Educators consider that concept mapping is a good approach for building skills in students for ideating and organizing ideas; they also find it a great asset for teaching. It is a great tool for students to help them organize their thought processes when writing. Teachers and students can use this application to collaboratively or individually create concept maps on an idea or explore a problem. It is also available for download on Windows and Mac operating systems as well. Freeplane helps you to create a textual OER with possibilities for linking to additional resources on your computer as well as on the web , adding annotations as well as images. Freeplane allows you to organize and order ideas into a hierarchy connected by lines edges.

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I am completely new to Freeplane, just downloaded it this morning. My first impressions are: 1. The UI is not intuitive -- I cannot figure out how to do anything on my own except to edit the text in a node. The tutorial is not helpful -- in fact,it is not a tutorial in any sense of the term. For example, I want to add a new node to the "New Mindmap" node that shows up in the default map. I would expect this to be very simple to do, and probably it is if I knew the magic trick to make it happen.

This is the whole point of this software, to allow people to add their ideas, right? So I would expect "how to add an idea node " to be one of the first points in a tutorial. However, after expanding more than a dozen nodes in the tutorial, I still cannot find anything that explains how to create a new node I only found how to create a free floating node, and even that had an incorrect explanation: it says to ctrl-click in an empty space, but in fact I have to ctrl-double-click.

When people have dozens of years experience with a host of development tools, graphic design tools, and diagram editors, those people expect it to be easy to learn to use any new tool. However, I find this UI completely baffling. For the sake of all future new users that would try out this software, please provide a real tutorial! I think the best is to watch it in some videos. The ui makes a lot of sense once you get in the mood of it.

On 10 Nov , "Matt McLin" myoozak users. Sent from sourceforge. Zipizap, how about adding your text at the beginning of any tutorial?

Seems like a very powerful, minimalistic, entry point On 10 Nov , "Miguel Boyer" pilominco users. I think that Matt represents a group of newcomers for whole the concept of mindmapsping is new and they need something in addition to the 'what buttons to press' type of hot-to 'tutorial'.

My point ehre is that mindmapping is about "Visual Thinking" and people that are used to linear text, be it documentation as PDF or procedural code as text aren't "seeing" the tree-nodes-relationships-links of a mindmap.

Perhaps the idea of a heavily interlinked web site as the 'flat' 'text' view of a map might be a useful analogy. After all, some of us do use mindmaps to design web sites and some mindmapping tools do have tools that convert a map to the set of interlinked HTML pages. I'm not sure that even a 'what can Freeplane do for you' document will help. The poll of "what do you use Freeplane for" resulted in such a wide variety of responses!

The responses we've had so far to improvong the documentation have l been from people who are used to using mindmapping tools, who DO grok "Visual Thinking", have already accepted that paradigm.

We need documentation for people who haven't. Yes there are books about "Visual Thinking" and some web sites. To be frank, I'm not impressed with the ones I've seen. However I'd still recommend that newcomers need to address this paradigm shift somehow, and they are better than nothing, and as far as that shift in thinking goes, right now we have nothing.

Zipzap, that simple explanation was exactly what I needed! I recommend adding this near the top of the Introduction section of the tutorial. What else you see that should stand out faster? This can be helpfull to the other freeplane community members that are doc'ing. I'm not part of the doc'ing effort unfortunately. I just thought it could really help the absolute beginner, as Matt confirms. Amazing how extremely short indications can make a big difference.

On 11 Nov , "Miguel Boyer" pilominco users. I think Matt minds so-called tutorial mind map availble in the help menu. Could somebody add the proposed text to it? Help Create Join Login. Operations Management. IT Management. Project Management. Resources Blog Articles Deals. Menu Help Create Join Login. Home Browse Freeplane Discussion. Freeplane tutorial is not helpful for beginners. Forum: Open Discussion.

Creator: Matt McLin. Created: Updated: Matt McLin - If you would like to refer to this comment somewhere else in this project, copy and paste the following link:. Miguel Boyer - Ok for me, but where were you actually thinking? Which tutorial? Anton Aylward - Matt glad it helped : There are ongoing discussions to improve documentation - its a known issue. What is the "tutorial" that you refer? Im not on par with the docs updating What else you see that should stand out faster?

I have no idea where to add that text. Matt tell us where you saw the tutorial, to improve it : On 11 Nov , "Miguel Boyer" pilominco users. Dimitry Polivaev - Any hints Here it is. Oh no! Some styles failed to load. Sign Up No, Thank you.


Freeplane Tutorial Extensions

If you are not English: see Translated wiki pages if this tutorial has been translated into your language. This tutorial refers to Freeplane 1. This Freeplane Tutorial Extensions describes a Tutorial with basic terms and how to use the basic Freeplane functions. In addition it contains examples of use cases and concrete instructions how to make these cases. The Tutorial is divided into parts for the Beginner , Advanced user and Professional user.


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