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Zytel Plus Presentatio Presentation Agen Digit Plus Memory User User's Manual. System Description? Resources Table? Sample and Reagent Unit? Plate Processing Unit? Menu and Activity Examples? Worldwide Situation? Software Evolution? Small footprint — compact design allows you to operate easily on a benchtop? Walk away processing:? Primary Sample in to Result out? Programming of Any Type of Assay? Scheduling up to 3 Full Plates?

Independent Modules Advanced Software? Real Time Monitoring of All Events? Positive identification of Samples and Reagents? Sample and Reagent Addition Monitoring?

Reagent Management by Positive Identification? Incubation and Washing? Result Interpretation and Printout? Full Traceability? Position for 2 deepwell or standard microplates, total of wells, dilution ratios up to ? Pre-dilution also possible in tubes, total of 72 tubes, in the sample unit? Pre-dilution made once for several replicates or using one well per replicate? Transfer liquid from the sample tubes to a microtube plate, a deepwell plate or a standard microplate, to be kept in a serumarchive?

Sample archiving also possible in tubes in the sample unit? A report shows the location, sample ID and volume dispensed? Use of carryover disposable tip to ensure zero? Tip shape and size designed for optimal accuracy and precision during pipetting? Graphite tips to allow clot detection and level sensing through capacitive detection? Up to 2 additional reagent positions for very large reagents ml sample dilutionarchiving locations :? Reagent label includes expiration date and batch number?

Up to samples on-board? Two defined sample 1-track racks designed for any kind of tubes? Sample positive identification? Prevent splashing and contamination?

Homogenize the reaction mixture? Suitable for rare samples? Processing Mean Throughput:? Samples ? Reagent ? Perfectly designed for multiple microplate simultaneous processing: the Microplate Transporter moves the plates from one module to another Absorbance reader x1 Regulated incubators x2 Room temperature incubators x3 Washer Microplate transporter x, y axes EVOLIS?

Use of any type of microplate: round or flat bottom? Automatic rinsing? Washing by strip? Level and overflow detection? Adjustable dispense height, pressure, volume? Fast reading? Up to 8 different filters?

Optional plate shaking before reading? Common wash-substrate-stop solutions? Direct use of all reagent vials? Reagent label includes expiration date and batch number:? System automatically checks and traces reagent batch compatibility and expiration date? Maximum consumable storage? Automatic inventory of all needed resources? Up to 2 plates processed at the same time:? North America ? Europe ? Asia Pacific? Latin America? They guarantee reliable operation? Incubator Check with the Incubator Verification Tool:?

Verification of conformity and stability of the programmed temperature, once reached. All incubation slots are verified in succession? Plate Transporter Module Check:? Verification of washer aspiration accuracy and of washer dispense? Verification of photometer alignment, accuracy, linearity, uniformity, dynamic range, crosstalk, filter, centre wavelength, long term drift and precision PE Kit EVOLIS? A pressure sensor inside the pipettor significantly increases the safety and the robustness of the pipetting process records the pressure inside the channel?

This produces a pressure-over-time set that is different for each liquid, each pipette profile and each pipetted volume Unique triple technology detection system: air pressure, capacitive and colorimetric To monitor sample pipetting and to detect: short sample, air bubbles, foam or clot EVOLIS?

APM has characteristic behaviors for different aspiration scenario? Decrease the overall processing time:? The System tries all possible plate orders and automatically reschedules the run using the plate order with the shortest overall processing time? Document the serum-archive location and condition? Long-term storage of data? No optimize function? No in-tip dilution? Do not allow in-tip dilution, predilution step required instead, time and resources consuming. Thanks to the capacitive liquid detection, possibility to perform in-tip dilution, thus reducing the need to have a predilution step.


EVOLIS Twin Plus System

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BIORAD Evolis Twin-Plus Immunoassay Analyzer

Zytel Plus Presentatio Presentation Agen Digit Plus Memory User User's Manual.


Evolis Twin Plus System

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