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Manual zz. Kannel 1. Revision History Revision 1. Installing the gateway Using the gateway Setting up a WAP gateway Setting up a SMS Gateway Setting up Push Proxy Gateway Delivery Reports Getting help and reporting bugs Using the fake WAP sender Using the fake SMS center Setting up a test environment for Push Proxy Gateway Setting up a dial-up line Log files Core Group Variables Kannel Command Line Options Wapbox Group Variables SMSC driver features SMSC driver internal features Smsbox Group Variables Parameters Escape Codes X-Kannel Headers X-Kannel Post Headers PPG core group configuration variables PPG user group configuration variables Fakesmsc command line options Logical position of SMS gateway between a phone and a content server It also explains why the Kannel project was started in the first place, and why it is open source.

With hundreds of millions of mobile phones in use all over the world, the market for services targeted at mobile users is mind-bogglingly immense.

Being able to get news, send e-mail or just be entertained wherever you are is extremely attractive to many. It lets the phone act as a simple web browser, but optimizes the markup language, scripting language, and the transmission protocols for wireless use. Kannel is an open source WAP gateway. It attempts to provide this essential part of the WAP infrastructure freely to everyone so that the market potential for WAP services, both from wireless operators and specialized service providers, will be realized as efficiently as possible.

This is a new type of WAP service, and have many interesting applications. Usually servers know whether some data is new, not the users. The BSD license was chosen over other Open Source licenses by the merit of placing the least amount of limitations on what a third party is able to do with the source code.

In practice this means that Kannel is going to be a fully-featured WAP implementation and compatible with the maximum number of bearers with special emphasis on SMSC compatibility. The Kannel project was founded by Wapit Ltd in June, Overview of WAP WAP, short for Wireless Application Protocol, is a collection of various languages and tools and an infrastructure for implementing services for mobile phones.

Traditionally such services have worked via normal phone calls or short textual messages e. Neither are very 11 Chapter 1. Introduction efficient to use, nor very user friendly. Unlike marketers claim, WAP does not bring the existing content of the Internet directly to the phone.

There are too many technical and other problems for this to ever work properly. The main problem is that Internet content is mainly in the form of HTML pages, and they are written in such way that they require fast connections, fast processors, large memories, big screens, audio output and often also fairly efficient input mechanisms.

However, portable phones have very slow processors, very little memory, abysmal and intermittent bandwidth, and extremely awkward input mechanisms. Most existing HTML pages do not work on mobiles phones, and never will. It also defines a scripting language, WMLScript, which all browsers are required to support. HTTP is also too inefficient for wireless use.

However, by using a semantically similar binary and compressed format it is possible to reduce the protocol overhead to a few bytes per request, instead of the usual hundreds of bytes. Thus, WAP defines a new protocol stack to be used. However, to make things simpler also for the people actually implementing the services, WAP introduces a gateway between the phones and the servers providing content to the phones.

Figure Introduction to normal HTTP. It also compiles WMLScript programs into a bytecode format. Kannel is not just a WAP gateway. It also works as an SMS gateway. Overview of WAP Push Previous chapter explained pull mode of operation: the phone iniatiates the transaction. There is, however, situations when the server called in this context a push initiator should be the initiator, for instance, when it must send a mail notification or a stock quote. Push is an application level service, sitting on the top of existing WAP stack.

It defines three kind of XML documents, one for the push data itself and another for protocol purposes these are called pap document or push control documents. The server does not simply send push content to the phone, the user would surely not accept, for instance, interrupting of a voice call. These inform the user about the content becomed available, and it is displayed only when it is not interrupting anything.

It contains an URL specifying the service and a text for user describing the content. Then the user can decide does he accept push or not. Using two bearers seems to be an unnecessary complication.

But quite simply, phones currently operate this way. Push over GPRS can only simplify matters. It can also be used to send operator logos, ringing tones, business cards and phone configurations.

Introduction SMS services are content services initiated by SMS message to certain usually short phone number, which then answers with requested content, if available. When SMS services are used, the client mobile terminal sends an SMS message to certain number, usually a very short specialized number, which points to specific SMS center responsible for that number plus possibly many others. As practically every different kind of SMS center uses different protocol, an SMS gateway is used to handle connections with SMS centers and to relay them onward in an unified form.

Logical position of SMS gateway between a phone and a content server. Introduction center, again using SMS center specific protocol. Features This section needs to be written. Requirements Kannel is being developed on Linux systems Red Hat 6. Hardware requirements are fluffier. Introduction 16 Chapter 2. Installing the gateway This chapter explains how the gateway can be installed, either from a source code package or by using a pre-compiled binary version.

The goal of this chapter is to get the gateway compiled and all the files in the correct places; the next chapter will explain how the gateway is configured. It is available in various formats and you can choose to download either the latest release version or the daily snapshot of the development source tree for the next release version, depending on whether you want to use Kannel for production use or to participate in the development. CVS does that for you. See the Kannel web site for more information on how to use CVS.

Finding the documentation The documentation for Kannel consists of three parts: 1. Similarly, the Architecture and Design document should tell you everything you need to know to dive into the sources and quickly make your own modifications. Instead, it will just point at the other documentation. Compiling the gateway If you are using Kannel on a supported platform, or one that is similar enough to one, compiling Kannel is trivial.

After you have unpacked the source package of your choosing, or after you have checked out the source code from CVS, enter the following commands:. If either command writes out an error message and stops before it finishes its job, you have a problem, and you either need to fix it yourself, if you can, or report the problem to the Kannel project.

See Chapter 10 for details. That file is a generic documentation for configure. The default is debug. Build documentation, b. Turn off runtime assertion checking. This makes Kannel faster, but gives less information if it crashes. For production use you probably want native. The slow module is more thorough than checking, but much slower. Enable using PAM for authentication of sendsms users for smsbox.


Install and Configure Kannel to Work with AtomPark SMPP

Manual zz. Kannel 1. Revision History Revision 1. Installing the gateway Using the gateway

ITU-R P.1546-3 PDF

Kannel 1.2.0 User's Guide

Bearebox takes data from storefile and transfers them to the defined SMSC. The Bearerbox consists of two separate processes: one is the active and the other is its watchdog; if the active process drops the watchdog takes its place and starts a new spare. Although the processes are very stable, it's recommended to start pschk. The Bearerbox.

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