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Peneira molecular. Com o mesmo entusiasmo. Depois dessa descoberto, tudo ficou mais facil. E gratuitamente Agora uma pergunto: por ocaso o seu concorrente comprou uma frota que tem o Mercedes , de HP, e tem. E voi ser um concorrente coda vez mais exogerado. Sua Excia. Jorge Kalume Governador do Estado do. Acre Sua Excia. Robert A. John M. Maloles Embaixador das Filipinas Sua Excia. Contra-Almirante J. Wenceslao Benites E. Embaixador do Paraguai Sua Excia.

Serguei S. Elbano Provenzali H. Embaixador da Venezuela Sua Excia. Weston G. Catherine J. Robert F. Juan C. Pela primeira vez o homem realizou o sonl.!. Ten Bienais have been held since the unpretentions beginning in when we first signed our name to the foreword in the catalogue of this Festival of Visual Arts. This convocation, which has consistently grown in quality and in quantity, has now for the tenth time brought to us, in this year of , a united manifestation on the part of artists from every continent.

What an extraordinary year this ! For the first time man has realized the drearn so long nourished in the quests of Galileo, CO! Pernicus, Kepler, Jules Veme and Melies, the last two of whom, already on the threshold of science-fiction and science-cinema, envisioned the ascent to the moon.

From this little Earth, this "tiny worm" as the Poet described it, has been a:chieved, through science and technology, the reality of interplanetary flight. Thus, in juxtaposition with events of such transcendental importance for the future of humanity, for progress and for peace, we inaugurate this X Bienal of S.

Here, also, technology plays a part through its creative intrusion into the visual arts; and, in acknowledging this relationship between art and technology, the Bienal of S. Paulo stands ahead of paralIel activities. But the aim is not one-sided: in the midst of the extraordinary events we have already mentioned, we maintain in the perspective of this Festival sufficient flexibility to embrace every valid and exponential expression of the dream of art in the world today.

And to alI who have resolved to bring here, without restrictions of any type, the efforts of their priceless contribution, to alI those we address our deepest thanks for the understanding and intelligence they have demonstrated by this action.

We bring together here, withoul discrimination, all artists of good will, men and women, of different ideologies, races, and creeds, willing to co-operate in this work. In this endeavour we have never been at the service of exc1usive principIes or groups; our inspiration has always sought, as in the words of the Saint's motto "Amplius, Amplius"! Only thus can the Bienal of S. Paulo present, each time on a larger scale, the modem and thrilling creations resulting fram individual or collective researche araund the world.

We consider ourselves, in our role as hosts for this Festival of Arts, solely responsible for receiving those Ambassadors of Culture and Civilization, the representative artists who are making this X Bienal possible.

Because there are many factors contributing to this result, we pay our respects to the greatest of these, which is the presence of these many exhibitions of the Arts in our time, these halls in which have been gathered the most varied manifestations of the human spirit. Mar this exhibition serve the larger cause of liberty and dignity in the Society of Man. Neville Dubow. There are two basic approaches in the South African entry: the one is a preoccupation with physical sensation; the other is more emotively based.

The first moves from the static to the kinetic, from the actual to the implied. It is concerned with physical reactions to the landscape Bakker , with the spatial sensations of speed Starcke , with investigations into the metaphysics of contained space Fraser and with the suggestion of implied space through colour Atkinson.

The other theme is consciously involved with the scale of mano The human image endures and is monumentalised in the sculpture of Edoardo Villa who remains unrepentantly committed to a fundamental anthropomorphism within an abstract c;mon. Ris steel sculptures are, in a sense, votives to.

Patrick O'Connor's VISlon is haunted rather than heroic: man the victim of bis environment rather than its conqueror. There is one question that inevitably will be asked: to what extent do these works acknowledge the spirit of Africa? In an overt or obvious sense this is hardly apparent: artists here are no less susceptible to intemational influences than their colleagues elsewhere.

Yet many of the works here do reflect a spirit and sense of space that can only be related to this continent. Bakker's works, though based on cosmic phenomena, nevertheless derive from an acute awareness of the peculiar properties of the African landscape. Starcke's paintings are strongly related to the dust and heat glare filtered by perceptive experience of the open South African road. O'Connor's anguished vision, too, is formed in the crucible of local experience.

It is in this broader sense that the distinctive character of these works must be sought. Nevilte Dubow. Mesa, Figura tcara, Vertical D. O 2, , x x 70 Horizontal D. O 3, J osef Albers conquistou grande fama com a sua obra tardia.

Criou pressupostos essenciais para a "op-pm1;" e para o "banledge", antes de existirem estas correntes. Seus contornos precisos, quase impercep. In this country it is the individualists who have always made the decisive contributions. German art seldom accomodates itself to international currents. Josef Albers won honour by his late artistic creation. He searched systemi. He created essential preconditions for "op-art" and "hard-edge", before these currents even existed.

The work of this artist who is now 81 years old, is of immense importance for contemporary art. His paintings bave been placed in the center of the German exhibit as a homage to this great artist. Almir Mavignier, an artist of Brazilian origin who selected Germany as his second native country, has a spiritual affinity with his master Albers. The point structures created by him are basic diagrams of a co-ordinative spirit.

Shape and colour present themselves rigorously disciplined, their sequences in the space of the painting objectively programmed. At the same time, a great capacity to discriminate and to sensibilize the form makes us forget the premeditated character of the visual evento A highly-developed colour sense transposes the intelectual conscience to the freer spheres of an illuminated poetry.

The strong colouring of Mavignier reflects his South-American origin, and the systematic manner of its application his links with Europe from Bauhaus to Albers. Horst Antes tends less toward purely visual phenomena and is more linked to the existential. He is one of the most remarkable personalities of contemporary art in Germany. His work, whose intense central theme is the idolatrous figure of a creature similar to a gnome, presents itself as a rigorous contribution to figurative painting of the decade of the In him the necessity of German expressionism continues to be alive but in an altered formo Gigantic forms, projected by impulsive forces which threaten to break out of the space of the pictures, produce dramatic force and monumentality.

This art, coming up from subjective sources, does not use colour as an end in itself but as a means of expression, impregnated with force, in order to intensify the painting's expressive action. In his recent work constructive. Figure and space associate themselves ,in a new and thrilling clarity.

The great power that is. The result is a total unity of material and strong and expressive forms that project themselves immediate and resolute. The concise simplicity in formal elements is nowadays common Minimal-art. Its differentiated structure and its dynamictension are the personal contributions of Hauser's work.

The wire and watch-spring constructions of Gunther Haese so reminiscent of spider-webs, can be fitted into none of the categories of known traditional terminology related to plastic arts. His gay and charming objects stand out from alI kinetic art by the naive naturalness of the light movements that do not need mechanical propulsion.

The series are viewed without intellectual effort, far from any rationalistic cogitations and transformed into poetical passages. Their forms are fuU of light and spontaneous associations which we do not expect to find nowadays anymore. It serves exc1usively as a transparent realization of a poetic inspiration. Square Renewed Hope, Kurt Deschler, Ulm. Colo Dr. Figura Verde, Bernhard Sprengel, Hannover, x 90 June Bride,


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