One of the methods of treatment of initial stages of dental caries, lesions characterized by demineralization, and white spots on the vestibular surfaces of permanent teeth, is infiltration with liquid resin of low viscosity. It is a non-invasive method which is worth recommending and popularizing among patients. On the basis of available literature the therapeutic method of infiltration with liquid resin of low viscosity is presented. The use of resin of low viscosity allows for obtaining appropriate esthetic and functional appearance of teeth, which is a vital step in improvement of quality of social and professional life of patient. Zarys kliniczny.

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Index Copernicus ICV — Concrescence of teeth represents a rare developmental anomaly of tooth formation in which correctly formed teeth are joined solely via the cementum overlying the roots. In most cases, concrescence occurs in the posterior part of the maxilla and affects molars.

A correct diagnosis based on radiological imaging poses difficulties for clinicians. Subsequently, the lack of a correct diagnosis may cause multiple complications such as the formation of an oroantral fistula or palatine tuberosity splintering. The patient, female, age 32, came to a dental surgery clinic for a planned extraction of a partially impacted tooth 17 that had caused a palatal abscess and considerable pain. During the surgical procedure it was discovered that the problem tooth 17 was completely joined with impacted tooth Because of the rare occurrence of both anomalies simultaneously, the authors present a case of concrescent impacted teeth in the lateral segment of the maxilla.

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