JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. DSA produces the only Safety Act Designated consumables, with all verification and sample media tested and re-approved by the United States Department of Homeland Security Laboratory on a quarterly basis throughout the last 14 years. DSA Detection produces these and all B consumables in small batches, testing each batch, every time, with the highest of standards. Trace instruments are affected by even the smallest amount of debris or humidity, which is why frequent replacement of purification parts such as fan filters, dopants, and tubing is essential.

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A desktop explosives and narcotics trace detector. A swipe over an item collects sample, which is then placed into the instrument for analysis. Thank you. Your product review has been submitted to our team for approval. Chemical Detection. Enlarge 0. Ionscan B A desktop explosives and narcotics trace detector. Notify me on updates of this product. Tested For Explosives. Operator Skills Required. Please enter contact info. Submit Cancel. Note: Rating each individual category below is required to submit a review.

Product is extremely difficult to use, significant training required. Product is fragile and should be handled carefully, is sensitive to extreme environmental conditions, and requires significant general maintenance. When evaluating reliability, consider characteristics such as shelf life, consumables required, selectivity, sensitivity, and general maintenance.

Product is unreliable, requires significant consumables, results often inaccurate. When evaluating customer support, consider factors such technical assistance, sales responsiveness, service responsiveness, and troubleshooting.

No customer support, extremely long response times. Please select your extent of experience with the product. Less than one-month hands-on experience. Less than one-year hands-on experience. Greater than one-year hands-on experience. Please describe your educational, training, and experiential background. Please describe the operational context of use, type of samples, duration of use, strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement of product.

Organization Name. Display Name. Smiths Detection, Inc. Product Name. Ionscan B. Detection Category. Detection Principle. Detection Method. Ion Mobility Spectrometry;. Laboratory Analysis; Screening; Trace Analysis;. Equipment Type. Product Synopsis. Power Requirements. Operating Conditions. Calibration Schedule. Suggested Routine Maintenance. Replace air purifier cartridge, replace membrane.

System easily overloads when exposed to high analyte concentrations. Available Accessories. Spares, toolkit, spare batteries. Communications Interface. Direct serial connection to PC or laptop. Shelf Life. Unit Cost. Maintenance Cost. Tested For Narcotics. Other Chemical Targets. Sample Introduction.

Liquid; Solid. Alarm Capability. Software Control. Training Available. Manuals Available. Yes; U. Nuclear Regulatory Agency regulations due to 63Nickel source. Product is extremely easy to use, little to no training required. Product is extremely durable, can handle most operating conditions, and requires minimal general maintenance.

Product is extremely reliable and accurate. Customer inquiries are promptly addressed, technical, sales, and service requests are thorough and rapid.


Smiths IONSCAN 400B Operator Training

The compact, lightweight IONSCAN is easily portable; it includes hot-swappable batteries for full operation even when mains power is not available. The unit can be relocated while fully operational without any downtime enabling it to be used in a much broader range of screening environments. It features a proprietary non-radioactive ion mobility spectrometry IMS source, which means licensing from national nuclear regulatory agencies is not required. This allows the detector to be used without time-consuming radiation testing and administration, and enables easy licence-free transport from location to location. Skip to content. Please select a language. Product Information.



A desktop explosives and narcotics trace detector. A swipe over an item collects sample, which is then placed into the instrument for analysis. Thank you. Your product review has been submitted to our team for approval. Chemical Detection.

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