One riot, one Ranger. The moment Yellowshine Tennyson goes to Twinstar Ferris and takes over his clan. Twinstar got his name due to being born after Haltstripe and his parents made it clear with his name that all he was was a shadow of his older brother. This made him bitter even when he got to be leader in his brother's place. I made Tennyson's name Yellowshine for the fact he steals gold :V warriorsrangersau warriorscatsrangersau twinstar digitalart au rangersapprentice rangersapprenticeau fanart art artistoninstagram warriorscats cats draw scene. Foto estilizada como de costume e 2.

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Saturday, 1 December Science fiction. I was just taking a rest on the Maldive Islands, drinking wine with peals and treating myself with caviar. My diamond necklace was shining in the sun and two muscular youngsters were giving me a foot massage. Harold came in and announced the arrival of my guest.

I nodded in confirmation. I was expecting this visit. There he was, an agent of Monsanto, in an attempt to bribe the scientists. That is, me. I am just a neurobiologist, but as an amateur writer I am enormously influential. For example, I publish essays in the internet and in the university newspapers. It is wise, thus, to ensure my loyalty. I needed another Mercedes in my limousine collection, and my cat was addicted to shrimps.

Anyway, when taking bribes, one must preserve some class. A box full of cigars is good for a MSc student. I am close to my PhD, so I must price myself appropriately. Of course there are limits. The agent came in, dressed in a black suit, black leather shoes and black sunglasses. He also had a sinister moustache. We have discussed for almost an hour and finally came to an agreement.

A suitcase full of money had a new owner. I like cash. I told Harold to bring champagne. Next, I was visited by a leader of an environmental organization, who gave me diamonds to ensure that I support the hypothesis of global warming.

Then, another ecologist, who wanted me to talk about dying coral reefs. Two guys from Big Pharma - one wanted me to recommend his vaccines and another, his new chemotherapeutics.

It made me shiver for a while. After all I still have some conscience and it bothers me to recommend chemicals, while everybody knows that a chickpea seed stuffed under your skin cures cancer. But who cares anyway. As a scientist I am already very depraved. How come you have this much money to bribe us all? Only the San Diego conference hosted thirty thousand people, and these are just neurobiologists.

There are much more groups in cancer research and microbiology. Even my field, which is quite niche, is occupied by several competing teams. I know you earn a buckload on drugs, but you have also to spend them on the distribution, clinical trials, licenses, even on the boxes… - Madame - he replied. As we all know, killing people is a lucrative business. For every cadaver Satan himself gratifies us with diamonds, cocaine and rare radioactive elements.

I thought about it for a while. Then I told Harold to bring more caviar. Fantastyka naukowa. Tuesday, 11 September Look me in the cybereyes. Today, when we speak or write about the cybernetic eyes, we think of something like that.

On the first sight sic! There is a similar issue with the invasive retinal implants, just like this one. Briefly: a chip, 3 mm in diameter, pixel resolution, is implanted beneath the retina, in the proximity of macula lutea. Its task is to restore sight. The trials are conducted on the patients with retinis pigmentosa. The future models are planned to employ a subcutaneous power device, just like with the cochlear implants.

In the case of retinal degeneration, however, there might be another solution looming in the future, as discrete as the artificial lens. This is the link to the final paper.

So what is it about? The researchers have cultured the primary rat neurons on a polymer with photovoltaic properties. Just like the ones people use to produce solar power panels. We excite the polymer with light, the neurons spike with activity. The whole bio-organic hybrid was maintained live for as long as the primary neurons can be maintained in good shape in the cell culture. And it was still working.

The long standing goal is to produce a miniature photovoltaic panel, that will replace the function of the damaged photoreceptors. Without the aid of camera or any need to provide current. Now the researchers are implanting a polymer-covered material to the albino rats with a damaged retina. There was no results yet from the animal experiment in Barcelona. And the creative sf author should remember just that. Na pierwszy rzut oka sic! Tutaj jest link do publikacji w wersji ostatecznej.

O co chodzi? Monday, 30 July Almost autistic mice, part 2. If we want to look for the autism mouse models, first we have to realize one basic caveat. Mouse focus and selection between varying stimuli is guided by a different set of rules. Mouse behavior can only deviate from a mousy norm. What we can watch however are so called autistic-like behaviors.

We can examine if one little rodent is more anxious than the other or how eager it is to explore novel surroundings. We can observe its communication with the other members of the species, including quality and quantity of the ultrasonic squeaks yup, you can essentially do a whole PhD in mouse squeaks. We can see if there is repetitive behavior, for example excessive grooming. In fact, these are at least three separate questions.

Getting back to our story, there are a few different strategies to develop mouse models for autism. Each has their pros and cons and probably they are all needed if we want to get a full picture.

Research on the syndromic autism In some genetic syndromes autism is only one of the problems and not the worst one. Yes, it is possible to have that much bad luck. Usually they are quite severe. There is about mutations associated with syndromic autism, some of them very rare.

We create a mouse model of one of these. We turn off or duplicate the same genes that are the cause of the syndrome in people. Pros: We know the cause. We can do the same to mice. We are able to figure out which other biochemical pathways are broken because of the original mutation. We can look for the drugs that would alleviate the symptoms.

For example the research on Fragile X Syndrome is very intensive at the moment. It depends on the genetic background. Which we know nothing about. Research on the non-syndromic autism. We take a group of people with autism — the more the better.

We sequence their genomes or parts of it. We check if there are some rare genetic variants, which are present in this group more often. This group would be ideally blood relatives or people of a very similar genetic background. Then we turn off these genes in mice. Pros: If it works, we have a more-or-less autism mouse model. Now we can culture the neurons, regulate the biochemical pathways with some drugs and figure out which would alleviate the symptoms.

It might even give interesting results. Cons: We mutate some mice… and nothing happens. After all, non-syndromic autism is thought to be multigenic, caused by the accumulation of some genetic variants.

Research on the inbred mouse with autistic-like symptoms We take some mice.


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