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Home About Us Contact Us. From a JCD we want to call a remote bean that is running on a Glassfish domain. Do call the remote bean from a NetBeans project as a standalone client I know you have to put the "org.

ORBInitialHost" and "org. Doing this it works from NetBeans 6. So we know that our remote beans are accessible and working. I receive the message that the remote bean cant be found. Thanks in advance. I am new to EJB3 so please help me with a simple example. Thanks binumon 1. Create a client jar containing all the Service Bean Interfaces and Service Bean Implementations and any other helper classes.

Include this Client jar in your web applications lib folder. Deploy this web application in Jboss server. You also need to include the required jars for connecting to glasfish server.

All business interfaces Remote 2. Your bean classes implementing above interfaces 3. Any other third party jars Additionally, you will need to make sure that the InitialContext in your client code has the correct properties for using the JNDI context of your remote glassfish server. Beta4 but it is not deploying What might be the issue?

I am using NetBeans How can we achieve develop once and deploy any where? I mean developing the ejb3 components Thanks Binumon. For example I have "is"application with "cartEJB" ejb. What changes should I do in client code or client properties to connect to EJB? Hi Dmitry, I too had a few problems with the Sun App server. I was trying to call add a message to a JMS Message queue of a Message-Driven bean from a standalone Java application running on a second node. After researching the problem for some time, we still have not found a solution for this bug.

You should not have problems deploying an EAR. This is working. You might need to investigate these problems, i. Again, you need to make sure that your deployment is correctly building the JNDI tree. How are you deploying the application modules? He's a psychopath who knows nothing about Java or EJBs. Unable to perform Remote invocation of methods using AS 8. I have taken the code that requests the EJB and put in a stand alone class outside of the container.

I then run this class as a standalone and it works. The client call is a facade wrappering up a ejb utility which does the lookup. The lookup is dependant on their being a properties file available. The code does not complain about not being able to find the file. Is there anything that would be preventing me from making a call to another App Server from within AS8. I have looked at the security settings and apart from the Properties permissions not being setup correctly in the server. I have a gut feeling that the problem is to do with the JBOSS app server but why would it work with a standalonme client and yet not with a App Server?

But we have lot of code in 5. Now we want to replace all the calls to 5. But we don't know what is the best approach. I know there is more than one approach. I tried the easy one i. This is where I need some from you. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, JR. I've successfully created queue and queueconnection factory in Standalone OpenMQ at port and can access it writing to and reading from the queue from Standalone spring project.

I don't want to use embedded queue and I like to use JTA transaction manager as well because I want to do 2-phase commit at my Oracle database. I have tried mutiple ways but could not failing at jndi lookup for connection factory or proper transaction setup. Could anyone provide me detailed information on remote openMQ queue setup at app server please? Problem faced: Glassfish 3.

Please help to make it fast. I use asadmin commands still no luck. Always ends up finding HornetQ and causing exception.. Java Message Service Naming and Directory Abstract Window Toolki Java Enterprise System ONE Application Server Oracle Developer Suite Mobile Services Archit Audit Vault and Databa Oracle Application Ser Content and Experience Database Backup Cloud Partner Group Eloqua Users with Sale Modern Marketing Exper OMC - Industry Solutio Java SE Snapshots: Pro Software in Silicon S Korea Engineered Syste Resources database java software javascript android java csharp php python ios jquery html sql.


Java CAPS 5.1.3 Logging - additional logging destinations and XML-formatted log entries

It is designed to dramatically lower the total cost of ownership of developing, deploying, and managing integrations over time. It also accelerates decision making and human involvement through robust workflow support. Orchestrate Healthcare has consultants who have lot of experience using eInsight, eGate and web Services. It is an application building tool to help you design, configure, and create a master index. Business objects can be any type of entity for which you store information, such as customers, patients, vendors and so on.


ORACLE Java Programming

This log is named server. This note also presents some ideas on multiple logging destinations and notification. For these readers who are still waiting for the answer they like -- there will be no such answer coming. It is not possible to configure logging for 'your interface' separately from logging for all other 'interfaces' since there is no notion of 'your interface' as a separate component in Java CAPS.


"JCAPS 5.1.3, creating an interface without using eDesigner?"

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I'm trying to experiment with project variables in JCAPS, and while I can find some information on how to define them, I cannot find anything on how to actually use them. Basically, I have a JCD defined that has one item a filename that changes between deployments. I would like to be able to re-use the JCD for multiple deployments, supplying the filename via a project variable configured in the deployment profile.


Sun / Oracle JCAPS Suite

Home About Us Contact Us. From a JCD we want to call a remote bean that is running on a Glassfish domain. Do call the remote bean from a NetBeans project as a standalone client I know you have to put the "org. ORBInitialHost" and "org. Doing this it works from NetBeans 6.

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