Post a comment. What are the Characteristics that make Software Projects different from other projects? In IT projects,. Show the hierarchical diagram of a Sample PBS. Every project has to deliver one or more products at the end of it. The Return on Investment is the percentage of the ratio of average annual profit to total investment.

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Difference between contract management and technical project management. What are the steps involved in identification of project scope and objectives? Give an outline of step wise planning activities for a project with neat diagram.

For each stage of a typical IS development project list the type of personnel who are likely to be involved. Identify the data that you would collect to ensure that during execution of project things are going according to plan. Calculate the ROI for a software project development, where the net profit is.

Describe how cost- benefit evaluation techniques can be used to choose the best among competing project proposal. Discus the typical product life cycle cash flows in project development. Explain how project can be evaluated against strategic, technical and economic criteria. What is risk management? How the risks are evaluated in software projects? What do you mean by cost benefit analysis? Explain the different categories of cost in detail.

Explain with an example how critical path can be identified in precedence networks. Describe with an example how the effect of risk on project schedule is evaluated using PERT.

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Thank you very much. Where is the Menu? How to request Study Material? About Us Vidyarthiplus. Search for:. What is software project management?

What is a project? Define process. List the characteristics of software projects. What is contract management? What is the difference between feasibility study and planning?

How plans, methods and methodologies differ from each other? What are the types of designs in software project? What are the three successive process of software project management? What are the categories of software projects?

What are the activities of project management? What is activity plan? What are the elements of product descriptions? What do you mean by project breakdown structure? Explain the various activities covered by software project management. List the Outline of stepwise project planning. What is strategic assessment?

Difference between strategic assessment and technical assessment. How to identify and estimate the cost of project?

What is cash flow? How will you find the present value of future cash flow? Write short notes on cash flow forecasting life cycle? What is payback period?

What is ROI? How it is calculated? Calculate the ROI for a software project development, where the net profit is 60, and the total investment is , How to calculate the net present value for a software project? Define risk profile analysis. What are the different types of cost related to project development? How are risks identified? What is IRR? How is calculated? What are the advantages of using IRR method? What is meant by project portfolio?

How are decision trees helpful in risk handling? Discuss cash flow forecasting. List the objectives of planning? What are the advantages of project scheduling? Define activity. What are the different approaches used in identifying activities? Define a product breakdown structure. What is a hybrid approach of project scheduling? What is forward pass? Difference between forward pass and backward pass. Write short notes on Hammock activities.

Why a network should not contain dangles? List the types of activity float? How to shorten the project duration? What is Risk management? How are risk classified? List the factors involved in risk planning. What are steps involved in planning for risk? Define a brainstorming technique. Write short notes on Hazards identification. Explain the objectives of activity planning in detail. Explain the different approaches of project activities.



Be familiar with the different methods and techniques used for project management. By the end of this course student will have good knowledge of the issues and challenges faced while doing the Software project Management and will also be able to understand why majority of the software projects fails and how that failure probability can be reduced effectively. Will be able to do the Project Scheduling, tracking, Risk analysis, Quality management and Project Cost estimation using different techniques. Project Definition In the broadest sense, a project is a specific, finite task to be accomplished. Any activity that results in a deliverable or a product.


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