With that in mind, you might imagine that Elder Evils had a certain tone to it. Instead, the nine evils presented here are so vast, so dramatic and so powerful they can end or change a campaign world forever. The Elder Evils 5th edition conversion on GM Binder has summaries and full-length features on each of these evils. Take part in the Geek Native community by sharing a friendly comment below.

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Elder evils were ancient, powerful, and generally evil beings or entities. Their power could rival, or even surpass, that of demigods , such that they could destroy an entire world. Examples of these beings included Atropus , an undead planetoid said to be the first atropal , a stillborn god; Zargon the Returner, the original lord of the Nine Hells who was cast out by Asmodeus ; Father Llymic , a being of intense power from the Far Realm who escaped the plane of madness to destroy the world but was encased in ice by elven mages; Pandorym , an entity from a space between the planes whose mind was imprisoned in a huge crystal, that was called to the world by the ancient Imaskari to intimidate the gods of their slaves.

The aboleth race recognized a class of powerful alien entities who predated the gods and inhabit the Far Realm. Collectively known as the "Elder Evils," these beings generally care nothing for any mortal race, offering only madness and destruction. At some point before DR , and as consequence of the actions of the Abolethic Sovereignty, some stars in Realmspace became infested with elder evils related to the Eldest.

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Free to Download: Elder Evils for D&D 5e

Elder Evils is an official supplement for the 3. It includes new content for epic level characters, in the form of extremely powerful, alien monstrosities intent on destroying the world and designed as a way of providing game masters a means of ending a current campaign. Elder Evils was authored by Robert J. A 10th Elder Evil, called Shothragot is presented in Dragon It serves the god Tharizdun. The five described in that book share a commonality in that they are all greatly respected by the aboleth.


Elder evil

Elder Evils are ancient evil beings of immense power whose existence threatens the world. Some Elder Evils are gods, while others are merely god like beings, such as extremely powerful Fiends and creatures of the Far Realm. The concept of Elder Evils was first talked about in the book Lords of Madness , which lists five beings of immense power that are respected by the Aboleths as the closest thing they have to gods. Elder Evils are also mentioned in 4th and 5th edition. While most Aboleths do not worship gods, there are five godlike beings that they pay respects to, which are described in the book Lords of Madness.

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