Elecon is a company with international standards and world-class capabilities, and today stands as Asia's largest gear manufacturer and an integrated solution provider for entire value chain in Material Handling Systems. Elecon started its journey of excellence sixty-seven year ago and today, our business model comprises of complete range of Engineering, Construction, Product Sales and Services; delivering single-point solutions for our prestigious clients. Our state-of-the-art production facilities include ultramodern lean manufacturing unit located in picturesque surroundings, which truly portrays the visions of our founder Late Shri Bhanubhai Patel and his life's work. Our journey towards achieving excellence everywhere and retaining our position as 'most preferred' continues unabated.

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Elecon commenced manufacture of Reduction Gear units in and set up a separate Gear Division in the year It was the first to introduce modular design concept, case-hardened and ground gear technology in India. Elecon has since had a successful history in the design and manufacture of a wide range of worm, parallel shaft, helical and spiral bevel helical gears with horizontal and vertical output shafts in various sizes; from single to quadruple stage reduction.

Elecon's helical gear boxes, especially, have won the approval of industrial plants all over Asia. They are compact and light, thereby saving space, reducing foundation structure costs and lubricating oil consumption. Elecon gear boxes are specially designed to operate at optimum efficiency wherever they have been installed - whether in power stations, for material handling systems in coal and lignite mines, cement factories, steel and fertilizer plants, sugar plants, chemical plants, plastic industries, textile industry and ports.

The Bhanubhai Memorial Center of Excellence is an ultramodern, purpose-built facility for manufacturing standard helical and bevel- helical gears with a higher volume of production and greater accuracy, utilizing the latest in manufacturing innovations, creating a benchmark in the industry. It is made possible through highly on-line computerized system of advanced Planning and Scheduling software that enables Elecon consistently deliver products within timelines.

Ample proof of Elecon's unsurpassed range is evidenced in their specialized gear boxes for cooling towers in power plants, telecommand antenna drives and satellites for the Indian space programme, Naval vessels as well as a variety of gear drive units for steel plant applications.

Today, Elecon's expertise in providing custom gear boxes has become an integral facet of its value added customer service. This new series features a variety of enhancements such as higher torque ratings, better thermal characteristics, universal mounting options and multiple accessories to enable adaptation to the most stringent requirements. Elecon now provides spiral bevel skiving hard cutting technology and infrastructure to make spiral bevel pairs up to 1, mm diameter.

Worm gear unit range sizes upto 17" has now been extended to 28" in closed worm gearbox and worm pair upto 54". Thank you. Power Transmission Products Elecon commenced manufacture of Reduction Gear units in and set up a separate Gear Division in the year Download Catalogue [4. Wind Turbine Gearboxes. I would also like to receive a quotation. I would also like to receive a quote.


helical/bevel helical gearboxes

Position of gear case - horizontal, mounting Surface 1 downward Gear case vertical mounting with horizontal shafts, mounting surface 5 downward, high speed shaft upward Gear case vertical mounted with horizontal shafts, mounting surface 6 downward, high speed shaft downward Position of gear case and output shaft - vertical mounting surface 3 downward Position of gear case and output shaft - vertical, mounting surface 4 downward Solid output shaft Bevel pinion shaft, right angle to output shaft Additional cooling. Designation of mounting surfaces of gear case Helical gears for reduced noise, case hardened in our own hardening bay and ground Profile corrections for optimum inertia quality Spiral bevel gears cyclo-palloid tooth form hardened and lapped or ground Calculation checks possible in accordance with DIN , AGMA and classification Company standards. Nodular cast iron and welded casing on request split casing from size 35 onward.





Higher Series Extended EON Series


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