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The airport is located in Heliopolis , to the northeast of Cairo around 15 kilometres 9. When American forces left the base at the end of the war, the Civil Aviation Authority took over the facility and began using it for international civil aviation. In , Fraport AG won the management contract to run the airport for eight years, with options to extend the contract twice in one-year increments.

The terminal facilities include Departure Hall 1, International Hall 3, and Hall 4 for private and non-commercial aircraft services. As part of the recent upgrading and facility improvement scheme, the CAA demolished the old Hall 3, previously used for domestic arrivals and departures, to reconstruct a new hall to be used for international arrivals. Terminal 1 is locally known as the "Old Airport," although its facilities were recently given a complete overhaul and are newer than those of Terminal 2, which is still known as the "New Airport.

Terminal 1 was originally used by EgyptAir and several Middle Eastern airlines. However, an increasing number of other foreign carriers, such as Air France and KLM transferred operations from Terminal 2 in In May EgyptAir moved all its operations to the new Terminal 3 along with all Star Alliance airlines serving the airport.

In March , with the closure of Terminal 2 for major renovation works, all non-Star Alliance airlines serving the airport shifted operations to the terminal. Most international airlines arrive in Hall 3. Arrival Hall 2 was recently reopened and serves international and domestic arrivals. The CAC has inaugurated the "Airport City Concept" to provide an array of services and entertainment facilities to travelers, airport visitors, as well as the general public. The first phase, a new shopping mall called the 'AirMall,' has been built near Terminal 1's International Arrival Hall 3.

As of the facade of the terminal was being upgraded. A study on reorganizing the departure and arrival halls is ongoing as well as the feasibility study to include contact stands to improve the service and comfort levels to the passengers. Terminal 1 has 12 gates. Terminal 1, Hall 4 is dedicated to private and executive jet services. Even though it is referred to as a 'Hall' under Terminal 1 it is operated independently from the commercial passenger terminal.

Smart Aviation Company has been based at the building since ; it moved to a new executive FBO in adjacent to Hall 4. Terminal 2 was inaugurated in with 7 boarding gates. The terminal was closed in April for complete renovations starting in and lasting 36 months. The project aimed at increasing the terminal capacity from 3 million to 7. The upgrade included the complete modernization of the year-old facility to reach the same level of service as the new Terminal 3.

In August , Turkey's Limak Holding won the tender for modernizing the terminal. After several project delays, the renovated terminal had its soft opening on 28 September with a capacity of 7. The new terminal has 14 gates and an additional 5 remote stands. The 1, square-meter lounge can accommodate people at a time. The renovated terminal is operating jointly with Terminal 3 as one integrated terminal via an air bridge, thus, reinforcing the role of Cairo International Airport as a regional hub.

Given projected growth, and the limited ability to expand Terminal 2, the Egyptian Ministry of Civil Aviation began construction of Terminal 3 in The terminal was officially inaugurated on 18 December and opened for commercial operations on 27 April The facility is twice as large as the current two terminal buildings combined, with the capacity to handle 11 million passengers annually 6 million international and 5 million domestic once the first phase is completed.

It is adjacent to Terminal 2, and the two terminals are initially connected by a bridge. With its hub at the airport, EgyptAir's operations were overhauled with the full transfer of its operations international and domestic into the new terminal between 27 April and 15 June To implement the Star Alliance "Move Under One Roof" concept, all Alliance members serving the airport were relocated to the terminal by the first of August During the start-up phase EgyptAir operates its daily flight to Medina from the new Terminal.

More destinations might be added during winter. The terminal has an annual capacity of 3. It is designed to handle 1, passengers per hour. Passengers will be bussed to remote aircraft stands around Terminal 3. Its purpose is to ease operational strains on the existing terminals during pilgrim seasons. The airport has four terminals, the third and largest opened on 27 April and the Seasonal Flights Terminal opened on 20 September Terminal 2 was closed in April for major renovation works and was reopened on 28 September A third parallel runway replaced the crossing runway in The main station is located between Terminals 2 and 3 and is an integral part of the bridge connecting the two terminals.

An air-cushioned 1. With the national carrier, EgyptAir , and the Egyptian authorities planning to develop the airport as a hub for the Middle East and Africa, the airport facilities are in constant development. There are several ways to leave Cairo airport upon arrival.

The most convenient way is by one of the numerous "limousine services". Pick-up points are in front of the terminals curb side. The prices are fixed depending on the destination and the car category, but different providers may charge wildly different prices. Category A are luxury limousines e.

Public buses leave outside terminal 1 and connect frequently to transportation hubs like Abbasia and Tahrir Square but can be confusing for visitors and are not suitable for persons carrying large pieces of baggage.

Intercity buses leave from the bus station located in between the terminals. The taxis usually do not have a meter and prices are negotiated before travelling while the newer white taxis have meters, but will generally refuse to use it when leaving from the airport and charge significantly more.

The airport can be reached via Oroba Road from Heliopolis or via the new road, connection Terminal 3 with the intersection between Ring Road and Suez Road. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the former airfield in Mississippi, see Payne Field. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Archived from the original on 22 May Retrieved 7 September Archived from the original on 30 March Data current as of October Retrieved 13 May Wikimedia Commons.

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Cairo International Airport

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IFR Terminal Charts for Cairo (HECA) (Jeppesen HECA)

Licensed to SMA. Printed on 03 Oct Notice: After 4 Oct Z, this chart may no longer be valid. Disc Runway 05L will be used for departures only. Runway 23R will be used for arrivals only.


HECA - Cairo International



HECA, Cairo Jeppesen 2013 Charts


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