For decades, the Canadian photographer, filmmaker, and marine biologist Paul Nicklen has documented the beauty and extreme fragility of our planet, traveling the world with fellow photographer and marine biologist, Christina Mittermeier. In addition to their photographic work, the pair campaign for a sustainable planetary future with their foundation, SeaLegacy. We are delighted to partner with both photographers and to include their captivating titles, Born to Ice and Amaze, in our autumn book program. For supreme Scandinavian style, meanwhile, look no further than the debut publication from heralded mixologist Selma Slabiak, who has been head bartender at some of the most talked-about restaurants in New York City.

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For decades, the Canadian photographer, filmmaker, and marine biologist Paul Nicklen has documented the beauty and extreme fragility of our planet, traveling the world with fellow photographer and marine biologist, Christina Mittermeier.

In addition to their photographic work, the pair campaign for a sustainable planetary future with their foundation, SeaLegacy. We are delighted to partner with both photographers and to include their captivating titles, Born to Ice and Amaze, in our autumn book program. For supreme Scandinavian style, meanwhile, look no further than the debut publication from heralded mixologist Selma Slabiak, who has been head bartender at some of the most talked-about restaurants in New York City.

In Spirit of the North, Slabiak shows how to combine special Nordic ingredients into fabulous, original cocktails and drinks. Discover all these books and more in the pages that follow. We thank you for your interest! His opulent monograph, My Himalaya — 40 Years Among Buddhists, presents some 40 years of travel and photography in the Himalayas, alongside personal anecdotes and moving insights into this fascinating Eastern culture, encompassed by its Buddhist spirituality.

Brimming with emotion, color, and deep tradition, this is a particularly unique and enriching book. SeaLegacy co-founder, National Geographic photographer, acclaimed ocean conservationist, and TED Talks favorite, Paul Nicklen traces his extraordinary love affair with the polar regions in his most recent book, Born to Ice. His powerful images of iconic arctic and antarctic wildlife and scenery, coupled with his inspiring photographic storytelling, blends ethereal beauty of the icy landscape with a compelling call to action.

Born and raised on Baffin Island, Nunavut, he grew up in one of the only nonInuit families in a tiny Inuit settlement amid the ice fields, floes, and frigid seas of Northern Canada. At an age when most children are playing hide-and-seek, he was learning important lessons on survival; how to read the weather, find shelter in a frozen snowscape, or live off the land as his Inuit neighbors had done for centuries.

Today, Nicklen is a naturalist and wildlife photographer uniquely qualified to portray the impact of climate change on the Polar Regions and their inhabitants, human and animal alike. Whether he is diving off the floe edge in the Canadian Arctic or sitting on a piece of glacial ice in Antarctica to scout for leopard seals, Paul Nicklen goes to great lengths and depths to secure his award-winning images of life in the polar regions.

This National Geographic-featured photographer and conservationist never shies away from extreme and challenging conditions as he feels urgently compelled to connect a global audience to the species and ecosystems he cares so deeply about.

Combining some of his most extraordinary photographs with personal ex-. Selecting his most evocative and thought-provoking imagery, this BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, top Instagram photography influencer, and speaker takes you deeply into a world he loves.

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Hardcover c. For over twenty years, Cristina and Paul have used their imagery to convert apathy into action and to bring about powerful conservation wins. These adventurers embody the spirit of bold innovation and are taking leaps forward in their field. Each one is helping lead the world in a new, important, and thrilling direction. Cristina Mittermeier knows a thing or two about water. Trained as a marine biologist and a photographer, the Mexico City-born Mittermeier combines her work behind the lens with her passion for environmentalism, taking pictures around the world to explore our relationship to the earth and ocean and to draw attention to the beauty and the plight of our planet.

Bringing together photographs from some of the most isolated corners of the earth, the book shows wild animals, remote landscapes, and indigenous peoples—challenging the cult of material wealth and proposing alternatives for a meaningful and sustainable connection to our environment, each other, and ourselves. As much an inspiration for sustainable living as a staggering collection of nature photography, Amaze is a must-have book for all those who care about our planet and those we share it with.

A pioneering book of nature photography from environmental campaigner and photographer, Cristina Mittermeier Captures some of the most endangered animals, remote communities, and extreme corners on earth. An astonishing collection of nature photography and an inspiration for sustainable living with others and our environment. July marks the 50 th anniversary of the first manned moon landing—a milestone in the history of humankind. Today, the adventure, courage, and ground-breaking accomplishment behind the NASA Apollo missions remains as compelling as ever.

This thrilling photo book features previously-unpublished photographs from the NASA archives, now meticulously digitized, captured by the Apollo astronauts during their missions. Accompanying these extraordinary Apollo photographs are little-knowninsider facts and fascinating insights into the Apollo missions, including a detailed Foreword from NASA astronaut, Walter Cunningham.

Walter Cunningham is a former Apollo astronaut, serving as Lunar Module pilot on the Apollo 7 mission, the first manned flight of the Apollo program that launched into orbit on the Saturn 1-B rocket.

Worldwide media interest in the 50 th anniversary of the first moon landing Previously-unpublished photographs from the Apollo missions With a Foreword by NASA astronaut Walter Cunningham. With a booming economy and stable democracy, things are going well in Namibia. Tourism plays a huge role in the country, with some 1. Life always shows Michael Poliza new paths: from actor to entrepreneur, from professional photographer to travel designer. After a career in the IT and Internet industries, Poliza started a three-year multimedia expedition on a ship around the world.

In , he settled in Cape Town, traveled the African plains and quickly became a world renowned wildlife and landscape photographer.

A wonderful book of Namibia photography Captures the scale, colors, and atmosphere of this remarkable country An unmissable travel document from New York Times-acclaimed photographer, Michael Poliza. When I grow up, will I be the King of the Jungle…? From lion cubs in Botswana to baby chimpanzees and gorillas in Tanzania, penguin chicks on the Antarctic peninsula to polar bear cubs in Canada, Poliza travels the world in search of the most endearing wildlife babies.

Whether in the African savannah or polar extremes, few photographers have come so close to their wildlife subjects. To achieve such proximity, Poliza shows masterful sensitivity and patience, not only towards the baby animals themselves, but also with their fiercely protective mothers. From a frolicking baby elephant to a sleeping little lion cub, Baby Animals brings page after page of heart-warming images and tiny triumphs in nature photography.

For more than 40 years, the prize-winning photographer has documented the landscape and peoples of the Himalayas, a region he first got to know on a hiking trip in the s. The Himalayas became his destiny, and he became one of the most sensitive and insightful observers of life in Tibet.

Page after page reveals photographs of extraordinary emotion, color, tradition, and beauty, alongside inspiring anecdotes and stories from the photographer. My Himalaya is an enriching and enlightening book for anyone looking toward a more mindful way of life, as well as for all those interested in photography, trekking, landscape, and Buddhism.

He has published 36 books, which have been translated into nine languages, sold 1. Breathtaking photographs of thunder, lightning, storms, and other natural phenomena, captured by pilot Santiago Borja from his Boeing cockpit. As a passenger jet pilot, Santiago Borja flies around the globe every day, often coming up against wild storms and various types of turbulence. Santiago Borja is a passenger jet pilot, based in Quito, Ecuador.

This idea is at the heart of the Scandinavian lifestyle trends that many in contemporary culture have come to embrace. Slabiak shares with her readers elevated bartending expertise and finesse, layering familiar and unusual flavors and ingredients, along with Scandinavian traditions and nostalgic stories from her childhood in Denmark, in an inspiring, delicious, and original recipe book of Nordic-based cocktails—so we can all capture the extraordinary in the everyday.

Born and raised in Denmark, Selma Slabiak came to New York in to make a name for herself in the cocktail world. Since then, she has been Head Bartender at acclaimed Michelin-starred Nordic restaurant, Aska, overseeing the innovative bar program. With other stints at Donna Cocktail Club and various esteemed cocktail bars in Brooklyn and Manhattan, she has been crafting original and exciting drink menus rooted in Nordic ingredients and techniques.

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What does it mean to be dependent on the vagaries of nature on a daily basis? What is it like to haul in fishing nets in rain and galeforce 8 wind? How do freshly caught breams, herring, etc. Born in in Mainz, he has lived in Bremen, Hamburg, and Biarritz and now divides his time between Paris and Lisbon. An evocative book for all those who have a special care and interest about seafarers and the sea Through meticulously-researched texts and striking portraits, experienced fishermen across Europe share insights into their lives and the fast-changing world of fishing Features handpicked, simple, and regional authentic sailor recipes.

Eighty-three wonderful cat portraits—from a Maine Coon cat to a Siamese tomcat—showing a panoply of human characters. Whether a wild tummy-tiger, blue-eyed charmer, graceful beauty, or gentle soul comforter, it is hard to quite know the nature and peculiarities of your cat—a pet that has more than once attributed seemingly human traits! Cat People captures the amusing, imagined human personalities of 83 cats in an impressive portrait photography book.

From the intrepid globetrotter to the cool rap star, delight in seeing the everyday house cat transformed into the most dazzling characters via elaborately-staged photographs, inspiring astonishment and even selfreflection.

Humorous accompanying texts describe the careful selection of the outfit and costume for each cat to present their human nature to the world. After finding her calling in photography, she combined this passion with her love of people and animals during her studies: she specializes in portraits of two- and four-legged friends. In , she published the successful coffee-table book Dog People and is now dedicated to their velvet-pied counterparts in Cat People.

Amazing answers to the question: What if your cat was human? A garden not only extends living space outdoors; it also enhances the quality of life. A green enclave is an aesthetically decisive factor in architecture and a neighborhood environment and, in times of ever-intensifying urbanization, takes on an existential role in both private and public spaces.

This illustrated garden book presents more than 50 contemporary garden projects from some of the most internationally-renowned landscape architects and garden designers worldwide, ranging from prestigious park designs to small and innovative terraces and urban and rooftop gardens.

Throughout, the book catalogues the leading garden suppliers in the international scene whose products, including garden furniture, help transform a simple plot of land into a carefully curated environment and experience. The featured gardens are profiled with both vibrant photographs and supplementary interviews with featured landscape and garden designers on their individual working process. Detailed information on each property—including concept, materials, and plant choices, rounds out each entry.

Garden Design Review is an indispensable garden book for all professional garden designers and ambitious home gardeners looking for exclusive inspiration. He completed his commercial training. For more than 10 years, Knoflach has been independent with green Gartenkultur and is a tree broker and gardener of entries, terraces, roof gardens, and courtyards all over Europe.

Sophisticated garden concepts, leading suppliers, and garden design trends from around the world in one comprehensive and lushly-illustrated reference book Carefully-curated garden projects by a high-profile team of experts pages of garden inspiration and insight into the creative practice of the best garden designers and landscape planners worldwide. The book is a compendium of homes, including apartments and single-family houses, that have been remodeled to suit contemporary lifestyle needs.

Rehabilitations of living spaces are often done to reanimate existing constructions that, over time, have become impractical, if not obsolete. The challenge is to adapt these existing buildings to contemporary standards while maintaining what might still be useful or what we like about them.

Most old buildings are very compartmentalized, reflecting the human habits of their time and the available building technology.


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