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Memorabilia This painted anahaw flower, embedded in resin on a medallion made from mother-of-pearl is a staple product of Palawan Island, Philippines and part of a memorabilia given out to the conductors in gratitude of their generous participation in the festival.

The second one was held in Tokyo with over singers singing under the sponsorship of the Japan Choral Directors Association. Every year, the format is different, but the prime purpose of the festival is to bring singers and conductors together and promote love for choral music and friendship.

Somebody once said that in order for wars to never happen, children should grow up playing together and singing together so that someday they will not hurt each other. Maior Caritas means greatest love, and this greatest love must be shared and nurtured, so every year the festival goes to different places to spread this love. In the festival will be hosted by the St. Although I have met Jennifer Tham and Nelson Kwei in Manila before, and Ban Sheng Toh during another occasion, it was only during this time that I have seen and heard their choirs perform.

After the festival, one of the jurors, my good friend Jonathan Velasco, introduced me to Ai Hooi Lim. Then over dinner at a fantastic Singapore buffet restaurant that stirred our creative juices, Jonathan and I had a thought of organizing a concert featuring my music performed by the choirs of the "top four" of Singapore. And since this festival is going to be the fourth of a series, what more apt a word to call the concert than SingaFOUR? Pun, after all, is fun. Thank you to the conductors and the choirs who share their valuable time with us; to Albert Yeo for helping with most of the logistics; to Bernie Caimoy and Flora Yee for the Stage Management; to Dr.

Carl Facto and Dr. Earl Stanley Lazo for the audio and video recordings, and additional logistic planning and execution. John August Pamintuan. Published on Jul 25, Go explore.


John August Pamintuan

Presently, the group is led by their musical director, Emmanuel "Eman" P. Through the years, the group has been performing a wide repertoire: sacred , secular , spiritual , folk , jazz , pop and our very own Filipino music. The UPMC has been able to mold its members coming from non-musical disciplines into well-rounded and versatile singers. Randall Stroope , C. Stanford , Edward Elgar , Karol Szymanowski , and many more. The UPMC has an established record of successful concerts and projects; these include major concerts, benefit concerts, local and international choral competitions, [3] local and international choral festivals, nine international concert tours, and performances for heads of state and dignitaries.


Crucifixus John August Pamintuan



John August Pamintuan



John August Pamintuan


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