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Learn more about Scribd Membership Home. Much more than documents. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. Start Free Trial Cancel anytime. Fisica Universitaria Sears Zemansky 12ed. Document Information click to expand document information Date uploaded Feb 04, Did you find this document useful? Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Flag for Inappropriate Content. Download Now. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next.

The World Is Flat 3. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Freedman ; contributing author, A. Lewis Fard. Prosdanan, Reger A. I Scars, Frascis Weston, Tide: University physics.

Lake Ave. Glenview, IL For infomation regarding peraissions, all S anor oer eouniien of Peinion Education, Ic or ts ffi. Standard Edition includes Ohapters Young's career hat centered entirely around undergraduate education. Freedman for University Physics. Young is au enthusiastic skier, climber, and hiker.

He also served for sev- eral years as Associate Organist st St. Paul's Cathedral in Pitsburgh, and has played numerous organ recitals in the Pittsburgh area. Freedanan has taught in both the Department of Physics and the College of Creative Studies, abranch of the university intended for highly gifted and motivated undergraduates.

He received! Your professor wants you to Jeam physics and to enjoy the experience. That is part ofthe reason your professor chase this textbook for your course.

Young and Freedman asked me to writc this introductory section. We want you to succeed! If Eng- lish is a second language for you, keep a glossary of new terms that you encounter and make sure you understand how they are used in physies. Likewise, if you are farther along in your methematics courses, you will pick up the mathe: smatical aspects of physies faster. Even if your mathematics is adequate, you may find a book such as Arnald D.

Obviously you will want to spend more time on those aspects that give you the aiost trouble, If you learn by Baa lectures will be very important. If solving problems is dificult for you, spend more tne learning how to solve problems. Also, iis important to under- stand and develop good study habits, Perhaps the most important thing you ean do for yourself is to set aside adequate, regulary scheduled study time in istration free environment.

If not, plan a program of review with help from your professor. What has been the easiest for me? You may learn best by skimming the material, going to lecture, and then undertaking an in-depth reading. A rule of thumb for a class Tike this is to devote, on the everage, 2. At what time of the day am I at my best for studying physics? Somes professors may formalize the usc af cooperative learning or facilitate the formation of study groups. If you huve access to e-mail, use it to keep in touch with one another.

Your study group is an excellent resource when reviewing for exams. Lectures and Taking Notes An important component of any college course is the Tecture. In physic this ix especially important because your professor will frequently do demonstrations of physical principles, run computer simulations, or show video clips.

All of these are learning activities that will help you to understand the basie principles of physics. Don't miss lectures, and if for some reason you do, ask friend or member of your study group to provide you with notes and let you know what happened. Your professor ray use a diagram from the textbook, Leave a space in your notes and just add the diagram later. Make references tothe textbook by page.

In one column, write the proper solution to the problem. If you are uncertain why you made your mis- take, or how to avoid making it again, talk with your professor.

Physics continu- ally builds on fundamental ideas and it is important to correct any smisunderstandings immediately. Sears and Mark WW, Zemansky was published in , it was revolutionary among calculus-based physics textbooks in its emphasis on the fundamental prin- ciples of pliysics and how to apply them. The success of University Physics with generations of Several million students and educators around the world isa tes: tament to the merits of this approach, and to the many innovations it has intro- duced subsequently.

For the Twelfth Edition, MasteringPhysics provides a wealth of new content and technological enhancements. Answer types include algebraic, numerical, and muitiple-choice answers, as well a ranking. This section, written by Professor Mack Hollabaugh Normandale Community College , aso gives a number of helpful study hints.

Every student should rea this section! To find the answer to the question, Took for the? Many problems have a conceptual part in which students must 10's? You can decide hy examining your drawing. Let A be the tnt displacement, B the second, and C the third. We cam estimate fam the dlagran tht the vector num 8 about 10m, 4 wes of nor.

Is inpossible for A tohave the same magnitude as H but different componcats? Af, is a veo tor quantity Fig. Then Eqp. From Eq. Still, be sure to check for simple arithmetic errors. The first, called the scalar product, yields a result that is a scalar quantity.

The second, the vector product, yields another vector. Because of this notation, the scalar product is also called the dot product. Figure 1. We can take components along any direction that's convenicat, not just the x- and y-axes. That is, the vector product of two parallel or antiparallel veetors is always zero. We choose which of these is the direction of A x B as follows.

Imagine rotating vector A about the perpendicular line uni it is aligned with B, choosing the smaller of the two possible angles between A and B. Cur the fin seers of your right hind around the perpendicular line so that the fingestips point in the direction af rotation; your thumb will then point in the direction of Ax B.

In Fig. Calculating the Vector Product Using Components If we know the components of A and H, we can calculate the components of the vector product using a procedure similar to that for the salar product. Using Es. B E x j, andso on. Evaluating these by using the rmtiplication table far the tunit vectors in gs 1. Tho umal practice is to use onty right-handed systems, and we will follow that practice throughout this book. The first way isto use Eg. The magnitede ngrecs with the result we cbatned wit the fint approach, 28 sbould EVALUATE: For this example the fist approach was more direct, Tecause we knew the magnitudes of each veetor and the angle bebwoon them, aad furthermore, bor vectors lay in one of the planes ofthe coordinate system.

The eocesponding base SI units arethe kilograms, the mictes, aid the second, Derived wits for echee physical quantities are producis ex qooticus ofthe basic uits. Equations must be dimen- -sloally consistent; two terms can be ncked only when they have the samme units See Examples 1. The resnltofa calculation usually has no move sigufiant figures than the input data, When only cide estimates are available for input data, wen often make wee -orderof-rmagnitd estimates.

See Examples 1. Sec Examples 1. When we multiply or divide, the number withthe fewest siniiam figures coniols the nummer of significa ges in heresit [LB The answer deprads on bow many stents axe enrolled at your campus.



SET UP: We can use the constant acceleration equations only for time intervals during which the acceleration is constant. If necessary, break the motion up into constant acceleration segments and apply the constant acceleration equations for each segment. The constant acceleration formulas can be applied to this 4 second interval. SET UP: When xa is constant, the graph of xv versus t is a straight line and the graph of x versus t is a parabola. Figure 2. SET UP: Instead, find the distance traveled in the first part of the trip where

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FĂ­sica Universitaria by Sears

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Sears Zemansky


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