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Potrzebujesz profesjonalnego wsparcia komercyjnego? News Co to jest LMS? Closes: [maniac] - tariffs: M is new maximum allowed bandwidth [chilan] - invoicereport: multi selection of numberplans is possible [chilan] - helpdesk ticket add: make form layout more similar to ticket edit form [chilan] - events: multi-day event support [chilan] - events: multi user selection is possible in event search form [chilan] - management urls can be also assigned to nodes [chilan] - LMS class is able to send many posts via single smtp session [chilan] - new plugins management system [maciejlew] - many sms service providers can be set in sms.

It was quite strongly tested with Smarty 3. XXXX or native LMS format with colon alec - removed unused SetTS calls and table 'timestamps' alec - fixed problem with 'events' table's sequence on postgres alec - added month and year selection fields on Timetable alec - stats: database compacting with cron eg. Added info in documentation how to create database with polish collation and utf8 character set alec - added last 10 not accounted invoices list in cash receipt addition form alec - lmsd: added option --reload-all alec - BTS lmsd: fixed problem with long executed sleeping instances alec - added tip with IP address on nodes list in network info page alec version 1.

PaKuD - fixed month and year in invoice number in 'setcustomer' action of file invoiceedit. Adamski version 1. Run that module ONLY one time. If you run them couple of times, you destroy your database. Not much but better than nothing. Any volunteers to write? As an effect, the awful?!


Fundacja SCP

Wsparcie psychologiczno-pedagogiczne. Programming and solving problems by using the computer and other digital devices. The student:. Saving saving Saving text documents in the PDF format. Using the knowledge in practical situations. The task of the students before the lesson is to find the information about PDF documents. At the beginning of the lesson the students answer the questions:.


5 najlepszych programów do skanowania


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