Highly flexible in use, the PM6 allows you to work with many different materials; including Gallium Arsenide, Silicon , Rock and Soils. Designed as a single workstation machine, the PM6 has dual abrasive feed cylinders with metered delivery from peristaltic pumps and come with optional automatic plate flatness control. The automatic plate flatness control system continually monitors the plate shape and automatically corrects any deviations from the pre-set shape. This can be flat, concave or convex to a precise degree. The ease with which the value can be set provides in operator time and delivers great sample output. The PM6 system is made from aluminium and rigid polyurethane to withstand the most rigorous lapping and polishing environments.

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The Logitech PM5 Lapper is a polishing and lapping tool that can deliver extremely flat surfaces with integral abrasive auto feed system and integral vacuum system. The PM5 provides an extremely precise, versatile lapping and polishing capability for the research environment.

The highly flexible PM5 can be used with many different materials, including compound semiconductors, silicon, glass, quartz, metals and geological samples. Designed as a single workstation machine, the PM5 has an integral abrasive auto feed system. The Logitech PM5 Lapping and Polishing system is a versatile tool that is suitable for polishing including chemical mechanical polishing and lapping of a variety of materials and sample sizes.

The Logitech PM5 allows the use of different abrasives and different polishing plates to accommodate materials with varying hardness and chemical properties. The most common slurry used is alumina in different grit sizes, but the tool also allows the use of chemically active slurries. The mm glass carriers can be transferred into the chuck of the CMP polisher, allowing the transfer of samples between these tools. Samples must be mounted prior to polishing , LNF offers a home designed mounting press for this purpose, it is recommended the mounting is done in advanced.

When using corrosive slurries, proper platen and slurry cylinder must be used. Toxic chemicals are not allowed. Materials that we have lapped:. Below is a list of approved materials for the tool. Approved means the material is allowed in the tool under normal circumstances. If a material is not listed, please create a helpdesk ticket or email info lnf.

LNF provides alumina slurry in a variety of grits, chemlox polishing and colloidal silica slurry. If you need to use a different slurry please create a helpdesk ticket.

It should, also be suitable for polishing, it should not fall apart while processing. The shape is not a factor, but in order to polish it must be mounted on a glass disc carrier. It is mostly used to polish wafers, but users have polished minerals, rocks, bones, edge of glass slides, etc.

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