Economic literature: papers , articles , software , chapters , books. FRED data. Citations Many of the citations below have been collected in an experimental project, CitEc , where a more detailed citation analysis can be found. These are citations from works listed in RePEc that could be analyzed mechanically.

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David Kreps is an economic theorist of international reputation whose path-breaking work concerns dynamic choice behavior and economic contexts in which dynamic choices are key. He has contributed to the literatures of axiomatic choice theory, financial markets, dynamic games, bounded rationality, and human resource management.

He has been a full professor since , and today is the Adams Distinguished Professor of Management, Emeritus. From to , he served as Senior Associate Dean. Professor Kreps has taught MBA and doctoral level courses in decision theory, stochastic processes, microeconomics, statistics, operations, competitive strategy, game theory, and human resource management.

He is the author or coauthor of six textbooks. In he was awarded the Robert T. Away from work, Professor Kreps enjoys cooking and coaching youth sports. His three children think he has a lame sense of humor, of which this sentence is probably a good example. This course is an introduction to Microeconomics, focusing on concepts and topics relevant to managerial decision making.

Topics include the economics of relationships reciprocity, reputation, credibility, and transaction-cost economics , Skip to main content. The Experience Overview of Experience. About Our Degree Programs. All Programs. See All Programs. Seed Transformation Program Admission. All Topics. Subscribe Contact. Overview of Alumni. All Events. Seed Transformation Program Research Fellows. Alumni Events All Other Events. Enter the terms you wish to search for. David M. Research Statement David Kreps is an economic theorist of international reputation whose path-breaking work concerns dynamic choice behavior and economic contexts in which dynamic choices are key.

Research Interests Dynamic choice Human resource management Behavioral economics Economic equilibrium in dynamic-choice contexts. Kreps, Alejandro Francetich. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control. February , Vol. Alejandro Francetich, David M. Kreps, Walter Schachermeyer. Forthcoming: Theoretical Economics. Economic Letters. December , Vol. Rules with Discretion and Local Information. Renee Bowen, David M.

Kreps, Andrzej Skrzypacz. Quarterly Journal of Economics. January , Vol. Consistent Human Resource Practices. Kreps, James N. California Management Review. Economics: The Current Position. Intrinsic Motivation and Extrinsic Incentives. American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings. Markets and Hierarchies and Mathematical EconomicTheory. Industrial and Corporate Change.

Kreps, Drew Fudenberg. Games and Economic Behavior. Learning Mixed Equilibria. Kreps, Ayman Hindy, Chi-fu Huang. Journal of Mathematical Economics. Repeated Games with Long-run and Short-run Players. Kreps, Drew Fudenberg, Eric Maskin. Review of Economic Studies. Journal of Economic Perspectives. On the Robustness of Equilibrium Refinements.

Kreps, Drew Fudenberg, David Levine. Journal of Economic Theory. Consistency, Structural Consistency, and Sequential Rationality. Kreps, Garey Ranet. Reputation in the Simultaneous Play of Multiple Opponents. Signaling Games and Stable Equilibria. Kreps, In-koo Cho. Three Essays on Capital Markets. La Revista Espanola de Economia. Price Destabilizing Speculation. Kreps, Oliver D. Journal of Political Economy. Kreps, Jose Scheinkman. Bell Journal of Economics. Models in Managerial Accounting.

Kreps, Joel S. Journal of Accounting Research. Kreps, Paul R. Milgrom, John Roberts, Robert Wilson. Reputation and Imperfect Information. Kreps, Robert Wilson.

Sequential Equilibrium. May , Vol. Dynamic Choice Theory and Dynamic Programming. Kreps, Evan L. Martingales and Arbitrage in Multiperiod Securities Markets. Michael Harrison, David M. Temporal von Neumann-Morgenstern and Induced Preferences. Kreps, J. Michael Harrison. Decision Problems with Expected Uility Criteria.

I: Upper and Lower Convergent Utility. Mathematics of Operations Research. Decision Problems with Expected Utility Criteria. II: Stationarity. II: Positive and Negative Problems. The Motivation Toolkit. Microeconomics for Managers.

Game Theory and Economic Modelling. A Course in Microeconomic Theory. Notes on the Theory of Choice.


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