos con ojos azules Background: Although sensorineural hearing loss and iris pigmentary changes have been described, the association between these two elements has not been previously studied.

Objectives: to describe and analyze the possible association of hypoacusis and the intensity of this with the color of the iris in a family suffering from this syndrome; which will constitute a new contribution to the understanding of Waardenburg Syndrome WS. Material and Method: an observational, cross-sectional and descriptive case-study was carried out having some analytic aspects in people suffering from WS in Sandino municipality, Pinar del Rio.

Development and experimental qualification of the new safety-criticality CRISTAL package; Developpement et qualification experimentale du nouveau formulaire de surete-criticite Cristal. We first describe the steps in the nuclear fuel cycle and the specific characteristics of these studies compared with those performed in Reactor Physics. To transfer this package to the French industry, we have elaborated calculation schemes for fissile solutions, dissolver media, transport casks and storage pools.

This revaluation has been submitted to the OECD working group in order that this experiment can be used by international criticality safety engineers to validate calculations methods.

This work represents a large contribution to the recommendation of accurate calculation schemes and to the experimental validation of the CRISTAL package. These studies came up to the French Industry expectations. Development and experimental testing of the new safety-criticality Cristal package; Developpement et qualification experimentale du nouveau formulaire de surete-criticite Cristal.

This revaluation has been submitted to the OCDE working group in order that this experiment can be used by international criticality safety engineers to validate calculations methods. Se concluye discutiendo las ventajas y limitaciones del punto de vista adoptado en este trabajo.. ABSTRACTBacillus subtilis, a bacterium useful in some biotechnology applications, contains enzymes such as amylases, which play an important role in several industrial processes.

In this work we have studied carbonate crystals produced by a B. Development and experimental testing of the new safety-criticality Cristal package. Naturaleza fractal en redes de cristales de grasas. This review begins with information on fractality and statistical self-similar structure.

Estimations for fractal dimension by means of equations relating the volume fraction of solid fat to shear elastic modulus G' in linear region are described. The influence of interesterification on fractal dimension decrease from 2, 46 to 2 ,15 for butterfat-canola oil blends is notable. This influence is not significant for fat blends without butterfat.

The need for an increase in research concerning the relationship between fractality and rheology in plastic fats is emphasized. It provides a comprehensive solution, KROME Ceramics, to improve the cost effectiveness of product and process through the implementation of a working system based on the control of digital decoration process and the synchronization of all elements that make up the decorative modules, including the creation of a work flow, management of files that are generated during the process, a correct color management system, and of course, optimizing and evaluating ink jet inks integrating all elements involved: Lighting, Computer, Software, Monitor, Plotter, Paper, Ink, Ink jet, Body's, Enamels and Oven.

The civil war, omnipresent in many Europeans countries through out the XIX century, was presided by a war of colors. The fight between revolutionaries and counterrevolutionaries was represented by colors , frequently in a sharp contrast. For each side, colors , and names of colors were used for identifying and recognizing, and for distinguishing themselves from their opponents and to identify them.

In this article you will find some approximations for the use of names of colors that identified revolutionaries and counterrevolutionaries in Spain in the XIX century and part of the XX century. In addition, the preferences of consumers in the Denomination of Origin Siurana Tarragona were studied, in relation to coloration. The results obtained show that varietal differences exist in the colour index studied and that the commercial preferences vary according to the oil markets.


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