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Below are some frequently asked questions that you may find helpful. Please select the items which you want to get more additional information. A 3D video accelerator card adds to your existing 2D video card to enhance the 3D capability of the computer. This would be extremely beneficial for users wanting to play 3D graphic-intensive games and applications.

It depends on the type of programs you most often use. Do you play the latest video games? Do you want video conferencing?

This can help you narrow the choices and also determine whether you need to replace your existing video card or get a video accelerator. You will need to know what type of processor your system uses and what type of monitor you will be using. Monitor resolution and refresh rate must match. Check the specifications in your owners manual. If you cannot locate your owners manual, check with the manufacturer.

This is important to know because it will help determine what card will fit in your computer. Depending on the application, it can dramatically improve video graphics. The video cards quality and efficiency can affect performance more than any other component in the PC. For example, many games that depend on a high frame rate how many times per second the screen is updated with new information for smooth animation are impacted far more by the choice of a video card than the system CPU.

The video card, along with the monitor, determine the quality of the image you see when you use your PC. The minimum system requirements will be outlined on the sound card package, so make sure whether it is IBM or Mac compatible and that you have the correct operating system.

Also, check the amount of RAM needed, the processor speed requirements and the amount of hard drive space the card will consume. Adding higher-quality speakers, especially if you add a powered subwoofer, will improve the sound quality without a sound card upgrade. If you want to add Dolby Digital surround sound and your existing sound card is not compatible, you will need to consider a card upgrade.

Not necessarily. Many Internet downloads have a program attached to let you download the file. Check the file before you begin downloading to determine what you need. A good sound card and compatible speakers heighten your multimedia experience, making it more electrifying, compelling and fulfilling. A sound card will also allow you to add the Dolby Digital surround sound experience with a good set of surround speakers.

The microphone is basically used to get the sound recorded when you are using the Video Capture mode[Camcorder Mode]. Note : This microphone doesnot transmit sound when used as a webcam. You can use your slim cam as a webcam. Webcam can be used for web conferrencing using Messenger softwares available on the web.

To use your Slim Cam as a webcam follow these steps : 1. Make sure the software CD that comes in the package is installed completely including the drivers.

Make sure the camera is not connected to the PC. Turn the camera on 4. Press the mode button till you are able to select Video camera mode. Now connect the camera to the PC. The camera will be detected and drivers will be installed automatically. The camera is now ready to be used as Webcam. Repeat steps till all pictures you want are downloaded, then click return to main screen to create slide show and manage your album.

The purpose of that little icon is to take multiple images of the same shot. Page 26 of the manual describes this in a bit more detail. Deluxe support mass storage , so when you plug the DCS into your system, the system will detect a new disk Portable disk.

So when you want to download the image in using Photo suit, just click Computer not click digital camera or Twain driver. This duluxe classic cam support mass storage in winXP. So you don't need any driver to install in WinXP system. After you plug in the camera to your system, then power on it, the win XP will recognize it. Consists of an IntelR PentiumR 4 processor, at operating frequencies from 1. This groundbreaking technology from Intel enables the processor to execute two threads a part of a program in parallel.

So your software can run more efficiently and you can multitask more effectively than ever before. Hyper-Threading Technology also improves processor performance and responsiveness, giving you the power to do more tasks on your PC at once? When editing digital pictures or home movies, it can manage more filters, transitions, special effects, and media types at once, making the experience easier and more enjoyable.

You can also turn your PC into a recording studio by simultaneously, recording, mixing and copying original instrumental analog input, which can be saved in CD, DVD or MP3 audio formats faster than ever before. KOB current supported H.

Check a comprehensive Glossary of computer and our products terms with definitions that are helpful and easy to understand. Click Here. Blade Rack. Drive Array Tape. Home FAQs. How do I know which one is right for me? The camera is appearing as a digital camera not as a disk drive as shown in the manual. We just can only guarantee that the deluxe support up to MB SD memory.

I searched the site for them but nothing was there. On the. Probably it is an USB driver issue , please kindly uninstall and reinstall it. Please download the latest BIOS on our website. Please download the user manual on our website.

Please update BIOS 3. Glossary Check a comprehensive Glossary of computer and our products terms with definitions that are helpful and easy to understand.

LBD 8371 PDF

problem to use DDR insted of SD RAM



Mercury Via Chipset Kob P4m266 Ndfsmx Driver Download



Mercury KOB P4M266 NDFSMX Free Documentation Download (Official)


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