Priscilla Betti is a French singer and actress. That same year, Priscilla went to New York, United States, and meets his idol Britney Spears presented him with a "disque d'or" for his single "Quand je serai jeune". His first album "Cette vie nouvelle" released in June , which is certified "disque d'argent" with 90 copies sold. Very soon, in December of same year the second album "Priscilla", including the singles "Regarde-moi" ranks fifth in French with singles sold, "Tchouk tchouk music" exceeds copies. His first tour to "L'Olympia" took place in February In February released their third album "Une fille comme moi" is the single "Toujours pas d'amour", certified "disque d'argent" over copies vendues.

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Parallel to the 2nd semi-final of Destination Eurovision this Saturday evening, whereas the upcoming semi-finalists will rehease for their 1st time this Thursday on the stae set on Studio at la Plaine-Saint-Denis with the soundchecks; our website purposes you this morning a 3-in1 interview!

The voices of soul trio The Divaz, who will pay tribute to Aretha Franklin, while paying respect to her music and her personnality, have answered to our questions.

These 3 singers became well-known to the French mainstream audience by taking part at The Voice in France as a solo artist, respectively : - Season 1 Semi-Finalist in coached by Jenifer; - Season 1 Battles in coached by Garou; - Season 3 Semi-Finalist in coached by Florent Pagny. The 3 artists got to know each other better by their participation in the musical "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" as divas.

If the trio shares the love of music and soul, The Divaz also conveys the image of an open-minded and coloured France. Could you introduce yourself in a few words to our readers. Amalya : The Divaz was formed following the musical "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" on which we auditioned all three for the role of divas.

All three of us took the role, and it immediately hooked between us, humanly, professionally, friendly. Suddenly, when we felt that the musical was coming to an end, we thought that the adventure could not stop there, and so we founded the trio The Divaz.

What was your motivation about taking part at Destination Eurovision ? Stacy : We love challenge, we did The Voice and castings of musicals. We present ourselves for many opportunities as singers. But here it is to represent our country at the biggest international singing competition in the world. The answer was obvious, we could not miss this music appointment. Eurovision


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She released her first single at the age of 12, and has released five albums. In — she played the main part in the French musical TV series Chante! Her mother, Annie takes care of his career and her father, Jean-Pierre, is a painter in letters. Spears presented her with a disque d'or for her single "Quand je serai jeune".


Priscilla Betti


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