Not everyone gets the same 70 questions; there are many different versions of the exam. But everyone gets the same degree of difficulty, and the same balance of topics. You get two hours minutes. They are almost exactly like our mock exam questions, with one big difference—the real exam tells you how many answers are correct, where we do not.

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As the industry standard for platform-independent reusable business components, EJB has just become Sun Microsystem's latest developer certification. Whether you want to be certifiable or just want to learn the technology inside and out, Head First EJB will get you there in the least painful way. And with the greatest understanding. You'll learn not just what the technology is , but more importantly, why it is, and what it is and isn't good for. You'll learn how to think like a server.

You'll learn how to think like a bean. And because this is a Head First book, you'll learn how to think about thinking. She has the scars. But besides dragging you deep into EJB technology, Kathy and Bert will see you through your certification exam, if you decide to go for it. And nobody knows the certification like they do - they're co-developers of Sun's actual exam!

If the latest research in cognitive science, education, and neurobiology suggested that boring, dry, and excruciatingly painful was the best way to learn, we'd have done it. Thankfully, it's been shown that your brain has a sense of style, a sense of humour, and a darn good sense of what it likes and dislikes. Skip to main content. Start your free trial. See why Kathy and Bert are responsible for thousands of successful exam-passers--"The Sun certification exam was certainly no walk in the park, but Kathy's material allowed me to not only pass the exam, but Ace it!

Paul Companies"Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates are two of the few people in the world who can make complicated things seem damn simple, and as if that isn't enough, they can make boring things seem interesting. Kathy Sierra has done it again. Here is a study guide that almost guarantees you a certification! Show and hide more. Table of Contents Product Information. Who should probably back away from this book?

What does EJB really give me? No more vendor lock-in! How does it all work? Behind the scenes Run your bean through the deploytool verifier Close your eyes and click OK Whew! Organizing your project directory for the client Run the client! What about arguments and return values? What really gets passed when you pass an object to a remote method?

Passing a Remote object through a remote method call What must the Remote object and the stub have in common? In other words, who makes the EJBObject class? Who creates what? The bean Home Architectural overview: Session beans Architectural overview: Entity beans Architectural overview: Creating a Stateful Session bean Architectural overview: Creating a Stateless Session bean Who creates the stateless session bean, and when? Stateless session beans are more scalable Architectural overview: Message-driven beans 3.

The Client View: Exposing Yourself What the client really wants It all starts with the home interface How a client uses a session bean: create, use, and remove But first, we have to get a home interface reference In other words, we have to get the stub to the home object But NO. You have to narrow the object as well! The component interface.

Imagine what else you might want to do with your EJB object reference Online shopping should not be rushed Do we need handles with local interfaces? Do we need isIdentical with local interfaces? Do we need primary key information with local interfaces? Do we need remove methods with local interfaces? Local clients still need isIdentical Why so many remove methods? Comparing Remote vs. Exceptions in client interfaces: what the client might get Local client code What has to change inside the bean class?

Arguments to Remote vs. Your job for passivation: make your state passivatable! Entities vs. Entity bean Remote home interface When finders have a dark side Home business methods to the rescue Session bean create vs.

Virtual fields are NOT instance variables! Bean things you can do during entity construction: Object identity: the primary key Bean things you can do during entity creation: Bean things you can do in home business methods Bean things you can do during activation and loading Bean things you can do during passivation and storing Coffee Cram: Mock Exam Coffee Cram: Mock Exam Answers 7. Relationships and multiplicity Multiplicity in Bean Classes Multiplicity affects return type!

Message-driven bean class Writing a message-driven bean: your job as Bean Provider Notice something missing from the code? Think about it. With a System Exception, the Container will RemoteException is checked, but not expected! What can you do? Using programmatic security to custom-tailor a method The problem with isCallerInRole What MUST be in an ejb-jar? ISBN:


Head First EJB by Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates



Head First EJB



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